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If you have read the entire Hunger Games trilogy or have enjoyed the first two instalments of the series in the big screen, then you most probably have also envied Katniss Everdeen’s skill in archery. Before that, I had a secret crush on Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, and fancied being Princess Merida in Brave. Recently, I even imagined myself as Artemisia, Artemisia I of Caria, in 300 Rise of an Empire. It seems like my fascination for bows and arrows go way back and it is only high time for me to quench this thirst.


People who know me can testify that I am not a sporty person. Far from it. However, I have always wanted to play archery. Aside from the thrill of holding a bow (and the instinct to kill, haha), this can also be a form of exercise, albeit not as strenuous as others. Still, it can strengthen one’s arms, shoulders, chest, and back. With constant practice, it can develop upper body strength and improve posture and balance.

I also like that this exercise can help people focus. With enough mind into the game, players can easily hit the target. More importantly, I observe that this can also be a stress-reliever. If others want to have an outlet for stress and frustration, I think archery is a good way to let off some steam.


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In the Philippines, archery is yet to be a common sport for everyone. It isn’t easy to find someone who plays and even harder to know a location where one can practice. Last week, I was lucky enough to have found a hidden treasure right in the heart of the metro.

Kodanda Archery Range is a seven-lane, fully air-conditioned range located in Makati Cinema Square, Makati. With Kodanda being a Sanskrit word for “he who has a bow”, a companion of Rama as he overcomes evil in Ramayana epic, the range prides itself as the only indoor (versus open air) and open to the public (versus membership required) venue in Makati for archery enthusiasts.


kodanda, kodanda archery range, ilovekodanda, archery, Philippines, makati, range, makati cinema square

with my namesake, Monica twin

Why do I love Kodanda Archery Range?

  • Kodanda is a venue for those interested to try archery and who also don’t want to spend a fortune for playing.
  • Kids as young as seven years old can take beginner’s lessons
  • Has the most affordable hourly rate and already includes range rental, international-standard equipment and protective gear usage, and archery basics coaching from expert instructors.
  • The staff are all friendly and attentive
  • The range is accessible from people living in Manila.


Done with my first archery lesson, here are some tips I would like to share with you, so you prepare when you take your classes.

  • Do follow your coach’s instructions – he/she is always right. I like that this sport doesn’t need any athletic level, so with practice, I can easily gain mastery in archery.

kodanda, kodanda archery range, ilovekodanda, archery, Philippines, makati, range, makati cinema square

Left arm stretched, right arm a bit higher angled, strings near the jaw, left eye closed.

  • Do stretch first. My upper left arm was sore after practice.
  • Do bring your eyeglasses, especially if you are myopic like me. I couldn’t see the yellow, red, and black circles in my target paper when I wasn’t wearing my specs.
  • Do pick up your arrows only after all the players are done. Otherwise, you might end up with an arrow sticking to your head.
  • Don’t go to the archery range intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Common sense.
  • Don’t walk in front of other archers while they are playing. Or you might be the next target.
  • Don’t point your bow at people. Unless you really want to hit them with your arrow. Kidding.



kodanda, kodanda archery range, ilovekodanda, archery, Philippines, makati, range, makati cinema square

It is a requirement to wear a pair of rubber shoes or sneakers when you go to Kodanda. All other safety gear such as arm guard, finger tab, chest guard, quiver, and recurve bow will all be provided.


kodanda, kodanda archery range, ilovekodanda, archery, Philippines, makati, range, makati cinema square


Hourly rate is Php 550/person inclusive of the usage of international-standard equipment and safety gear, as well as basic archery coaching by expert teachers.

Php 200 range rental per person for those who already have their own gear.

Additional Php 30 if archers want to take home the target paper for souvenir.


Php 6000 for ten one-hour sessions. Students will be issued a Certificate of Completion after the classes. Basic and advanced archery will be taught by Syd Fraginal (Philippine SEA Games record holder), Ronalyn Alvarez (Palarong Pambansa winner), and Ronna May Alvarez (former member of developmental team of the Philippines).

REMEMBER: It only takes a lot of practice! I don’t have any athletic bone in my body, but look what I managed to accomplish on my first class. Not bad, right?

kodanda, kodanda archery range, ilovekodanda, archery, Philippines, makati, range, makati cinema square

Are you interested to be an archer? For reservation and further inquiry, you may reach Kodanda Archery Range through:

Contact numbers: 02) 621.9109 and (0932) 843.6614 – look for May
Operating hours: 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM, Mondays to Sundays
Email: kodandaarchery@gmail.com
Facebook page: Kodanda Archery Range


kodanda, kodanda archery range, ilovekodanda, archery, Philippines, makati, range, makati cinema square

Who wants to shoot some arrows? I hope we can play together! If you want to try out archery, I highly recommend that you go over Kodanda Archery Range and see for yourself. Let them know I sent you!



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55 thoughts on “Of Bows and Arrows | Kodanda Archery Range

  1. When I was a youngster my father, my brother and I would go to an archery course. Much like a golf course, this was an actual course set in the woods with about 15 different targets placed throughout the woods–between trees, hills, next to boulders, etc. On the targets were always pictures of animals like big bucks or mountain lions. You had to shoot from three different positions at each target and there was a scoring system. It took about three hours to go through the course…it was way cool and much fun and no animals got killed! I have never seen any place like it since. You made me want to go find a bow!

  2. wow cool! I used to like archery but I tend to loose focus much. haha maybe someday I’ll be surprised that I am enrolled in an archery class. You really look like Katniss here hihihi. 🙂

  3. When I was a kid I am totally a dreamer and I dreamed of shooting an arrow to the target and out of curiosity, my playmates and I made a bow out of “walis tingting” hahaha weak! Its my first time to hear that there is an archery class for everyone. I thought it’s just a sport for rich kids. 😀 #KodandaGanda

  4. I remember having an archery unit back when I was in middle school and I loved it! I would love to try it again now that I’m older so I can feel like Katniss haha

  5. When I was a freshie in college I went to a school with an archery club and their own range. I wanted to try but I was afraid I was too noobish for them. If only I knew about this before! I Would’ve been able to take lessons and feel comfortable walking up to the club. Anyway, good job! you managed two in the yellow and one at nearly in (is that considered?)

  6. Thanks for this! This one is included on my bucket list. I’ve been looking for a month now kung san nga meron nito here in Pinas. I saw kasi some FB friends already with their kids trying out this archery thing. Can’t wait to try this 🙂

  7. Archery is an expensive sport, methinks. But it’s nice to shoot some arrows from time to time. That said, no other archer can beat Robin Hood and his Patriot Arrow (see Robin Hood: Men in Tights)

  8. cool!! well, that’s not bad since you were able to hit the target… I have tried it once and I don’t want to again.. it just sprains your muscles,.. haha!

  9. At one point in my life, I’ve been a fan of this sport, too bad, my hands aren’t cooperating anymore (pasmado eh). But anyhow, I’d like to give this a try for some time soon.

  10. Aww archery. Ive always seen this as a very sophisticated sport and I admire those who have the ability in here, just exactly like what you have said, i had a crush on legolas because he looks so good with his arrow 🙂

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