My online shop finds from Udobuy

Previously, I featured one of my favorite online shops here and one of the items I got from it. If you want to read my review on Rivet Half-sleeve Chiffon Shirt as well as check my photos wearing it, feel free to click here at your own risk. Haha! I really loved that white top I acquired from Udobuy that nothing stopped me from getting another product from it.

Udobuy sent me this Loose Long Sleeves Shirt and I mentally jumped with glee when I received it. It was carefully packed with a zip-lock brand bag which I unfortunately cut with scissors when I opened the package. Excited me. I comforted myself by reading those Hangul characters printed in the bag. T.T

loose long sleeves front               loose long sleeves back

My thoughts:

Honestly, the actual product didn’t have the same appeal with the photo at first glance. However, it was like wine – grown better with age, or in this case seconds. I realized that, of course, it would look good once worn and I internally kicked myself for judging the clothes by its proverbial cover. The material is cotton which is correctly advertised in the product details. It is streetwise designed with a plain front and long printed back. I love it!

A bit of a downside though. I ordered the smallest size available, S, but still felt like it was one-two sizes too big! Well, I can go to a nearby mall and have it altered. Or gain some weight – ah, no! That won’t be an option.

As the drill, here are some shots of me playing model (me chokes) somewhere in Bonifacio Global City.

 Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360



I am scared to ask what you think in those photos above, but for discussion sake, please share your thoughts!


Udobuy has two ongoing promotions to share! Did you know it’s a Black & White Season? If I can’t decide what to wear or simply lazy to plan an outfit for a day, I always go with black and/or white. It’s true; you never go wrong with it. So why not add some pieces to your collection? The photo below will direct you to some black and white finds.

Black & White

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That’s it for now, everyone. I hope all of you are having such fabulous Wednesday. I have many reviews coming up so please continue supporting me.

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11 thoughts on “My online shop finds from Udobuy

  1. Hey, to say the truth, I didn’t like the picture of it from the site but when you wore it, it looks good :). It suits you well. I liked the 3rd and 4th pic the most. Nice shoes and very simple yet elegant bracelet. I love simple jewelry like that.

  2. You look really pretty, Monica. I would get this outfit but… I hate wearing shorts since I get really self-cautious, lol. Swim suits are even worse for me 😛 The shirt is something I would get, though! *Looks forward to looking for something similar to it in stores*

  3. My Dear Monica!
    Do you think you could make an adjustment to your self-hosted blogsite so that EVERY comment on your site doesn’t get posted to the WordPress Reader as a new blog entry? For me, after 10 times in one day it gets to be a bit much to endlessly scroll past!

  4. Lovely shirt, great design, it’s really cool ! … looks like the Udobuy shopping site have a lot of nice items ! You make me curious , I will take a look.. thanks !

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