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How are you doing, my dear readers? I hope you are enjoying the last day of the week. Thank God it’s Friday! Anyhow, this week I was overwhelmed by the amount of traffic, new followers, and comments I got here in Impressions of a Princess. Aside from my blog giveaways, I thought of something more to reward my loyal followers who never failed to come back here and read my writing.

It is after a few days that I stumbled upon PunchTab, a site dedicated in creating blog loyalty programs. After reading the information in their page as well as reviews from others, I decided to create one to incentivize my followers.

Why give blog incentives?

Simple answer – I love all of you. Seriously. For more than a year, you guys stick to me through thick and thin. I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude well enough with words and I know my vocabulary is limited to use proper words to describe how I feel for this blog and its readership. Now, with this program you can enjoy my blog and read [hopefully] interesting posts at the same time receiving gifts in return.

How does my blog incentives program work?

Whenever you guys visit my site, you will automatically receive points. When you like, +1, tweet, etc., more points will be added to your user account. After accumulating certain amount of points, you will be eligible to redeem coupons from Amazon, Groupon, Starbucks, and a lot more. Just go to your rewards tab and redeem your chosen coupon.

What prizes are up for grabs?

Currently, I am using a free account which enables me to give PunchTab’s default catalog. For now, here are the things that you can get:

loyalty catalog

For only 8, 500 points (which I think can be earned in less than a month), a follower can redeem a $5 Starbucks eGift Card just by squatting here in my site!

To know more about the Punchtab and how the reward system works, please click here.

Are you interested? Then start earning points now! Before my birthday, I expect that a lot of you will be jumping with glee for all these rewards. Enjoy reading!

7 thoughts on “My blog incentives to readers

  1. That’s great, Monica!. Are the redeemable prizes provided by you or PunchTab directly?. I have always wondered that when I have seen this on other sites.

    1. Thanks, Naz. Sorry for the late reply. Since I am using the free account as of now, Punchtab is the one offering these rewards. If this will make my readers happy, I would add prizes there myself 🙂

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