Oops, I missed blogging!

I know, I know, I am so sorry everyone. Pride aside, a lot of you are wondering what had happened to me. My blogger friends and some who really followed my site even went as far as to contact me personally to check if everything was alright. To all of those concerned friends and others who gave me and my blog a second or two of thoughts and worries, thank you. Until now I don’t know how I got such readership and loyalty from you, but I will always be grateful that you are with me in this blogging journey.

I was actually in a Princess Protection Program for almost a month, hence the absence of my posts. I was brought to this really secluded, but paradise-looking island along the Pacific together with other princesses in distress. Together, we were trained how to fully assimilate in the society without any trace of our royal blood. We learned the mundane way of having a public hair stylist,  mastering only two languages at most, and eating hamburgers with our bare hands. We did a lot of that and all. It was too much. By the end of the day, my back was screaming from all the injustice it received from one of the teachers who trained us how to  “properly” slouch just like what commoners do. To top it all, my brain was overloaded with a lot of trivial matters of no consequence which seem to be what normal people actually say and think about. To describe the entire ordeal as overwhelming would be the understatement of the century.


Creative imagination aside, I felt my muse went out for a month-long vacation and just returned few minutes ago. Starting today, I am hoping to maintain this blog by writing at least once a week and bore you more about my thoughts and feelings on books, fashion, and life in general. I will find and create my blog muse and voice to pay tribute to all my loyal readers out there. Please continue supporting Impressions of a Princess. I love you guys!

8 thoughts on “Oops, I missed blogging!

  1. You’ll fit right in with the rest of us slouchers… I am glad they allowed you back into common society and that you are around writing and chatting again. We always miss having you around to cheer us up….FACT!

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