My fictional Valentine date

Yesterday, I finished reading Dominion by Melody Manful. As I was scheduled to review it on the same day, I posted my comments on this blog yesternight. You can see that in my view, the story was well-written for a YA fiction, and I can’t help but like the characters, especially the dark angel. Gideon Chase is someone who can make any woman attracted at the same time scared.

So I think it came as no surprise when I woke up this morning feeling funny. I just dreamed myself being with Gideon! In my dream, I was the heroine, Abigail, and Gideon and I were together. The dream went according to the storyline of the novel, and it was really weird. I felt a deep connection with the story that when I opened my eyes, I felt excited and tired, my heartbeat faster.

I know there are explanations why I usually dream about the things I have read. The stories may be lying in my subconscious, or there are some suppressed desires (whoa!) like admiring the hero of the book that could trigger the dream. Anyway, I don’t want to play Freud or Jung so I will stop analyzing it.


Today is Valentine’s Day and it is a big deal here in my country. It is also called Single Awareness Day and I’m sure you know why it is named as such. Everywhere we look here in the city, there will be a tinge of red here and there (not blood though). Of course, flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears vendors are all over the place hoping for last-minute shoppers. Tonight, the roads will be highly inaccessible due to traffic here in the metro as couples will flock to various restaurants and have dinner with their Valentine.

If a woman is single, she will surely be aware of her current relationship status when she sees all those things mentioned in the previous paragraph. But if she is in a relationship, wouldn’t it be nice to be with someone who fills her dreams (both literally and figuratively)?

Thus, I came up with a list of fictional boyfriends.

Daniel Grigori of the Fallen series

daniel grigori

Daniel is one of the Fallen, a good angel who was banished from Heaven when he decided to side neither with God or Lucifer, but with his mortal love, Lucinda, during the War. As punishment, the two were cursed. When he gets emotionally closed to her, she spontaneously combust before her 18th birthday. Then she will be reborn, and Daniel will find himself falling in love with her all over again.

Jace Lightwood of The Mortal Instruments series

jace lightwood

Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace for the upcoming movie City of Bones (Mortal Instruments Book 1)

He is a shadowhunter, a Nephilim whose blood was blessed by an Angel to fight demons and creatures of the Underworld. An arrogant, charming and handsome man, he is popular to girls from different worlds to a promiscuous degree. However, he never formed any emotional attachments until he met Clary, who he thought was just a mere mortal who was gifted with a Sight, explaining her ability to see him and the others.

Jem Carstairs of The Infernal Devices series


Photo taken from the Clockwork Prince, Book 2 of the Infernal Devices

The series is the prequel for The Mortal Instruments. Jem is a shadowhunter who appeared to be like a silver angel with the same color of eyes and hair. He is kind, unselfish, and very handsome. He got sick and must take a silver powder made from demon’s blood to strengthen his power. Without the drug, he will grow weak and die. Tessa accepted his proposal because she likes him and to make the remaining days of his life happy.

Kellan Kyle from Thoughtless series

kellan and kiera

Photo of Kiera and Kellan from the official book trailer

This is one handsome, charismatic, sexy guitarist and vocalist. He fell in love with his roommate’s girlfriend (Kiera) when the guy (Denny) took an internship and was away from her. The feeling was new to him and it was difficult for him to express. Meanwhile, the couple has problems keeping up with each other that they decided to call it off. Kellan and Kiera then gave in to their feelings, but found themselves in a complicated situation when Denny returned professing his undying love to Kiera.

This list can go on for few more pages, but I don’t want to bore you with my fictional boyfriends. Perhaps you can share your book boyfriend or girlfriend instead? Who do you like and why? Have you dreamed of this character, too?

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9 thoughts on “My fictional Valentine date

  1. I can see a definite trend there in your choice of boyfriends…! There’s a few fictional characters that I’ve felt attracted to and every time I read their stories I fall for them all over. I think it’s due to the authors making them so incredibly alive that I feel like they really exist.

    1. What’s the pattern? Hmm. You are right. I can’t imagine writing something like that. It has such a powerful effect to the readers that I always commend authors who can successfully achieve that.

      I am currently reading the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I am so in loved with the hero, Daemon.

      1. Well, for one thing, you’ll have problems if you want to fall in love with a boy in real life. Most of those crushes are fantasy creatures! 🙂
        And there’s a really tragic element in all of these guys… Seems like you want to rescue them. The princess in shining armour.
        (I’m joking…)

        1. You are absolutely correct. I have higher standards now, thanks to those fictional characters I was infatuated with. Having some tragic element makes it more interesting and I don’t mind being a princess in shining armour as long as the man can be similar to those in the list. Haha!

  2. I 100% agree with you about Jem! I love him! Though it kills me since I’m certain Tessa mainly agreed to marry him out of pity. Have you heard what people are speculating about his future? I really hope it’s not true. 🙁

    1. Aha. Are you Team Jem, too? I love him! Why is it that authors create perfect men to be in a love triangle? It hurts that a girl must only choose one. I am a stick-to-one and I honestly don’t know what the previous statement say about me. Haha.

      Anyway, what about the rumors? What will happen to him? Will he eventually die? Turn to a demon? Sacrifice over Will? I pray not!

      1. Definitely Team Jem. But I’m pretty sure if she ends up with anyone, it’s going to be Will. 🙁

        Anyway, the rumors I have heard are all speculation, of course. But people seem pretty convinced, based on the snippets that have been released. And I think the ideas below seem very valid. 🙁

        They think that in order to save Jem’s life, he may end up becoming a Silent Brother – Zacharias, one of the ones that we meet a lot on the Mortal Instrument Series. (But some think Will might be the Silent Brother.)

        Below is the reasons everyone seems to think it could be:

        Silent Brothers and Iron Sisters are Shadowhunters who chose to become either Silent Brothers or Iron Sisters depending on their gender. Once you become one, you are immortal. Example: Brother Zacharias tells Clary that immortality doesn’t lessen loss, only makes it bearable. Also, Brother Enoch is in both TID and TMI … he’s immortal.

        Some of the reasons why people think that Will or Jem is Brother Z are:
        -he knows A LOT about the Herondales and is obsessed with Jace
        – he tells Clary that he loved two people enough to break any oath…
        – and that he suffered loss
        – he “seems to feel” as Clary said, more than other Silent Brothers which is what Magnus said about Will to Tessa
        – we never see his facial features
        – he sounds amused at times when he “talks” to people
        – when we met an Iron Sister in CoLS, she said that she changed her name when she entered the Sisterhood, so just because his name is Zacharias doesn’t mean that it wasn’t ever anything else
        -Brother Zachariah also seems to deeply care for the Herondale Family. He petitioned throughout the Clave meetings to continue the search for Jace Lightwood at the same intensity as it had been going. He repeatedly mentioned throughout City of Lost Souls that he wanted to save the Herondale bloodline.

        Or Will is Brother Jeremiah & Jem is Brother Zacharias and that is why Tessa was wearing white (mourning colors) while talking to Magnus at the end of City of Glass.

        Of course, there is Emma Carstairs in the TMI series so if Jem was the last Carstairs, he had to have at least one kid and he couldn’t be a Silent Brother. Unless he has relatives he doesn’t know about. And Will is the only male Herondale to carry on his family name so he had to have kids, right? But the Zacharias is definitely connected to the past somehow. It’s so confusing!!

        1. So uncomfortable. I hope all those speculations are wrong. Sure, they have strong points, but I will never wish the two to be Brothers Zachariah and Jeremiah. Especially Jem. T.T

          This is too sad. Now I wait with dread for the release of Clockwork Princess. I don’t want another book trauma. 🙁 Oh, Jem…

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