My Top 7 Most Awaited Movie Adaptations for 2013

Nothing will beat the experience of reading. The tasty words, rollercoaster plots, lovable characters, quotable quotes, traumatic emotions, and vivid descriptions are most of the things that make this leisure pursuit as pleasurable as it can be. No wonder I spend a minimum of two hours a day with books. It is also not surprising to meet a lot of people who share the same feeling towards the world’s most perfect hobby.

But Man is not contented to end it just that. Films are created and soon enough, we are overwhelmed to see a lot of our read stories being shown in the big screen. It piques our curiosity and we’ll find ourselves seating in theatres to check if our own imagined characters and sceneries will be captured visually by the filmmakers. More often than not, we will go home with a disappointed (and sometimes angry) look on our faces as the films did not do justice to the novels.

I know how it feels. To be frustrated and annoyed that your most loved books were murdered in the silver screen. To get unsatisfied with the techniques of swaying non-readers by awing them with tons of CGI and other visual effects. However, what we readers can’t tolerate is the inconsistency of the movie to the story in the book. The wrong characters and their appearances, edited lines, and cut scenes! Argh!

But why are they still making a lot of adaptations? Let’s admit. No matter how much frustrated and disappointed we got with the past movie we watched, we still hope that the next ones will get better. Well, I am hoping so.

So as of March 2013, here are some of the movie adaptations that I am excited to watch.

1. Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins [November 22, 2013]

catching fire


I finished reading the trilogy in less than a week. Yes, that’s how interesting and fast-paced the books were. Hunger Games Book 1 is a 3-star movie for me, but I am hoping that the Quarter Quell will be put to justice in the next movie installment.

2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald [May 10, 2013]


Now who wouldn’t want to watch this classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald? The book is one of my top favorites and I am very excited to watch the film. It stars Leonado DiCarpio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan among others. What also added to my anticipation is the fact that Baz Luhrmann directed this movie! I love his movie, Romeo + Juliet, which also starred Leo. Funny.

3. City of Bones (Mortal Instruments 1) by Cassandra Clare [August 23, 2013]

city of bones

I remembered reading this first book way back in university. The first book was so addicting that I hurried to get copies of the succeeding novels. I am now waiting for the copy of Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices 3) which is the last of the prequels for the Mortal Instruments series.

4. Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2) by Rick Riordan [August 16, 2013]


Riordan is the reason I became fascinated with mythology again. I read Lightning Thief when I was sophomore in university and from then, I followed Percy’s journey being a demigod. The series is still ongoing with the Heroes of Olympus saga and I am waiting for The House of Hades which will be released later this year. I admit that the first book adaptation, Lightning Thief, was really unsatisfactory. I am hoping that they will make it more consistent this time though.

5. World War Z by Max Brooks [June 21 2013]

world war z

I haven’t read this book, but have watched the theatrical trailer already. The Zombie war looks interesting and I would like to have something serious after enjoying the romantic-comedy Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1) by Isaac Marion.

6. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card [November 1, 2013]


This is another book which I haven’t read, but will definitely get into it soon. I have read a lot of positive reviews for this novel and hopefully, I will get a copy of the book before the movie starts. Is stars Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield among others.

7. Carrie by Stephen King [October 18, 2013]


I want to watch another Stephen King movie! My closest friends know I love watching horror, gore, and morbid stories haha. This is a remake which will follow the plot more closely, which is a relief. It stars Chloë Grace Moretz  and Julianne Moore.

I think those are the most interesting book to film adaptations that I am aware of as of the moment. Some of the movies I am still waiting for won’t be released until 2014 and 2015. Some of them are included in the poll below.

What film adaptation are you most looking forward to watch for this year? Would you like to recommend other adaptations I am not currently aware of? I’d like to hear from you!

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75 thoughts on “My Top 7 Most Awaited Movie Adaptations for 2013

  1. Definitely looking forward to Ender’s Game and also the second installment of The Hobbit. 😀 I didn’t like The Great Gatsby much as a book, but the movie seems interesting so I will have to check it out. Also, there’s The Host. I read the book and it seemed okay, but I’m hesitant about watching it since I’m worried it’ll end up being too much like Twilight somehow, but we’ll see!

    1. I am very curious why the Ender’s Game is getting so much positive comments. I am hoping to get a copy soon so I can read it 🙂 I am not an LOTR fan so I’ll pass The Hobbit. I have high expectations for Gatsby and I hope the movie will turn out fine. I have yet to read The Host and will probably not read it. I share your worry that it might be another Twilight.

  2. I’ll go see Catching Fire, but then the Hunger Game Trilogy and I part. I did not like the third book–cant’ even remember much about it. Maybe next year we can add The Pope’s Stone to the list of new adaptations. I think I will call Baz and see if he wants to do it…yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for the list Monica.

    1. Then you must re-read Mockingjay, Gpop! Ha! Do you think Leo would like to take the role of Nathaniel Barrington for the adaptation of The Pope’s Stone? I hope so, especially if Luhrmann will direct it. You go give him a ring 🙂

  3. I love The Hunger Games, but the first person present tense creates problems for pacing during the first half of Catching Fire, and throughout the whole of Mokingjay. That said, there’s no reason why the films shouldn’t be as good as the first.

    Carrie with Moretz sounds interesting, although the original is a classic; also, I still haven’t forgiven Julianne Moore for being Starling in Hannibal, which sucks as an adaptation.

    1. Hi Frank! I had to comment because I totally agree with your points on Carrie! 🙂 Also, on Julianne Moore for being Starling, that was a disappointment, that was! Jodie Foster was AMAZING as Clarice Starling! Julianne Moore was so MEHHHH in Hannibal.

  4. I adore watching film adaptations. This year I am looking forward to watching The Host, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Great Gatsby, Catching Fire, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Happy viewing 😀

  5. Oh wow, they’re making Ender’s Game into a movie!? I remember reading this book in College and being both sucked in by the plot and way it was written and troubled by what was going on. And I totally understand what you mean about how easy it was to read the Hunger Games trilogy. I downloaded the first on my kindle, then, then the same day downloaded the second. All in all, I read it in two days (that’s back when I had no baby lol).

    1. Yeah. I saw the poster of the movie and was surprised to know that it’s actually a book. I have yet to read it, but the synopsis is very intriguing. That’s basically the reason why it ended up in my top 7 list.

      Wow. Two days for the trilogy? Lovely. You can still read books, you know. Reading aloud with your babe can be helpful, I think. I don’t even have a boyfriend so it’s not that I can speak based on experience. 😀

  6. I can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby and Catching Fire! I had no idea that some of these were being made into movies (Ender’s Game, World War Z). Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

  7. I loved all three Hunger Games books and thought the first movie was 4 stars. I’m looking forward to the Catching Fire movie.

    Ender’s Game is a tricky one. I read the book a couple years ago, and it is an impressing work of fiction, with a combination of good sci fi and well drawn characters. (If you’ve read a lot of sci fi lit, you know how rare that combo is.) I will certainly see the movie, but I am nervous, because some of the main characters in the book are young children, and the parts they have to play may be difficult for child actors to pull off convincingly. Also, there is a risk that the movie will focus too much on the special effects aspect of Ender’s Game (in the book, a lot of the action takes place in a zero-gravity battle simulation arena) at the expense of the characters and the psychology (which get a good bit of play in the book). The movie adaptation of Ender’s Game could become a repeat of the movie adaptation of Starship Troopers; that was a book that had a lot of material about the psychology and theory of leadership and the role of a soldier in a democratic system, and essentially none of the author’s nuance made it into the movie, which was mostly blockbuster special effects shlock.

    World War Z seems like a difficult book to adapt into a movie, and the preview makes me nervous. The book consists of a large number of short narratives by a bunch of unconnected people in numerous countries all over the globe, each providing a brief window into a different aspect of the zombie crisis. The result is a mosaic of personal narratives, painting a larger picture. Based on the preview, it is doubtful that this mosaic aspect made it into the film. (You probably can’t make a 2-hour action movie like that anyway; for the mosaic approach, you need a miniseries or a documentary style film.) So it looks like they may have taken the novel World War Z and transformed it into a fairly conventional and unimaginative standard zombie action flick. (I hope I’m proven wrong.)

    1. I do hope that Catching Fire will prove to be a better adaptation than Hunger Games. There will be more actions in this book and I want them to be included in the movie. I am not a brutal person, but I find the violence in Hunger Games 1 toned down, perhaps to accommodate younger viewers.

      I have yet to read Ender’s Game, but after reading your comment, I am also worried how they’ll pull off such movie, especially ones involving excellent acting from the young ones.

      I have read the first pages of World War Z and I agree it is a narration. It will be confusing to have different narrations and POVs in the movie so maybe this style will not make it in the silverscreen.

  8. I’m definitely looking forward to Carrie. Chloe Grace Moretz seems to fit the role perfectly. Catching Fire is most anticipated on my end mostly because its my favorite book of the trilogy. The Great Gatsby looks amazing but I have yet to read that classic 🙂 There are some adaptations I want to see but not read the The Host..mostly because Saoirse Ronan is a good actress but I’m not into Stephanie Meyer books…

    1. I will watch the original Carrie movie and will hope that the remake with Moretz will be better than original. You must read The Great Gatsby. It’s one of my favorite books. I am not interested in The Host, but a lot of people are talking about it so I may try to get a peek from the book.

  9. I’m looking forward to Catching Fire and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. Actually, I’m looking forward to The Hunger Games too–I read the trilogy, I just haven’t seen it yet.

  10. Looking forward to City of Bones. I didn’t know they were making another Percy Jackson movie. Cool! But my most awaited movies this year are mostly not adaptations: Hobbit 2 (ok, it’s a partial adaptation) & Star Trek. And Thor. And I know a lot of people hated it but I really wish they would make the sequels to The Last Airbender…

    1. Me, too! I am very excited to see Jace and Clary in flesh. The release of Clockwork Princess was last 19 and I can’t wait to get my hands on the final book of Infernal Devices (Mortal Instrument prequel series). I think that a lot of people petitioned to create Sea of Monsters book so the filmmakes must do it better this time.

      I like Avatar the anime version, but haven’t watched the live action, The Last Airbender.

  11. My first choice is The Great Gatsby. I love the book and Leo stars in it so, need I say more? Haha! And then there’s Catching Fire, too.

    The City of Bones sounds interesting; so thank you for letting me know about it yesterday, haha!

    I’ll pass on the Carrie remake. You should see Carrie (1976) starring Sissy Spacek before you go see the remake. Chloe Moretz is a good actress, but I don’t think Carrie is for her. 🙂

    1. Yay! More trips to movie houses this year. You must read the entire Mortal Instruments series and the prequel series, Infernal Devices.

      I will try to get a copy of Carrie first. Why do most King’s movies were made decades before I was born?

      Oz the Great and Powerful this weekend~

  12. Lovely post, Nica. To be frustrated and annoyed that your most loved books were murdered in the silver screen. What words!!.. Love your writing style as always. I have never read Cassandra Claire books (as you know!). Would love to watch City of Bones.

  13. Tasty words and quotable quotes. That’s like something out of Alice in Wonderland, I love it! I’m with you on The Great Gatsby, the book was…..well..great! I didn’t know the were remaking Carrie, should be fun, a high body count and what not…What is your favourite King movie(s)?

    1. Yeah. Maybe you can write a movie review of Gatsby later? *grins* I haven’t watched the original Carrie and a lot of people are encouraging me to watch it first. I have watched only two King movies, I think. Most of his classics were created decades before I was even born. I can only remember Pet Sematary. I didn’t know my favorite, Dark Half, has an adaptation, too!

      1. A subtle hint for Gatsby eh? well I may be able to accommodate you, once I unpack my copy which I believe I now have here with me…finally. Pet Sematary was certainly different, I haven’t even been near The Dark Half yet….interesting…I shall keep an eye out for that whenever I can.

          1. I enjoyed IT, ‘Salem’s Lot looks good, but I haven’t watched it admittedly but my favourite King isn’t even horror…Stand By Me is so good it is almost better than the book, but not quite. Well I say the book, the book has four novellas in it, including The Shawshank Redemption and is a really good read. The Stand is an epic read and Night Shift contained some cracking short stories too. I may have to get one of his books read soon as well.

  14. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is brilliant. It will be interesting to see how they capture the various nuances that are in the story. Won’t spoil it for you but definitely one of my favourite SF books.

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    I always appreciate the reviews I see on this site. Her writing is clear and concise. I will say, as an Asian myself, that if English is indeed her second language I am jealous of her strong grasp of a second language.
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  16. Ooooh Carrie! How brilliant. My daughter’s kitten died a year ago and she’s been trying to have me dig her up for resurrection ever since. I was contemplating making her watch Pet Cemetary.

  17. They all look like awesome movies, even though I’ve only read a couple of the books for them (the HG series and The Great Gatsby, which I suspect will need a re-read soon too). I must read Ender’s Game too! Thanks for reminding me 😉

    1. You are most welcome. I hope you will like to read Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones. It is the book 1 of Mortal Instruments. I just finished reading the third book of the prequel series, Clockwork Princess The Infernal Devices #3 and it was the best novel written by the author. Just wow!

      I have to read Ender’s game, too. Feel free to come back here and let me know what you think.

  18. 1) I didn’t know that Ender’s Game was going to be a movie. Hopefully they’ll do the book justice!
    2) Saw this via reblog from Opinionated Man and he said that English is your second language. All I have to say is wow!

    1. I hope so, too. I have yet to read the book and a lot of people are saying that it is such a well written SciFi albeit a bit complicated. I haven’t seen a movie which is better than a book, but I am hoping that the filmmakers will do the novel justice.

      Here in the Philippines, we were taught English since we were tots. I am hoping to be a polyglot so I am learning more languages. Opinionated Man’s native language is my current project.

  19. I highly recommend reading World War Z, however I have a feeling that it’s just loosely based on the book. I think Brad Pitt is in it as a main character, however that’s not quite how the book is written. But still a very good read.

    Ender’s Game was an excellent book. One that I’ve read many times. I really hope the do a good job with the movie.

    Oh and thanks for the visit and liking my post!

    1. Thanks for going to mine as well. I have yet to read both books, but World War Z looks interesting after I have read the trailer. I am ready to be disappointed for the movie adaptations, but will still read the books first before watching the films.

  20. I can’t wait for Catching Fire and The Great Gatsby either! They look so great 🙂 I haven’t read Carrie but I plan to!
    “I love watching horror, gore, and morbid stories”
    Hmmm. Should I be afraid?

    1. Same here. Read Carrie and watch the original movie first. Hmm. It’s okay. No need to be afraid of me. I am still as sweet, innocent and charming as I used to be, but with a hidden foot-long knife in my back! Haha

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