Knorr’s Sarap ng #LutongNanay Campaign

What is your favourite mom-cooked meal?” This question was asked to me by a TV reporter a few minutes after I arrived at the Blue Leaf Pavillion for Knorr’s Sarap ng #LutongNanay campaign. As I gave my answer, ginisang munggo (sautéed mung beans), I realized that I missed my mother’s cooking. Suddenly, I craved for that thick mung bean soup with malunggay and ground pork! How I wished I could run fast to my family home and charm my mom in cooking me one. I will turn the question to you. What’s one meal that your mom cooks best for you?

Earlier this year, I started to have a place of my own. After a few months of being independent, I still couldn’t adjust well to the life of instant, microwaveable, and delivered food. I still desire those steamy and healthy dishes my mom prepares for us. Let’s admit it. In our hearts, we enjoy meals cooked by our moms. This has actually been proven in research. Studies show that family members who eat mom-cooked meals tend to develop lifelong bonds and more likely to endure pressures of the modern world.

Sadly, there is a decreasing number of mothers who cook at home for their family.

A staggering 80% (1000 respondents) of young people and future mothers aged 23 to 27 admitted that they cannot cook. Main reasons given were lack of confidence and inadequacy of recipe knowledge. What more shocking than this statistic is the glaring fact that Filipino moms suffer the same.

Knorr’s Sarap ng #LutongNanay Campaign

Knorr is determined to help the aspiration of most Filipino mothers out there – to be the great cooks for their families and serve flavorful and healthy meals. It may seem not easy due to moms’ decreasing self-confidence on her culinary skills and hectic schedule, but Knorr is willing to help and inspire mothers to enhance the flavors of their meals and build lifetime bonds with their families.

To ensure that mom-cooked meals remain to be an integral part of a family life, Knorr created a new movement called “Sarap ng #LutongNanay”. Backed by the latest scientific discoveries headed by world-renowed neuroscientist Dr Stuart Firestein of Columbia University, Knorr wants to help moms to continue creating family memories through her cooked meals. As Dr Firestein said, flavors cooked in the kitchen can reach parts of the brain, heart, and soul that other things can’t reach. As the brain connects these sensations to memories, deeper and more vivid emotions can be associated to mom-cooked dishes.

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To celebrate the power of mom-cooked meals, Knorr invited prominent and busy celebrity mothers who still manage to cook for their family. Knorr Momambassadors were Carmina Villaruel, Dimples Romana, Pia Guanio, Danica Sotto Pingris, and Delamar.

For the day’s activity, members of the media were divided into groups. Each team will cook a special meal led by the momabassadors.

knorr, #lutongnanay, momcooked, homecooked, homecooking, recipes, tinola sa gata

I was part of group 1!

knorr, #lutongnanay, momcooked, homecooked, homecooking, recipes, tinola sa gataShowcasing her confidence and skill in homecooking, my team lead for that day Dimples Romana cooked “Tinola sa Gata”.

knorr, #lutongnanay, momcooked, homecooked, homecooking, recipes, tinola sa gata

I was amazed that she really knows her way around the kitchen a la chef! She made it seem so easy that I wanted to experiment cooking it. I just hope the taste will be the same as hers!

knorr, #lutongnanay, momcooked, homecooked, homecooking, recipes

home-cooked dinner with celebrity moms

Indeed, dishes are not just for mere sustenance; mom-cooked meals definitely means more to her family.

knorr, #lutongnanay, momcooked, homecooked, homecooking, recipes, tinola sa gata

A basket full of ingredients for you, mom!

Thank you Knorr for giving such a beautiful reminder that despite of our busy schedules, we must make time in cooking (or in my case, eating) mom-cooked meals. Using Knorr’s homestyle stock cubes, recipe mixes, sauces, etc. cooking becomes quicker and easier for mothers. I can’t wait to go back to my family home and eat my mother’s specialties. Sarap ng #LutongNanay!

What’s your favorite mom-cooked meals?

Share your thoughts, I would love to read them!