my Sunday ride

Kill it before it kills you

at MOA (March 4,2012)

This afternoon, I went out with a friend to have our overdue meeting. We’ve agreed to meet at SM Mall of Asia (my suggestion, by the way) and kill boredom.

First we hit CBTL. This is one of my favorite coffee shops though I don’t drink coffee 🙂

Since last week, I’m in a green tea hype so twas no surprise when I had a hot CBTL signature tea while my friend settled down for Peach Fru-Tea. Since the non-smoking area was packed with the usual “business people”, we marched out defeatedly and searched for a vacant table outside. To our horror, all were occupied! We waited for a while for some of the crew to assist us, but after few minutes of waiting and a boost to my patience-o-meter, my friend decided to take the matter in his hands. Whoops. You might expect something from that statement, a bit of violence, perhaps? Nah, he just pulled up two chairs and one table from a pile of extras beside the Café, and arranged ’em beneath a parasol.

Finally! It was comfortable sitting there with the wind blowing in my face while we wait for the sun to set. We talked about many things, mostly about nothing. LOL. If we started getting serious about a topic, I immediately ruined it by cracking a joke or two relating to that. Don’t know why, how silly of me ^^

sunset at the bay area

Then it was dinner time! Since I really like pizza and pasta, we scanned the mall for Italian restaurants. Our first choice was Italliani’s, but the ristorante was so full we would be in the waiting list. Friend was starving and I don’t want to be a cray-cray and let him wait to be seated in that restaurant. After few minutes (and a little detour because I still get lost around MOA), we found ourselves in front of Shakey’s. Yehey, mojos!

But I was overjoyed only for few seconds until the maitre d informed us that they are not serving mojos on that day. Imagine my disappointment!  TT

My friend was really starving to death so we ordered these for two: basket of fries with lots of mayo (unhealthy, I know *wink*), a platter of carbonara with a plate of garlic bread, and a large Manager’s choice pizza!

After munching on our lil feast, we felt so bloated we thought we’re gonna die (laughs). After paying the bill, together we walked towards the bay area and get some fresh air. We strolled along the bay area and felt interested to try the mall’s newest attraction — The SM Mall of Asia’s Eye.

looks gigantic, right?

It was claimed to be the tallest and biggest ferris wheel in the Philippines, with a height of 160 feet, dwarfing Enchanted Kingdom’s Wheel of Fate at 130 feet only. The MOA Eye, as it was commonly called, has 36 gondolas, 6 of which are for VIP as these are with tinted glass, but cost 50 pesos more. All gondolas are air-conditioned which helps in making the passengers comfortable.

Here are other shots of the MOA’s Eye (courtesy of my friend’s iPhone)

MOA's Eye as seen from the mall's 2nd floor

The ride

There were very few people who wanted to take this new ride. In fact, there was no line in the ticket booth! One ticket costs 150 pesos for regular gondola, and an additional 50 pesos if you wanted to ride the VIP ones (as mentioned earlier).

Inside, it was just okay. T’was comfortable since every unit is equipped with an air-conditioner. We took our time taking photos from up high, especially when the gondola moved on the side of the bay. I was just a bit scared at some points when the aerial lift moved a bit shaky! Haha! Otherwise, it was a fun experience.

Unfortunately, yes there is an unfortunate thing here, the ride only took about 10 to 15 minutes. Our gondola moved slowly as I think that the others were just being filled. My thought was as soon as every units are filled, it will move round and round. Much to my dismay, we only had just one round (yes, just took the circumference of the Ferris wheel), then it’s over!

The verdict

All in all, it was just a good first time experience aside from the ride being short. If asked if I will try it again, well, I might. It’s not so bad after all. ^^

Share your thoughts, I would love to read them!