On weddings and bridal gowns

Hi everyone, it is the first day of May! Can you believe it is almost half of the year already? Time seems to fly faster than we thought. Soon, one of our close church mates will tie the knot and be one of those blushing June brides. She chose my sister to be part of the entourage so I went with her today to have her gown fitting.

Exactly the same month last year, both of us did a few trips back to our assigned couturier. My cousin got married to her first and only boyfriend and she wanted that her only girl cousins to be her bridesmaids. I have written a post about that and if you are interested, you may read it here. But since I want to show you how horrible I looked at that time, here’s a snapshot of me wearing my gown.

with a family friend

with a family friend

As I write this post, I remember a funny and scary thing that happened during my cousin’s wedding. I caught her bouquet! It was a crazy game which made the flowers landed on my hands, actually, not the typical bouquet-throwing thing. Still, I don’t want to get married next!

However, that doesn’t mean I have to be exempted from all those wedding talks. My close friend and colleague, Jae, made me feel like her personal Event Coordinator. I know most of the details of her wedding preps and it gave me a somewhat first-hand experience on the do’s and don’ts in preparation. What excited me the most was the talk about bridal gowns!

Last year, I posted photos of some bridal gowns that I like. You may find it here. Now, I tried searching more styles over the Internet. Perhaps Jae being tight-lipped about her wedding dress made me want to see more designs. At any rate, here are some gowns which caught my attention.

aline strapless floor length

square neckline chapel train

with lace appliques

I found these in a cheap clothes store online called eFox City. Most bridal gowns I have seen while browsing are featured in a shop dedicated for weddings only, but not these. True, this online store supplies most wedding apparel, but they also provide fashionable clothing for both men and women. Along with the bridal gowns, I was able to check some chic and trendy Asian-inspired clothing. And oh, most of the products are my style!

I know that I have to put my purse in lock and key since I spent a lot on online shopping these days. It is not easy to stop myself from clicking item after item and hitting that checkout button. Somebody please stop me from being an online shopaholic!

For now, I must try to be contented on putting products I like in my wishlist. If a week passed and I still like them, that’s the only time I have to shell out some hard-earned money. But we can still admire them, right? I saw some items perfect to be worn as guests in a wedding ceremony or formal event. I already have something to wear, but…

For Men

How about these men’s shirts?


red stripe

khaki shirt

For Women

pink blends

beige fashion floral

pink layers

baby collar

So what do you think guys? I know a fellow blogger who is already engaged. Please let me know your thoughts on bridal gowns! For others, do you have an upcoming wedding party to attend? Have you decided on what to wear? June is already in the air so do not be surprised if you get invited like me. One advice: girls,do not wear white unless you’re the bride! 🙂

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24 thoughts on “On weddings and bridal gowns

  1. Weddings are fun. I was just thinking today about how it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a wedding. I got married almost seven years ago, and my friends all got married within the next 2 or 3 years. Now everyone is having babies!

  2. Ooh, looking at those dresses makes me wonder what I’d choose if I were to get married again today, especially seeing as how it was just our anniversary. I do still love the long sleeved floor length dress I chose, but I think I’d show more skin today. I think I feel a post of my own coming on… 🙂 That first dress you posted is gorgeous!

  3. Why is it that the most lovely young ladies are the ones who always say how horrible they look? It’s okay to be humble, but in moderation. Some lucky young man in the future will be counting his blessings everyday, giving thanks for having you as his beautiful wife…now is that so horrible?

    1. But, Gpop… I do look terrible in that photo. I don’t know how to put makeup so I assigned a stylist to do that for me. She ended up applying too much eyeliner and mascara that made my eyes appear like panda’s.

      How I wish I could meet the lucky man soon…

  4. Am I the fellow blogger who is engaged? Hahaha! What I expect are guests to wear on my wedding is church-appropriate clothes. It’s a wedding, not some cocktail night party. You know, I expect our guests to look decent and dressed for the occasion. 😉

    P.S. We miss you! Happy First Day Funk, Nic!

    1. You know you are 😀 That is actually correct and well-respected. Guests must be well-informed about the dress code. They must not appear too dressy and covered-up in a beach wedding!

      First day went well, but of course you already knew it. I am so late in replying to comments.

  5. That link you posted has beautiful wedding gowns! I’m going to have to dig through it because local gowns around here cost at least $800+… to rent. That’s an outrageous sum, especially since I’m on a budget. I like simple, elegant gowns with minimal embroidery and “sparkly” things. It also has to be poofy, because my fiancé said so, haha.

    1. I am very glad you saw this post, Zen. The fellow blogger who is engaged actually refers to you and my other colleague.

      Why do they charge much in those gowns? And for rent? In the site above, you’ll get a simple and elegant gown for around 150-250 only. Since your fiance requested it, then you must grant it. It’s his wedding day, too. 🙂

  6. Oh Monica, why do you do this to yourself! You looked gorgeous, girly! I’ve attended 2 weddings so far. One was when I was a toddler (my hair looked terrible), the other was just 1,2 years back. I always get nervous when I have to go to events like these. Bwahaha, I don’t know what to wear 😀

    1. My friends say I suffer from extreme low self-esteem. A lot of factors and it will warrant a post or two to talk about it. What did you wear on that second wedding? Mostly I was invited to be part of an entourage so attires were not my problem, but this year I have to prepare!

      1. There are many good things the nature has blessed you with. Beauty is deep within you, so don’t put yourself down Monica 🙂 I wore a vintage dress. Nothing fancy haha! And I hope you’ll find your ideal dress. Good luck!

      1. Hiya!. Weddings in my country also features gowns like these. But they are worn only by Christians. Hindu’s and Muslims (like me) mainly wear a traditional dress called Saree. Try googling it. It’s very beautiful attire and my all time fav… I love your new header btw. It’s apt for the name Impressions of a Princess.

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