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For Filipinos, Christmas is just around the corner. It may sound weird and a bit crazy for others, but for some who have been exposed to our culture already, they will just give a knowing smile and get along with the tide. And just like any other holidays, this season has not escaped commercialism. At least a month before the Yuletide, department stores showcase bright and colourful decorations with their eye-catching red sign – SALE. Like a bull attracted to the color, many swarm various shopping malls to find good deals. Are you one of these people?

Bargain hunter or not, who wouldn’t like to save a few bucks after a purchase? I for one wouldn’t say no for a discount. In fact, I spend most of my time shopping during sales. That way, I wouldn’t feel guilty even when I shop a lot. I simply think I could have spent more with the items I bought on sale. Or is it just me?

With the rise of e-commerce, shopping malls are not the only ones who can entice people to buy using their promotional discounts. A lot of online stores are sprouting everywhere and are proving to be competitive against their physical counterparts. With the convenience in browsing through the Internet, online shopping has recently become an integral part in Philippine commerce.

I have been shopping to several online sites lately, but I am simply going to feature one store in this post – Nordstrom. If you have been living under a rock, Nordstrom is a popular destination for American upscale fashion. You can find clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics, and almost everything men and women need to be fashionable. Now online, it becomes easier for its clienteles to shop in the comfort of their home, office, or school.

Now what I love about shopping at Nordstrom is the huge selection of its promo codes. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong! It offers various Nordstrom coupon codes to save money on purchases. For example, it has free standard shipping, special offers, freebies, and huge discounts on shoes and bags! I am now internally jumping in excitement to place my order for myself and loved ones!

Which do you think shall I choose?

Nordstrom, Nordstrom coupon code, Nordstrom promo codeNordstrom, Nordstrom coupon code, Nordstrom promo code

Nordstrom, Nordstrom coupon code, Nordstrom promo code Nordstrom, Nordstrom coupon code, Nordstrom promo code

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