OASAP Halloween Costume: Vote for a Gift!

Halloween is fast-approaching! Now that we are almost in the middle of October, do you also feel that excitement whenever you count the days until the end of the month? What are you looking forward to the most? Is it the scary, almost-real horror house, those disgusting internal organ-ish food, or spooky party with your friends? Whatever that may be, I guess nothing can top the list than the thing I am most excited about – Halloween costumes.

Every year, we see a lot of creative people doing the task of making their own Halloween costume. I am sure it will be a very thought-provoking activity, but due to time constraints (and laziness), I find it hard to make an effort in preparing my attire. Imagine my surprise and relief when OASAP emailed me and solved the problem in no time! It’s like being gifted with tons of candy by a tooth fairy!

OASAP, giveaway, Halloween, Halloween costume, free gift, vote

For Halloween costume procrastinators like yours truly, OASAP is making our lives easier by offering several outfit ideas for October 31st. If you find yourself in the same situation I am in (laziness), you’d better go over to OASAP website now and find something that suits your fancy. As for me…



OASAP, giveaway, Halloween, Halloween costume, free gift, vote

After being with my blog readers for more than two years, I trust that you know a lot of things about me already. With that, I would like all of you to voice your opinion regarding this question:

Which shall I wear?

Edgy Skeleton Print Sweater

Relaxed Cartoon Sweatshirt

Skeleton Girl Pattern Sweatshirt

Cartoon Print Leggings

Skeleton Print Skinny Leggings

Please feel free to let me know which item you fancy seeing me in and I’ll probably send you a photo wearing it! Through your comments, I will tally the votes and the winning item will be the one I’ll choose to purchase. How’s that?

But of course, I can’t leave my dear readers behind. One lucky participant who votes for a gift of my Halloween costume will win a $20 worth of OASAP clothes. This is open internationally and will end after a week, so I hope you can join and share this as soon as possible!

IMPORTANT NOTES: As I have been writing notes and disclaimer in my previous giveaways, it is also right that I include some here as well. My rule is pretty simple and direct – be honest. You can do all the tasks in the giveaway widget and earn entries every day, but please ensure that you are following the instructions properly. Don’t follow to unfollow once the contest ends. Typing your email address in the subscription widget doesn’t end the task there; you have to go back to your email and confirm your subscription. A personal account is preferred than giveaway/contest accounts. There, I have said my piece. Apologies for making this long, but it has to be said. 🙂

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I am very eager to know which item you will select for me. Vote for a gift! I hope you will choose the best! *wink*

Have any other Halloween outfit ideas?

86 thoughts on “OASAP Halloween Costume: Vote for a Gift!

  1. The skeleton complete get up looks so fab and interesting! You definitely need to use that! :)) Make sure to also score the ultimate halloween look w/ creepy but stunning makeup and hairdo! 😉

  2. Number one is the best. But 1 and 5 look good together for Halloween… In fact I was contemplating buying it…they also have a really cute skeleton jumpsuit not pictured here that I may get but I’m afraid I won’t get it in time.
    I’m signed up at Oasap with cstone412.cs@gmail.com

  3. Cartoon Print Leggings and Skeleton Print Skinny Leggings.
    Rafflecopter name: io sophia.
    registered email: ainirun at hotmail dot ca

  4. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!
    Ilove # 3 theSkeleton Girl Pattern Sweatshirt
    My registred email adress:Melodie10@gmx.fr
    Fingers crossed!Have a fab weekend!

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