My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Who wouldn’t know today’s date? Since the start of the year, many of us were already looking forward to this red-letter day. Social media and commercial industries did not fail to remind us about this huge event, especially if you are in a relationship. Couples were both excited and stressed, while single people tried not to give a fig about this holiday. Whichever group you are in, I’m afraid no one can escape to witness heart decorations in shopping malls, romantic songs on the radio, statuses on Facebook and Twitter, and promo deals by restaurants and hotels for Valentine’s Day.



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This question is both for those committed and not. For couples, do you give and receive gifts on this day? Do you prepare ahead of time for your special celebration in a restaurant or hotel? For singles, do you hangout with fellow solo friends or pretend that this day does not exist? Do you somehow feel bitter that you don’t have someone to share Valentine’s with?

For two years, I did not celebrate Valentine’s Day the way almost all people do. Aside from my long-distance relationship, I did not feel joining the bandwagon of roses, stuffed toys, and hotels for one day. When I became single, I did hangout with a friend for dinner, but I did not feel envious of couples holding hands and girls carrying impossibly huge bouquets.



As I observed, a lot of people make this day a very big deal especially if they are in a relationship. Even before Chinese New Year, they were already stressed over Valentine’s gifts and reservation plans for their dates, as if daily stress from work and family are not enough. The Internet and social media greatly affect most of us by suggesting presents to give or fancy restaurants to dine in. For so long, society made Valentine’s day a commercial event where the more expensive the gift or reservation is, the better.

Valentine's Day romantic outfit

Also, I feel pity for the men. Why is it that even until now, Valentine’s Day is mostly associated with giving a woman something? A dozen or more of red roses, box/es of expensive chocolates, gigantic stuffed toy, or a diamond jewelry is often something to be expected by a girlfriend/wife/partner. What happened to those women fighting for gender equality?

I have seen a lot of girls going gaga over an expensive gift they have received from their hardworking boyfriends or husbands. It disgusts me to no end. Worse, they flaunt it to their friends while adding, “I am actually not boasting, but I think you must see this. My boyfriend/husband must really love me for buying this!” Why not instead of showing off, ask what you have made or given to your special someone? Did these girls even make an effort of doing so?

Why do expensive material things make us happy on this marked day? Do we really need to be spoiled with things just to be reminded that we are loved? Isn’t our love to our partner supposedly enough? Or are we greatly affected by commercialism already? I am not against material gifts, but wouldn’t a cheaper present have the same worth?

Even with my disappointing observations of many couples’ behaviors on Valentine’s, I still see some who are not sticking to society’s norm. I know several women who make effort to surprise their special someone by breaking the status quo, and I admire each and every one of them. Those couples who celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own, special, and more often than not, inexpensive way, are my inspiration. I would love to have someone to share Valentine’s Day that way.



Valentine's Day, outfit, gift ideas


Even though society and media are screaming for commercial gifts and five-star hotels, these things are not the essence of Valentine’s Day. Instead, February 14 is supposed to be a celebration of love and appreciation with one another. Material things are irrelevant; love has no price tag.

Valentine's Day, outfit, gift ideas

Personally, I prefer doing my own gifts. Not only they are cheaper, but they are also made by my hands and heart. Also, I am always uncomfortable receiving something from my boyfriend, so I usually give him something special for a change. Thus, I made a list of simple yet sweet things to do and give to your boyfriend or husband on this special day. If you haven’t thought of a present to your special someone, why not give these a try?



  • If you are friends with your kitchen, cook his favorite dish. Better ask his mom for recipe.
  • Or you can bake him a cake or brownies. Men love to eat anything, anyway.
  • Give him a coupon for a free back massage. Catch: You will be the masseuse.
  • Make him a mix tape (or mix CD) with his favorites or your theme songs.
  • Write him a song or poem.
  • Make a collage, frame it, and put it secretly in his room.
  • If you are into crochet, make him a nice sweater. Maybe with his initials or yours?
  • Create a movie of your photos and videos together. Add a personal message at the end and I am sure he will keep hitting replay. Trust me.
  • Take him to the place where you first met, got engaged, or married.
  • Show your creative juices by making him a scrapbook.
  • Write him the sweetest Valentine’s card you can do. Make it as personal as possible.

There are a lot of gift ideas out there which you can do. The most important thing is that whatever you do, it must sincerely come from the heart. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love and attention you have for one another and the appreciation that you are a couple. There is no other alternative.



Red is the color of the heart, and as romantic people associate this organ to love, it is appropriate to wear on my Valentine’s Day post. It does look cliche, and I am sure a lot of people will tease me, but who cares? At least I look like the paragon of beauty and romance! Haha!

Valentine's Day romantic outfit

Kidding aside, red has been a symbol of love for years. If you are happy in a relationship or simply enjoying your freedom, you can still wear this outfit. Valentine’s is about loving yourself and extending it to others. As long as you have the capacity to love, you don’t need to mope around and be bitter that you don’t have a date.

Valentine's Day romantic outfit

I felt confident wearing this red number after the very talented Miss Anne Olila, professional hair and makeup artist, showed me her skills and made my face a very beautiful masterpiece. She didn’t have to ask me questions; she simply matched various cosmetics to my skin color, and voila!

Valentine's Day, outfit, gift ideas

Of course, these fabulous photos were made possible by my newest photographer, Miss Edryl Gwayne Castro. She introduced herself as a newbie, but I appreciate her love to learn. I was surprised when I first saw the processed photos; not a newbie at all! I would love to be her muse for her future projects. 🙂

Valentine's Day romantic outfit

What do you usually do on Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it? Did you know that in East Asian countries, the custom is for girls to give a box of chocolate to boys on Valentine’s?

37 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

  1. Completely agreed. It’s a pleasure to receive a gift but it’s also as much a pleasure to give it if you really love your partner. There are times when making and receiving expensive gifts isn’t a possibility (as it’s for me in this last year or so) but we can always find ways to celebrate the holidays and festive occasions the best we can! Making homemade simple gifts is both easy and cheap and sometimes also very fun! And you get to personalize your gift to best suit the receivers taste. While I don’t think I shall celebrate today beside eating a homemade chocolate cake with my parents, I’m sure it’ll be a nice, fun and intimate experience anyway!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I agree as well. I am single at the moment but even when I was in a relationship, I preferred experiences over material things. I would rather go on a trip together or do something we both enjoy than spend money on gifts. I also prefer homemade or thoughtful things over expensive things that anyone could buy me.
    I would love to see Valentine’s Day become a day on which love is celebrated. And I’m not talking about just love for your significant other but love for your family, friends, pets, strangers, life, and most importantly yourself! A little love can go a long way and let’s face it, the world can always use a little more love right?

  3. what a lovely smile you have Monica! And red is surely your color! And you are right your photographs are not at all like a newbie’s at all 🙂 She has done very well 🙂

  4. Waaaaah this post is so meaningful! I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because I am single, and I didn’t really do anything today because my class ended so late 🙁

    I agree with you, we shouldn’t judge a gift by the tag, but by the heart. I love the idea of putting photo collage secretly for the man <3 I bet he will be smiling when he saw that, and he will look at that photo everyday ^_^

  5. such a cute post! Totally agree about gender equality – not sure where some women get off acting like they’re entitled to gifts and things, but then don’t do the same for their partners. Love this holiday for all the hearts and pink colors though haha ♥

  6. You look fabulous in red my friend! You are right about the gearing of the gifts coming from the men…it’s nice to be able to put thought into the special day but I alwasy think if I can do it for one day, then why not the rest?

    I do love the poem, mix tape, massage ideas…the rest were great of course but those were my favourites. I like to inscribe book with special messages, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you lol.

  7. I’m all about spending time with my loved one. The gifts are nice, but unnecessary. More important is the extra time spent to connect and communicate and ensure that your special someone knows how important they are to you.

  8. The singles in my group of friends (including myself) usually commiserate our single statuses together by having a meal and then drinks afterwards. So, nothing really special happens hahaha

  9. Even when I was in a relationship, I wasn’t that big on Valentine’s Day. Being single now, I can say that I’m not bitter or jealous of other couples. However, I find that people feel sorry for the fact that I’m single on Valentine’s Day, which makes me upset.

  10. I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, I love every day and not just this one day a year heh 🙂 But great ideas for gifts that we can always give it away and not just that one day 🙂

  11. That dress us gorgeous and you write amazingly well and I totally agree with you that any gift should come from the heart…keep up the good work:-D

  12. Hiiiii dear.. I loved your thoughts on Valentines day and i am also agree with it..I also love to give surprises to my darling hubby but wrapped with lots of love and care.. No show offs..I gift him homemade things and he loves it.. 🙂

  13. I believe that Valentine’s day is an excellent opportunity to show your love to your beloved ones (including family).
    Loved your gift ideas

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