My Valentine’s Day Outfit

Would you be my Valentine?

How many times have you been asked by this question? More importantly, how many times have you received this from someone you like? What did you answer?

Last February 14, I have never expected to see a lot of people going out exactly on Valentine’s Day. Wherever I looked red, I saw red, and I meant it literally. Bunches of red roses along with heart sticks and teddy bears were being sold by street vendors along the pedestrian lanes, while shopping malls and restaurants were competing each other for the best Valentine-decorated place. Also, hotels, resorts, and even motels gave all promos one can imagine just to entice customers to have a reservation. All these mostly for couples who would like to celebrate their love on this red-letter day.

Valentine's Day, outfit, red, style, blogger, fashion


In my country, one will be painfully aware that he/she is single during Valentine’s Day. It must be the culture, Internet, media, or probably the effect of those three, which made it an unwritten rule to better celebrate with a partner. I don’t agree with any of this. Why a person’s happiness would depend on another?

Valentine's Day, outfit, red, style, blogger, fashion


Can’t we just appreciate the love we feel and witness around us? The love of our parents, siblings, friends, and colleagues? Yes, loving someone special is an entirely different experience, but if we don’t have a partner at the moment, we must not feel bitter about it. Instead, we must appreciate the love we are willing to give to someone we haven’t met.


I wore this for a pre-Valentine celebration I had with my friends. Yes, friends! It is possible to have fun and celebrate love even if Kimchi Man is in his home country and we couldn’t celebrate together. Anyway, I got this very feminine and ruffled white top more than a year ago, while a blogger friend and I bought this lovely red skater skirt in the first week of February. For the shoes, I have received many compliments for this pair, but I am not sure exactly where you guys can buy this. I only got it from a blogger bazaar last December.

Valentine's Day, outfit, red, style, blogger, fashion

Valentine's Day, outfit, red, style, blogger, fashion

For this look, professional makeup artist and friend Anne Olila made my eyes more dramatic to suit the romantic night we were in. She did amazing contouring on my face that photographer friend Edryl Gwayne Castro commented that I looked like some local celebrities. Whoa! That’s how excellent Anne is; she could make a goddess out of a nerd.

Valentine's Day, outfit, red, style, blogger, fashion

Since it wasn’t a planned photo shoot, Gwayne only had her camera ready. Thus, most photos are dark. If you have seen some bright lights on my face, it was because of my Samsung S4’s Assistive Light default app. Anne was very resourceful to have thought of this. 🙂

Valentine's Day, outfit, red, style, blogger, fashion

Who had fun last Valentine’s Day? Did you celebrate it with your special someone? If your answer to my last question is affirmative, did you exchange gifts? Oh, I hope my readers are not that type of girls who feel entitled to receive lavish gifts without giving something in return! Check where I am coming from and read My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day post. 


15 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day Outfit

  1. Nica, I just love this dress ♡♡♡. The shoes go so well with the choice of dress. Your legs are perfect to carry this look well!. *envious*.. Hehe 🙂 You look stunning. I have got to say though that the bronzed look makes you look face dark than make it look like a tanned goddess. In one of the pix, it looks too orange and oily. I couldnt believe that a professional makeup artist did that!. Love the eye makeup though. Nice poses. You look cute in the pix with the top knot!. I saw some videos recently on how to do top knots. I will definitely try it out. Not sure it will look good on me like it does on you!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Naz! I felt nervous wearing this outfit though. Oops. In person, my face was really good. Really. It was just too dark there that the lighting played shadows on my face. We didn’t have enough lighting aside from the camera’s flash and my phone’s assistive light. These photos were taken in a dark area, so apologies for the quality. We will be having another shoot this week so I hope the light will be better this time!

      I am sure you will look good in a bun! Wear some gold accessories there as well

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