Let’s get social!

Dear fellow bloggers,

Aside from your blog, where else can I see you and your lovely thoughts online?

Reading other people’s blogs makes me feel happy and inspired to read and write more. It also gives me glimpses of the writers’ personalities and ways of thinking. Most of the time it makes me curious to know more about the blogger behind the interesting thoughts and words. Aside from comment exchange, I want to keep in touch with special and kind people I am meeting in this blogosphere in other media as well. Does it sound insane and stalker-ish?

impressions of a princess

Social Media

More than a year ago, I was not active in any SNS (social networking sites) that were sprouting like mushrooms over the Internet. Later, I realized its worth and I am getting back from being dormant to trying-to-be-visible level. There are still some things which I hate to see and read over the sites, but I do mute and ignore them as much as I can because I want to read those snippets of the lives of my fellow bloggers. It is fun when a simple feeling shared about Half-blood Prince could turn out into a long and enjoyable conversation among magic, education, professors, and life philosophies.

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Social Messaging Apps

line and kakao talk

Everyday, a lot of smart phones are being sold worldwide so it also follows that many can install applications which allow free messaging and voice calls anywhere in the globe. I personally like Kakao Talk and Line, but I also use Viber. These three have free texts and calls so we bloggers can chat as much as we want about our interests and hobbies.

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Other Blog Sites/Apps

We have various interests and it is understandable for us to have other sites to write and promote. My favorite hobby is reading so I do have a Goodreads account which enable me to track my reading habits and see novels I have read, currently reading, and will read. Also, I do have the required LinkedIn and newly created Facebook page. I do need more friends/fans in my blog’s FB page so I highly invite you guys to like and join!

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When I look back, socializing has taken a huge leap from what it was hundred years ago. True, globalization is an influencing factor in it and I am in no way opposing the gift that we currently have. We may be ocean and miles away from each other, but technology has made it easier to communicate through SNS and messaging apps. By staying active, we can stay in touch with important and interesting people we meet both in real and virtual world.

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P.S. Just please introduce yourself properly when you contact me though.

Share your thoughts, I would love to read them!