It started with a dream…but not mine

Early Tuesday morning, a colleague greeted me with a question even before I set my bag down my desk. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t bother. “Anong English ng napadpad sa pampang?” (What’s the English translation of “napadpad sa pampang?”) And I was like “Erm…Uhm…” Drat! I couldn’t say the exact phrase even when I was certain that the answer was just lying on the tip of my tongue. Not wanting to leave anything unsolved (or in this case unknown), I ran the search engine and came up with “washed ashore”. I immediately offered this to my office mate who had taken it gladly.

After that, she explained the need for it then completely went on narrating her dream the night before and the very intention of including it in her blog. There she went on and on, giving me a vivid picture of the bizarre vision she had. I couldn’t exactly remember what triggered it, but I suddenly found myself persuaded (and she is really convincing!) to create a new blog to have some outlet for my thoughts (no matter how outrageous they may seem to be). So long story short, I found myself typing the site of  in the address bar and after a few minutes – voila! I have joined the world of writers who don’t use parchment and have never experienced having ink blots in their writings.

As I am new here, I hope you guys will cut me some slack and forgive my seemingly “speechless” and “nonsense” thoughts written (or I might say “typed”) here in my page. I will share to you guys my most (and least?) memorable experiences as I try to live many lives in  one lifetime (an International Relations student (ehem! Graduate already ^^), a Korean culture lover, budget traveller, etc.)

Though the story was apparently not started with my dream, I will try to create one for myself. A dream that could influence and motivate others. And the challenge is to make that dream a REALITY.

So what are you guys still waiting for? Dig into my posts, and who knows, I might be like my office mate who would and could persuade you to write all your bloody thoughts.

28 thoughts on “It started with a dream…but not mine

  1. I’d like to take credit for this post. Lol jk!

    Congratulations, my fellow budding “blogger”! Looking forward to reading more from you, regardless of how nonsense your ramblings may seem. 😉

      1. 3:40 PM, and overcast, as you would expect in England. I have been on WordPress for five hours or longer. I always enjoy meeting people on here and when it comes to chats, I think you have exceeded all previous commenter records, you are brilliant

        1. I wonder if I could survive living in your place. I am sometimes described as a sunny person and the weather in UK might affect my outlook in life. Too gloomy, you know. Haha. Whoa, five hours? I know I can be “online” in WP for eight hours or more, but not active. I feel guilty replying to some on a later date.

          Thank you! How about my status? I have every intention of keeping a number 2 (because you are in the first) slot in your commenter list.

          1. You are 67 comments in front of 3rd place, so you are unassailable at the moment.

            You would be in the UK because we love an accent, you will have lots of attention as people love to chat with someone exotic. Becasue the weather is bad, we have to keep up the chatting for our spirits sake.

            1. You counted?

              Hmm. Exotic? Funny. A lot of aliens (foreigners) refer to us (from my country) using that adjective. Aha! Now I understand why in regency era novels, there are a lot of balls and tea parties…they are all to divert everyone’s attention from the gloomy weather.

              1. You are from so far away, that you have to be exotic, if you were European then it’s not as fascinating but as you are from so much farther away and have different ways then you are understandably fascinating. We don’t need bad weather to enjoy tea, I assure you!

                1. I see. It goes both ways, too. Come here and everyone will stare at you while you speak. We like hearing those r’s after almost every word in a sentence lol.

                  So do you like tea? it may sound weird coming from a person living in a tropical country, but I enjoy having tea.

                  1. Tea is the perfect drink, I am a tea fan, although coffee seems to be trying to take over these days, I will mix and match but you can’t beat a tea.

                    I think I would be uncomfortable with to much attention, I’m not used to it, although I might enjoy it once I get on a bit of a rant.

                    1. Is everything okay? Usually grown-ups drink coffee when they are nervous or just simply trying to meet a deadline. I am a milk lover, but graduated after people raise eyebrows when I order that in restaurant. I became a tea fan then.

                      We can work on that. getting used to attention is not that bad (not that I am expert in talking about such things. Hmm I don’t usually rant, but it is weird funny to watch someone does exactly that.

  2. When I get nervous I just talk about anything and will go on forever until someone stops me, but people just stand there open mouthed as I keep going getting more nervous. it isn’t fun, for me at least.

    I tend to go for coffee it’s free refills, then I will have six cups and be really energetic for a whole morning. I am glad you came over to the tea side.

    1. Seriously??? Me, too. I was also like that. To fill the air, I babble about anything just to ease my nerves. I know it isn’t funny because it is embarrassing if I mentioned something inappropriate or can be easily misunderstood. Thankfully, I learned to be silent when I’m nervous.

      six cups of coffee a day? What are you? A coffee human vending machine to take in coffee cups? hehe. I have tried drinking coffee, but it seems to have a reverse effect on me – I almost always feel sleepy after drinking it.

      1. I tend to limit myself to 6 cups at a time once a week or fortnight, I couldn’t cope with more than one day like that. I bet being a ending machine is a good job.

        Maybe it’s a book lovers thing to spend time alone reading and then when it comes to real people we flounder at how to act in their world, the real world…the less exciting world sometimes.

        1. That’s relieving to hear/read. I tried drinking two (or was it three?) mugs of coffee in a day and felt weird after. I don’t have that much negative affects over tea.

          I can’t agree more. I sometimes feel like I want to edit people’s personality, actions, and speeches in order to make life more interesting and dramatic. Argh. The curse of always living in fictional world.

  3. Isn’t it a bit scary when you talk about something in the real world, only to realise that it was actually in a book and no one knows what you’re on about.

  4. You’re right there! Yes go to sleep so you can’t be mad at me in the morning. I couldn’t comment back on one of your conversations so we may have hit the limit, or am I in your spam box. Sleep well, my friend!

    1. We reached the limit, of course. I can’t deliberately put someone in my spam folder so that’s the only explanation.

      See you tomorrow (or later since it is past 1 AM here) then, my friend. Boa noite! (note: that’s really a word, boa. Funny that)

  5. I wanted to thank you for this great read!
    ! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post…

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