My mini Korean cosmetic haul

As promised, my friend went back from her vacation in her home country, Korea, with a purpose of making me more of a girl than I already am by introducing me to more Korean cosmetic products. As she shared, everyone especially women must take extreme good care of their body and skin as these are the signs of how healthy a person is. I internally groaned and rolled my eyes when she told me this with a serious face. It’s as if she’s really convinced on the importance of having a clear, vibrant, and youthful skin.

Koreans are known for their beauty regimen which successfully results to their glowing and enviable skin. Various cosmetic shops sprout in their country to attend the needs of both men and women of all ages. Even in the world stage, we experienced this sudden onslaught of Korean products – BB cream, emulsion, essence, mist, and what have you. Here in the Philippines, teenagers and adults go crazy with popular international brands like Etude House, The Face Shop, Missha, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Skinfood, Laneige, etc.  A positive effect of Kpop and dramas, a lot of people got curious enough to try having flawless, acne-free, and hydrated skin just like their idols.

Having the last statement in the previous paragraph as her mission, my friend bought some products I ought to try. I am no newbie for Korean skin care products, but she insisted on getting me her recommended items. Assuring me that she’ll only get a few products which are cheaper in Korea than in Philippines, I agreed to her plan.

When she arrived, she went to these kilometric excuses why she got only few items for me. I waved them off, knowing that even if she brought a ton of beauty products, I would still look like an ugly frog. Still, she insisted that I at least try what she brought. When I pretended to be ungrateful, she played with my conscience. Okay, I will try those even if I will look like a clown!

I was actually surprised when I opened the gift bag she gave me. Is this what you call few?



Plus some non-cosmetic stuff…


If you haven’t experienced buying from a Korean cosmetic shop, then listen. Cosmetic stores are so generous in giving samples when you buy products from them. In the Philippines, the more and expensive purchases you get, the more samples you will receive. Sometimes, they even give full-size samples! In Korea, that marketing service seems doubled.

The main product here which was highlighted by my friend is the Etude House I’m Blooming brightening mist. She advised me to spray it as often as needed because I need to keep my face moisturized at all times. Is it another of way saying my skin is dehydrated and drought-like? Others are Skinfood Good Afternoon BB cream (my second purchase), Skinfood make-up palette, Tony Moly backstage gel eye liner (She said I need to get bigger eyes! Funny, as if I don’t have eyes of a tarsier already), and Etude House Fresh Cherry lip tint (I’m a fan of Sulli in 아름다운 그대에게). The rest is just samples.

It seems that I would have to wake up early and sleep late due to more steps I have to put in my simple skin care regimen. I am not really a make-up kind of person, but I think it is time for me to try. I am dying to try that lip tint since I always go for the natural look. I can’t say the same for the eye liner; I have tried using some before and many times did I accidentally poke my eyes with the wand!

I may not be a fan of make-up, but I would like to get a bright, youthful skin. Isn’t it better to have a clean, almost-perfect face than an oily, acne-prone one layered with make-up? Now,  I am leaning towards buying more Korean products. I am adding a lot of items from Laneige and Sulwhasoo in my wishlist and I hope I will save enough to buy at least few of them.


On a related note, less than a month ago another friend suggested a cosmetic store for me which sells products from ANY Korean brands. I was curious so I checked it out and true enough, there’s a long list of many Korean shops. Interestingly, I went to those brands that I know and was surprised to see that the prices are cheaper than ones being sold in my country! To top it off it even offers free shipping. I immediately warmed to the idea of buying same quality cosmetics in a lesser price and more samples. Who wouldn’t?

Are you interested, too? Then let me introduce you to W2Beauty, a top seller and one-stop online shop for any Korean cosmetic products. It has free international shipping and gives samples for customers to try. It gives a comfortable shopping environment instead of getting people tired of moving from one physical shop to another. The price is relatively cheaper than imported ones being sold in franchised stores, too.

500 x 500 2 copie

Because I love you, you can have a $5 voucher when you signed up for a W2Beauty account. Just click here in this link or the picture above to be directed to its homepage so you can register. Now, isn’t that awesome?

If you are a guy, then don’t worry. It wouldn’t make you less of a man to take care of your skin. Lots of my Korean male friends use more products than I do, but they are not gay. For the ladies, just try, and who knows, you might like Korean cosmetics. I am actually waiting for my Innisfree CC cream to arrive. If you don’t know about CC cream, that’s the newest makeup fever in Korea after the BBs. Well, it won’t take long after Western brands copy and create their own CCs, too. By then, who knows, maybe Koreans will introduce DD creams!

Do you like wearing make-up? What is your skin regimen? Do you think I should write cosmetic reviews, too? I am actually tempted to write for the brightening mist. Did you check W2Beauty’s site? What products are currently in your wishlist?

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16 thoughts on “My mini Korean cosmetic haul

  1. I love Korean products too! Too bad that I live so far away(Germany) and have to buy BB-creams from German drug stores(which don’t contain SPF(!!) ) and are pretty expensive if you have a veryyyyy fair skin tone as me..Anyway good post..! Makes my fingers itch..”not thinking of ordering anything..nono..”

    1. Oh, wow! What’s your favorite Korean cosmetic brand? I know they are really expensive if bought outside of Korea. You must try buying from W2Beauty, you know. Not only the products are way cheaper than in your country, but it offers a lot of samples. Not to mention items containing high SPF, anti-wrinkle, and more whitening effects. Come on, treat yourself! 🙂

  2. I finally tried Skin Food here in California and I’m loving it! Usually American beauty stores always have sales but not Skin Food. The sales lady told me that they are staying true to their Korean marketing. But one thing is certain, they give you a bunch of samples and this is why I am so coming back. 🙂

    1. Skin Food has been in the business for quite some time. The products are not that cheap compared to other Korean brands, but I also love their collection especially the BB creams. They rarely got sales,but I agree, they give a lot of samples! Which is your favorite product from them?

  3. Wow, your friend is mighty generous! I’ve only wore make-up once in my entire life. And that was for a school performance. I must have been say, 10? And I definitely think you should try reviewing beauty products. I know I’ll read it 🙂

    1. Well, I tried paying for all the costs, but she brushed me off. We settled for me paying at least half of it and treating her to a meal. I also don’t wear make-up, but you must use skin care products. I highly recommend it.

      Thanks for the support. I will really do that. Reviewing beauty products, I mean.

  4. First of all, you are not an ugly frog my friend!. Next, I am absolutely in love with the pix of those cosmetics. *Jealous*… I love those cute little samples we receive from some stores. I would love to read cosmetic reviews from you. Btw, Nica, DD creams already exist!. DD (Dynamic Do-All) cream is already in the market and that too by a Western brand called Julep… Clinique has an amazing CC cream too.

  5. Hi there…. Are you in the Philippines? Have you ever tried to buy something from W2beauty? I want to buy from that site but I’m afraid the customs here will require me to pay huge amount for the tax. 🙁

    1. Hello there. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I recently received my CC cream order from them. If you are from the Philippines, you only need to pay Php50 (less than $2) for customs presentation fee as required by law. No duties to be paid! I am to write my review and experience soon so please stay tuned!

  6. I’ve heard about that site! I really want to try purchasing from them, especially with the free shipping, but I’m scared. Don’t packaged get hold off at customs or something? The customs in the Philippines are so ugh =__= Hope you could help me! I’m in need of some emulsion! Haha

  7. Hi! I want to know if you claimed your orders somewhere or just waited at your doorstep for it to arrive. The customs really worries me. I hate it that we have claim the packages ourselves instead of having it delivered right at our doorstep. Im from quezon city, btw. I could really use some help. 🙁

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