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Yesterday, I was in the mood to open my neglected Facebook account. I browsed through the newsfeed and my profile page, but nothing caught my fancy. I then opened my photo albums and reminisce. Tons of pictures with Korean students and friends were featured, which inspired me to write this entry about my last group of students when I was in the university.

I was assigned to be a tutor for students from 기독간호대학 (Christian College of Nursing) in Gwangju, Korea. Since there were a lot of Korean students studying in my university, the school decided to offer tutorial services to them after their classes with the English professors. The idea was to get the students comfortable with their teachers so they assigned professional student tutors to them. Luckily, I was accepted when I applied for the position.

CCN students stayed in a hotel-apartment located near Robinsons Place Manila. After their classes in the university, tutors will teach them in their rooms. A strict gender to gender tutorial rule was implemented to ensure safety for both the tutors and the students.

I got four students from that school. They are Somi, CleO, Jihye, and Eunji. They are lovely ladies who were not so far from my age so we got along well from the start. They were hospitable, thoughtful, caring, and sweet. They really focused on their studies and relied to me for some help whenever they need it.

 I was always warmly welcomed in the room with their smiles and some snacks. In our free time, we played educational games that would hone their vocabulary skills. We even amused ourselves with Filipino game called Pinoy Henyo. I couldn’t find our photos for that, but I remember how fun that game was.

Aside from their tutor, I also became their friend. One time, they gave me my Korean nickname which was 은비 (Eunbi).

When they were free, we went to  other places to occupy their time. Once, we went to mall and crazily played in arcade. In another time, we went far as Divisoria night market and had shopping Filipino style. Oh, how funny 엄마 소미 (mother Somi) looked while carrying many plastics full of different fruits. Kilos of ripe mangoes, longgan, and bananas. Haha fun!

Here are some shots taken during my time as their tutor.

self-timed camera shot. L-R: CleO, Jihye (Diane), Me, Eunji (Eunice), and Somi

self-timed camera shot. My students, Raine (fellow tutor), and me

Their first time to eat yellow watermelon

playing at the hotel lobby

in their room

In their last day, we exchanged gifts. I was really touched when they made a scrapbook from all of our photos and memories together. Indeed, it’s a very unforgettable token of friendship one can give.

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