My 2014 Bucket List

At the start of the year, we start making New Year’s resolutions and bucket lists. For New Year’s resolutions, the simple they are, the better. As mentioned in my previous post, we tend to associate resolutions with unattainable, almost impossible dreams and wishes that made us easily give up on them after a few tries. With basic and realistic resolutions, we can find them easier to achieve even through small improvement. As for bucket lists, these are the “things to do before I die or before a specific time ends” kind of thing. There is really no limit in here and I always love making one every New Year.

Ready for my 2014 Bucket List?



Fly to my nearest dream destination, Thailand

Go through the longest underground river in Palawan, Philippines

Book a flight ticket less than a week before the flight schedule

See the auroras

Travel to Korea

Visit more islands in the Philippines



Maintain this site by writing at least twice a week

Get at least 1000 more followers

Have five major photo shoots for my fashion posts

Create a new blog template

Attend more blog events



Enroll in a driving school to study manual transmission

Join guitar lessons

Learn to swim

Get fit through yoga and zumba

Participate in at least in a 5k fun run

Do at least two volunteer activities

Study how to cook

Take my master’s degree

Ride an elephant

Get an authentic Thai massage in Thailand (where else?)

Go bungee jumping

Have a dinner cruise date


Learn a new language

Swim with dolphins/seals/sharks

Watch a concert

Climb a mountain

Eat more vegetables



I got this long sleeve dress from JAMY, an authentic Korean store which features tons of popular Korean brands. As the influence of Korean wave continues, I find myself liking Korean style. As a fan of anything girly with bows and laces, Korean feminine fashion suits my preference perfectly. With a lot of items to choose from especially from its daily apparel updates and free international shipping, I immediately fell in love with JAMY.



Just like the blue dress I wore in this post, this blouse fits me nicely and hugs my body shape. The material is also good and neatly finished (no stray wools here!) and the color did not fade after the first wash. This becomes one of my newest favorites!

This 2014, I hope to have more outfit posts to be featured here on my site!

Top: JAMY | Shorts: Robinson’s Department Store | Bag: Lovely Wholesale | Shoes: Celine

Goals make us wake up every day with a determination to fulfill them. They drive us to work better, study more, and live fuller to achieve what we want. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big or listing difficult things to achieve; the important thing is the effort we make to reach our dreams and the happiness and satisfaction we get through them.

Got your 2014 bucket list? Feel free to share it with me!

P.S.        By the time this post goes live, I am already on my way to ticking off the top most item on this list. Isn’t it awesome?


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53 thoughts on “My 2014 Bucket List

  1. I love this post and the pix!. Lovely outfit and hey you going to Thailand?. Is that what you meant by your parting sentence?. Bungee jumping?. WOW. I am too afraid to even put it on my bucket list :P. Lovely post, Nica!

  2. great list there!
    right now i’m trying to take things one step at a time, so i make my bucket list for everyday, per week, and per month (for more organization haha)
    hope we all get to finish our lists this year! 😀

  3. Such challenging list you got there 🙂
    I love your bucket list hihihi…
    Most probably I’ll learn how to cook as well. haha

  4. wow! you’re so organised! I still haven’t done my resolution list for this year! I’m so behind in stuff lol. On another note. I love that bag! xx Lisa giglove

  5. awesome list you got. Its always fun making bucket list yearly, to make it more fun this year me and my 4yr old made our own bucket list, things that should be done by me and him our own bonding.

  6. You are a very busy girl… i envy you that you could do so many things.. We’ll you’ve got a year to plan and do right. So the best of luck and more power to your blog girl!!!

  7. Loved reading your bucket list and how much it has to do with travelling. I am an avid traveler as well and would love to visit more of Europe this coming year. England, Ireland, and Scotland are on the top of my bucket list 🙂

  8. Well congratulations on crossing one thing from your bucket list! So many things to do and experience! I wish you good luck in your endeavours and lots lots of fun giglove

  9. What a fun and thorough list – so inspiring! I agree that it’s important to have goals and dreams because they give us something to strive for 🙂 GIGlove

  10. such a great list! I wish I could travel more this year but I wont be able cause I dont have enough money. But hopefully next year. Anyway with you all the best. gig

  11. I want to do a lot of the things in your bucket list! I want to ride an elephant and swim with dolphins. I need to learn how to drive and cook! Not to mention, I better work on my master’s degree as well. Good luck on your 2014! Btw, I love your owl bag! GIGlove

  12. I cannot begin to say how much I adore your post and can relate to it. I would love to visit Thailand and get one of those amazing massage too LOL. I think we have set pretty much same goals for 2014 haha.. I hope you fulfill every one of them. Have a lovely time in Thailand. (:

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