First Quarter of 2014 Review

In just a blink of an eye, it seems that days flew by so swiftly that I almost did not notice that a few days from now, we would be saying goodbye to the first quarter of the year. Could you almost believe that? By next week, it would be three months since we welcomed the start of 2014. How have you been holding up?

I guess it is only right that at this point, let’s try to look back and reflect on how we spent the last 90 days or so. Were we productive? Did we reach our goals? Did we change for the better? Let my own review be your sample.


Before 2013 ended, a lot of us wrote New Year’s resolutions. For me, I simply created my bucket list for the next year. I am sure several of you did that, too. For the first quarter, how are you going with your list?

Checking My 2014 Bucket List, here are the things I have accomplished so far:

  • Fly to my nearest dream destination, Thailand
  • Go through the longest underground river in Palawan, Philippines
  • Book a flight ticket less than a week before the flight schedule
  • Attend more blog events
  • Ride an elephant
  • Get an authentic Thai massage in Thailand (where else?)
  • Have a dinner cruise date


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May it be emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical change, any improvement is always better. For the first quarter, I was able to plan my future goals for my career and education. I am also more emotionally stable in my relationship. Most importantly, I feel more beautiful this year. Haha!


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As I have written in my 2014 opening post, New Year, New You, having a positive mind and attitude is essential in creating a better self. By taking self-inventory, changing anew, accepting mistakes and learning from them, I am continuously improving myself.


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I won’t disclose my birth year, but my Chinese animal sign is a horse. I am not a fan of Feng Shui and what have you, but it is nice to know that perhaps the cosmos are with me to achieve my goals for 2014. For this year, I am going to own the entire twelve months and make the most out of them.


Are you curious about today’s outfit? Interestingly, I bought the red sexy top and printed maxi dress in a fashion blogger bazaar earlier this year. As for the highlight in this ensemble, I am featuring this unique bag with horse design.

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I got this fashionable bag from Tmart, a leading e-commerce site. It was my first time to purchase something from a store which offers the largest range of products I have seen in my online shopping experience. Tmart also has one of the cheapest prices of almost everything in free international shipping.

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Tmart Horse Pattern Handbag

I love this elegant, multi-function bag which I can confidently use for my every day wear. Also, it is large enough to give room to my daily essentials. More importantly, I like its eye-catchy and unique horse pattern design!

I ordered this bag a month ago and was surprised to receive the parcel in less than two weeks. For my country’s legendary poor postal service, this was already a feat. I would love to shop here again!

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2014 is my year.

How was your first quarter of 2014?



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Graduation Ball Dress Ideas

I feel like it was just yesterday when everyone welcomed the start of 2014, but I realized that time really does fly so fast. Now that we are already on the last week of March, most students are giddy with excitement for their upcoming graduation. By the end of this month or early April, they will be proudly marching along the tune of Pomp and Circumstance and receiving their school diploma.

Before going to the big day and receiving the certificate of completion, there’s still another event students are excited about. More often than not, for graduating students, this is where they would turn mushy and declare their eternal friendship with one another, or confess their secret admiration to a classmate. If you have already figured out what this is, you probably attended one. In my country, this is what we call a graduation ball.

As a close friend of mine will be graduating this month, I was challenged to help her find graduation ball dress inspiration suitable for her age and body type. I was so eager to do the task, and it made me wish I was back in school. I might be taking my master’s degree soon, but will there be a grad ball, too?

Anyway, for my friend, I have selected five dresses for her to choose. Can you help us?

victoria dress, evening gown, prom dress, formal dress, blue, frozen, elsa

I have been loving Frozen since I first watched it, and when I saw this gown, all I could think of was Elsa. My favourite color is blue, and I hope my friend will also like this.

victoria dress, evening gown, prom dress, formal dress, blue,

For something dramatic, I have chosen this elegant dark blue evening gown. I think it is high time for her to look mature!

victoria dress, evening gown, formal dress, prom, dress, cheap dress, asymmetrical, sexy, red

victoria dress, evening gown, formal dress, prom, dress, cheap dress, asymmetrical, sexy, red

Red is always a remarkable color, so why not these two?

victoria dress, evening dress, formal dress, prom, pink, dress, off shoulder, cheap

Lastly, her favorite color is pink and I think this feminine off-shoulder dress will suit her well.

Which do you think is better for my friend? I got all these evening dresses from

Have you attended your school’s graduation ball, too? How was it?


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Science Comes Alive: The Mind Museum

Last year, the Philippines had been vastly overwrought by the destruction brought by Typhoon Haiyan. Several provinces had been gravely affected by this super typhoon, one of the strongest recorded in world history. A lot of people were left baffled as to how this natural phenomenon caught everyone unaware and unprepared. Being a lucky blogger, I was invited to attend a scientific talk on what actually happened during Haiyan.


cafe scientifique, science, forum, the mind museum

This is a monthly forum held at The Mind Museum where certain relevant topics are discussed to the interested public. Everyone is encouraged to sign up, attend, and participate in a lively discussion. For last November, the talk was about typhoon Haiyan and what actually went wrong and how we could’ve prevented it.


Why should Filipinos bother with Science? This has been the title of the forum, with a very informative open discussion from Project NOAH, PhiVOLCS, PAGASA, and Manila Observatory. The way I understood it, there were a lot of studies and experiments done to have predicted the result of the typhoon. However, poor communication and information dissemination from the government became one of the main problems, especially when there was a confusion about what a “storm surge” is and what it can do.

cafe scientifique, the mind museum, bgc, canopy plaza

The talk ended with a hopeful note by reiterating that intensifying disaster preparedness would eventually help us avoid such damage from a catastrophic force of nature.


the mind museum, museum, BGC, taguig, science

Shortly after the talk, we used our complimentary pass to roam inside The Mind Museum for the first time. As initiates to this newest museum in the metro, we slowly took everything inside the 12, 000 square meters science building. With over 250 interactive exhibits, the establishment’s tagline “Science comes Alive!” is very appropriate.


da vinci, exhibit, the mind museum, bgc

It was the last day of the Da Vinci Exhibit when we were there so we did not let the opportunity pass to know more about this genius artist, scientist, mathematician, and inventor.

da vinci, leonardo, exhibit, mind museum

da vinci, exhibit, the mind museum, bgc



the mind museum, science, museum, bgc, taguig

With my blogger friends and Stan the T-rex!

I admit that I was not a fan of Earth Science during my freshman year, but it was a bit interesting now to check out how the Earth was formed million years ago, especially when there’ll be no quiz after. I knew most of what’s in the exhibits, which goes to show how a geek I am.

Tip: Don’t bring me in a science museum unless you want me to talk your ear off with did-you-knows.


Automatically, the science nerd in me became so ecstatic upon entering this gallery. From the elements to gravity, I got fascinated in educating (and showing-off?) my friends in what I know from each exhibits available.

the mind museum, science, periodic table, atom gallery

Kimchi Man and I love this innovative Periodic Table. Both Chemistry lovers, we tested each other’s knowledge on the elements. I lost.


My favourite subject is Chemisty, but Biology comes close. I felt like high school again as I re-learn the basic component of life – cells. Of course, the interactive game on DNA brought out the competitive streak in me as my boyfriend and I fought for a higher score in the quiz.


Once fascinated in Astronomy, I am also knowledgeable about stars, planets, and galaxies. It was amazing to see how far humankind was able to quench its curiosity about the outer space.


the mind museum, science, museum, bgc, taguig

The largest gallery in the Mind Museum, this exhibition is the only one that could be found on the second level. From industrial tools to various gadgets and vehicles, technology was shown on how it is continuously improving the life of everyone.

the mind museum, museum, science, bgc, taguig

with Kimchi Man

The Mind Museum turns 2! Visit this scientific facility and surprise yourself how much you learned from school. They have a lot of events and programs now, so feel free to check out their website.

The Mind Museum
JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
909 –MIND (6463) |

Aaron Hair Salon Giveaway

Last November, I had a very satisfying dye job at Aaron Hair Salon. I was very happy with the result of my treatment that I even wrote my experience here in my website. If you have been following me since then, you had surely read my thoughts about my latest hair color. If you have missed it, you may go back and see what made me love my mane today. Please click here.

Aaron yoo, hair salon, korean hair salon, digital perm, hair color, ombre, rebond

Aaron Hair Salon is a Korean-owned salon delivering various hair services with a touch of Korean style. It has been operating for several years and have two branches, both in Pasig City, Metro Manila. I visited them in Ace Water Hotel and I can say that they have a minimalist yet stylish interior. If you are a Korean culture fan like me, you would be happy to know that there are a lot of magazines and other reading materials available in their language.

Since my detailed experience has been written down in my previous post, I will just summarize here what I had when I visited the salon:

A free scalp diagnosis was made to measure hair’s health. I learned that my hair was badly damaged. I was then recommended to have a damage control treatment, which I took. They gave me a Korean product, a very effective ampoule from Imonpro. Then, I got to choose which color I would like to get. My stylist for that day was helpful to point out which compliments my skin. After both treatments, my hair was blow dried and I was satisfied with the result.

Why do I love Aaron Hair Salon?

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I had been to some Korean salons, but I prefer Aaron Hair for my hair color treatment. Why?

  • Aaron Hair Salon has accommodating staffs. When I had my appointment scheduled, Mr. Aaron Yoo himself replied to me. He was even there when I visited.
  • The location was accessible. Ace Water Hotel and Spa was easy to find.
  • A free scalp diagnosis was given so we can know the current status of our hair. This is a very good idea to help others to think better, especially if we still want to push for a new treatment, but our hair’s health would be more damaged.
  • The salon uses organic products, most, if not all, from Korea.
  • The price is reasonable for the quality of treatments they provide. They also offer various promo deals as well.
  • They give more than just service. The entire staff ensures that clients go home happy and satisfied with their treatments.

Two of the best and most popular treatments by Aaron Hair Salon are their Korean digital perm and full hair color.

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Would you like to experience what I had as well?

My blog, Impressions of a Princess, is celebrating its second blog anniversary for the entire month of March. With this, I am having a series of giveaways to share my blessings and send my appreciation to all my blog readers. I already started last week with an international fashion giveaway.

For today, I am happy to announce a beautiful gift to all of you!


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Two lucky winners will have the chance to join me and get beautified by no other than Aaron Hair Salon. For this giveaway, the two can choose a Korean Digital Perm or Full Hair Color Treatment worth Php 6500 each. Shampoo, hair trim, and blow dry are also included. For Philippine residents only. Giveaway will end on April 6 and winners will be contacted via email after checking the validity of the winning entries.


It is very sad to know that others follow and actively participate on my site and other accounts only during the time for giveaways. This has been an ongoing problem for almost all bloggers and I would like to take an action for this. I would be very strict in checking the validities of each winning entry, especially if all the mandatory tasks had been followed. Furthermore, unfollowers will no longer be eligible to win from the current and future giveaways that I will host. Let’s all be honest and fair in joining blog contests.

Are you ready to get pampered with me? Join now and I will wait to meet two of my avid readers – a chance to meet yours truly in person!

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Why would you like to win? Which would you choose, a digital perm or a full hair color?

Aaron Hair Salon

2F Ace Hotel United St., cor Brixton St., Kapitolyo inside ACE Hotel & Suite
Tel. (02) 565-9139, 0915-4524530

G/F Amber Place Jose Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
Tel. (02) 584-7866, 0915-7779261

Catching Fire Inspired: Colored Wedding Dresses from DressV

Last weekend, I re-watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and like the first time, I was awed how it was faithful to the novel. Even while in the middle of the movie, I nodded every time I remembered a particular scene from the book. As a bookworm, I can only count how many film adaptations were successful in following the plot and even the minute details from books. Being a reader gives me unlimited ways to imagine how a person or scene would look like, and it amazes me how the visual presentation of everything I read sometimes I agreed with my imagination.

When Catching Fire was starting to film, there were already a lot of speculations about the exciting scenes from this second installment. Among one of them is Katniss Everdeen’s set of wedding gowns designed by her stylist, Cinna.

hunger games, catching fire, katniss, wedding, gown, dress

Imagining the wedding gown to be white and grand, nothing prepared me for the visual image Suzanne Collin’s descriptions would make. I admit that when I first saw it, I squealed with my colleagues and got excited for the upcoming movie.

It became so popular that a lot of women wanted to have as much ruffles in their dress as possible, but nothing could cause an uproar than the result of Katniss’ twirl in her wedding gown.


The Mockingjay gown looks lovely and fierce as ever

Though the color goes beyond the conventional white, I was again surprised by the number of people copying the girl on fire’s trendy dress. It seems that we are already starting to accept that it doesn’t have to be white – colored wedding dresses are also cool.

Inspired by Katniss Everdeen’s wedding dress? I have collected some designs from this online shop, DressV, and look what I got!

wedding dress, white, black, gown,

This white wedding gown with black accent reminds me of the point when Katniss slowly started turning to a mockingjay. Looks elegant, right?

wedding dress, red, wedding, gown

Remember Katniss’ hot red number in her interview? It may not be as hot as that, but this wedding gown from DressV looks lovely as well.

wedding gown, wedding, royal, ball gown, elegant, dress

From my heart, this is something I would love – a gown fit for a princess! It looks so royal and elegant!

Check these DressV gowns at

Almost every girl dreams to get married in her white wedding gown. I guess history and society affected us to think this way. With books and media, however, we are slowly opening our minds to various possibilities.

What kind of wedding gown would you like to wear in your wedding? 

Thailand Travel Diary: Day 4

By seven o’clock in the morning on my fourth day in Thailand, Kimchi Man and I were already waiting for our tour to Ayutthaya, known as the second largest city in Siam next to Sukothai. Also called the Ancient City, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Bangkok due to its rich history brought by its almost destruction by the Burmese army in 1767. Now, this historic complex of temples and monasteries has become a UNESCO world heritage site.


wat phu kha thong, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger, travelblogger, asia

Almost an hour away from Khao San Road, we reached out first destination- Wat Phu Khao Thong. Also known as the “Monastery of the Golden Mount”, this 262 ft temple was originally built by King Ramesuan. However, King Bhruneng Noung of Burma seized Ayutthaya and built additional layers in Burmese style and named it Phu Khao Thong.

Visitors can climb the temple from the base to the foot of the chedi, and from there, the surrounding rice fields and moats can be seen. On one side, the monastery is also visible.

wat phu kha thong, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger, travelblogger, asia

The temple is still in use. Aside from few monks I have seen, there were a lot of dogs, too. Kimchi Man explained why, but I cannot remember it now.

wat phu kha thong, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger, travelblogger, asia

Your Royal Highness



wat phu kha thong, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger, travelblogger, asia



wat phu kha thong, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger, travelblogger, asia

Hopping in and off from the tour van, our next location was Wat Phra Si Sanphet or the ancient palace. As part of the royal complex, only Ayutthayan Kings exclusively used this and no clergy was permitted to reside on the grounds.


wat phu kha thong, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger, travelblogger, asia

Wat Lokaya Sutha is a 42-meter long and 8-meter high reclining Buddha in Ayutthaya.



The sun was almost above our heads as our tour guide made an interesting retelling of its history. It was an educational and major-related stories, but after listening to him for almost ten minutes non-stopped, I decided to walk five steps from our group and took this photo.

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, diary, blogger, travelblogger, temples, asia

A historical site with cute AIS icons.

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, diary, blogger, travelblogger, temples, asia

Also known as the “Great Monastery of Auspicious Victory”

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, diary, blogger, travelblogger, temples, asia

Buddha Gallery

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, ayutthaya, bangkok, thailand, travel, itinerary, diary, blogger, travelblogger, temples, asia

Couple shot with the Buddhas

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, bangkok, ayutthaya, thailand, travel

I am not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but this…


wat mahathat, ayutthaya, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger

Wat Maha That, Monastery of the Great Relic, is one of the most important monasteries during the Ayutthaya kingdom because of its proximity to the Grand Palace. It was also the religious center and has been a royal monastery and seat of the Supreme Patriarch of the City Dwelling sect.

wat phra mahathat_04wat mahathat, ayutthaya, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger

The architecture was found to be of a Khmer origin. Our tour guide even noted that it has some similarities with the earlier built structures of the Angkor Wat.

wat mahathat, ayutthaya, thailand, travel, itinerary, blogger

Here, you can find the famous Buddha head in tree roots!


  • Going to Ayutthaya, we joined a group to have the convenient hop-on, hop-off tour around the city. There are other ways to go there from Bangkok and you could even go there by yourselves using train.
  • Most temples have entrance fees only to foreigners. I forgot to take down the prices as these were included in our tour package.
  • Do not sit or lie down along the base of Buddha monuments. Never put your feet on top of Buddha’s head, too.


As soon as the van dropped us at Khao San Road, Kimchi Man had other plans aside from resting back to the hotel. He wanted to book some tour packages from a Korean Travel Agency near Khao San Road, but he didn’t know where it was located. I didn’t know which surprised more – the existence of his fellow nationals working in the country or the frequent tourist not knowing a place in Bangkok. After I got over my reaction (which was less than two minutes), we decided to follow the location map of the agency.

We went many times to the same road Kimchi Man surely pointed out to be right direction, but was actually a dead-end. In all fairness though, Kimchi Man was correct. He really knew the streets around Khao San, but we didn’t easily locate the agency as its entrance was through a Muay Thai boxing gym. Figures. :)

TIPS: Creativity on possible location of your destination helps. Also, you don’t have to look stupid when you got lost, even if you would pass the same person thrice.


Kimchi Man had us booked for a two-hour dinner cruise along Chao Phraya River. He recommended this activity as it would be refreshing to have a panoramic view of Bangkok temples shining during the night. We would also go under the long and famous King Rama VIII suspension bridge as we dine.

Chao Phraya, river, dinner cruise, luxury, night, tour, sightseeing, river city, bangkok

Upon arriving to the River City proper, I was excited to see that we would aboard the Chao Phraya Princess III. The Chao Phraya Princess Cruise is the most luxurious cruise serving dinner and entertainment along the river tour. A very fitting vessel for a princess, wouldn’t you say?

When we have given our tickets to the staff, we were surprised to know that 1. We were part of the upper deck, and 2. Our seats were right in the front of the bow. We could see the Thailand flag swaying along the wind and I remembered glancing at Kimchi Man. When I smiled at him, I noticed that the captain winked at me. Funny because our table was set just beside the cruise’s bridge, so we could easily see the captain steering the boat.

Chao Phraya, river, dinner cruise, luxury, night, tour, sightseeing, river city, bangkok

The smurfs!

Dinner was a sumptuous affair consisting of both Western and Thai buffet. While guests were eating, a live band played beautiful music in the promenade. After filling their stomachs, some guests proceeded to the bow and took their photos. We then appreciated our strategic location – convenient and with a good view.


We saw a lot of beautifully-lit temples like the Wat Arun and Grand Palace. Kimchi Man and I marvelled at the stunning view of the historical architectures made live by lights. It was a splendid way to go sightseeing at night! I don’t want to share photos taken here though since most are grainy due to the night and yellow lights.

chao phraya river, night, tour, dinner cruise, bangkok, sightseeing

[credits: Asia Web Direct]

When the cruise reached the Pinklao bridge and started to head back, people started singing and dancing in the promenade deck, which was a few steps away from us. They partied all the way back to the River City!

TIPS: I highly recommend a dinner cruise when you visit Bangkok. Book tickets though as I haven’t seen any walk-ins. I didn’t know if you could select your seats, but if you could, I suggest the upper deck with a better view. Also, some hotels offer dinner cruises as well, but I really prefer the Chao Phraya Princess.


For this day, I had fun revisiting the rich history of Thailand. I wish I paid more attention to my world history classes before. Also, I enjoyed appreciating the traditional and mixed architectural designs of the temples, Doraemon aside. Going to Wat Phra Mahathat is one of the items in my 2014 bucket list so I was very glad to have seen it. A romantic dinner cruise was a perfect way to end my night.

bangkok, thailand, travel, diary, filipino, asian, blogger, travelblogger

Waiting for my next adventure

How did you like my 4th day in Thailand? Follow me for the my fifth day in Bangkok!

P.S. All photos were taken using my Samsung smartphone only.

Second Blog Anniversary Celebration

Who would have thought that almost two years ago, I didn’t have any inkling about blogging? Two years ago, I didn’t have that much passion in writing than reading. Two years ago, I was busy nursing a broken heart. Two years ago, I didn’t imagine blogging could be my salvation back to my social life. Time went so swiftly indeed, for here I am happy to celebrate Impressions of a Princess second blog anniversary. Can you believe that?


My blog has been on the blogosphere for two years and what a delight it is to be able to see the growth of my site. From a simple outlet of my feelings back then, this blog now caters most of my varied interests and hobbies. Starting from several followers, it continuously grows to thousands willing to read whatever I write. Before, it only started with comments from colleagues, but now, my posts go across the Atlantic and receive delightful opinions from both supportive friends and wonderful strangers. Appreciation on my writing and thoughts came initially in the form of various blog awards and now, I even receive requests for brand collaboration and invites for events and other media launch.


As most of you know, I prefer reading than writing. Aside from not being my number one hobby, I do have some consistent worries whenever I write. I am not sure I could get my thoughts and messages across through my articles. Moreover, I am not confident that I can hold the interest of my readers – people with different ages, hobbies, personalities, nationalities, cultures. Despite all my concerns, I continue to write – that is all because of you.

If you have been following my site for a long time or simply stumbled upon it just now, I would like to say thank you for giving me a fraction of your time. I am not known for giving the shortest article, so it might be a challenge reading through an entire post; I commend you if you do. For those who have been with me since the conception of Impressions of a Princess, a big shout out to all of you! Thank you for consistently being there even when I had my trashy banner and wrong HTML codes. :) To my new friends and followers, I hope I will be able to see you again when I celebrate my future blog anniversaries. Please stay with me!



gongjumonica, fashion, outfit, blogger, giveaway, sammydress, anniversary


Since it is my blog’s birthday, I am holding a series of giveaways to celebrate the support and attention my dear readers give to me. For this post, one lucky winner will receive a $30 store credits from Sammy Dress, one of my partner stores since the beginning. This contest is open internationally and will end on April 5.


I have been hosting a lot of giveaways in my blog and it saddens me to see several people following and actively participating on my site and social media accounts only during the course of the contests. I know this is an ongoing problem of other bloggers as well who hold giveaways, and like them, I would like to take an action to keep this from recurring. Starting from now, I would seriously take note of those unfollowers of my blog and social media sites i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I could easily track. These people will no longer be eligible to win in any of the giveaways and promos Impressions of a Princess will be having in the future. In case you have accidentally unfollow me, please send me a message.

Sorry if I sound stern in the above paragraph, but if you are also a blogger, I know you could understand where I am coming from. Moving forward, to get you more excited on what you could win for today’s giveaway, check out the items I collected which could be yours!

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These are only samples of what you could have when you win the $30 store credits from Sammy Dress. If you won, you can have the liberty to choose whichever article of clothing you would like to get.

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Once again, thank you for continuously supporting Impressions of a Princess. Stay tuned for more giveaways coming your way.

International Women’s Day | Inspiring Change

Yesterday, March 8, the world celebrated  International Women’s Day (IWD). Across the globe, people recognized the achievements of women economically, politically, and socially throughout time. It is also on the same day to consider the untapped potential and opportunities that await future generations of women. On this day, I am more proud to be a woman!

As I was writing this post, I realized that IWD has been born more than a century ago. How amazing that women at that time were brave enough to fight for their rights to work, vote and hold public office. It is also very inspiring to look back on how far we have gone since then and how much effort we are putting to push stability, equality, and empowerment to all women.


Even before I was born, the fight for women’s rights has been ongoing worldwide and there were a lot of volunteers and participants to this cause. Now, I would like to feature some of those inspiring women throughout history which made an impact to me.


Malala Yousafzai

margaret thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

aung san suu kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi

corazon aquino

Corazon Aquino


The movement for gender equality has been active many years ago and we have seen drastic changes already. True, women can now go to school, work in the corporate world, vote in elections, hold a government post, and enter a business venture, but some are still struggling to have stability and peace especially those living in societies entrenched in patriarchal norms. We have achieved a lot in making all rights equal to both men and women, and I hope efforts to abolish gender inequality will continue on.


More and more women have proven their leadership skills both in public and private sectors. By leading others, women are grasping another fruit of decades-worth of fighting against social inequality. How many women have successfully climbed and topped the career ladder?

From CEOs, COOs, CFOs, partners, associates, and other senior managerial roles, women around the globe have conquered the corporate world once only dominated by men. Of course, a lot of political and inspiring leaders are women as well. Some of them are Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi, Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel, Benazir Bhutto, Golda Meir, Michelle Bachelet, and Julia Gillard, to name a few.

black dress, outfit, fashion, little black dress, outfit, style, fierce, black boots

Girl power at its finest! I commend all those women who have worked and fought hard to attain the positions they are in now. They will always be the inspiration for others to stand up and claim their rights. In this time, there is no more limit to what women can do and achieve.


Inspiring Change, being the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day celebration, is just apt to encourage active participation of everyone for gender equality.

black dress, outfit, fashion, little black dress, outfit, style, fierce, black boots

Now is our time to be part of the change! Don’t shy away from responsibilities to create a better society for women.

Let our voices and actions be heard and seen. Uplift the role of women in our society and fight injustices affecting half of the world’s population. Sign The Girl Declaration and help girls around the world have access to education, employment, health care, safety, and citizenship. Support the fight of rape and sexual assault survivors. Use your talents, skills, and expertise to help out as much as you can. Volunteer – it is time to give back!


Since it is a post for International Women’s Day, I thought of featuring a fierce look to show my fight for women’s rights. A fiercer me for all the advocacies and causes I am supporting. It is just appropriate, don’t you think so?

black dress, outfit, fashion, little black dress, outfit, style, fierce, black boots

For this look, I donned my Soiree sexy back black dress together with my SOTD_PH boots. I am always known as a minimalist, so there were no accessories present, save for the Tomato Time watch I was wearing on that day.

black dress, outfit, fashion, little black dress, outfit, style, fierce, black boots

black dress, outfit, fashion, little black dress, outfit, style, fierce, black boots

For my hair, I didn’t do anything special about it aside from shampooing it that morning. Haha! Professional makeup artist and friend, Anne Olila, did wonders to my face by creating a sexy appearance, crowning it off with her signature smoky eyes. Of course, the ever talented Edryl Castro, photographer, made me look inches thinner in photos. LOL.

Are you feeling empowered as a woman?

Thailand Travel Diary: Day 3

On our third day in Thailand, we spent the morning enjoying Green Park View Hotel and Resort amenities. I swam and floated together with the Western guests in the hotel’s free form pool until my skin felt warm and burned. Kidding. Before lunch, we checked out and waited for the tour van which would transfer us to our next destination – Bangkok.


I was finally in the big city! I partly saw some areas when I moved from airport to Pattaya, but as the van drove down the main roads in Bangkok, it finally set in – I was where I wanted to be! I had items in my 2014 bucket list that needed to be done here in the City of Smiles, and I was so excited to do all of them.


Originally, Kimchi Man wanted to book at Prince Palace Hotel, but he considered the nearness of Nouvo City Hotel to Khao San Road. He wanted me to stay and feel the Banglamphu area, or the Old Bangkok City, and as a frequent tourist in Thailand, he vouched that the experience would be unique.

Nouvo City Hotel is a modern luxury boutique hotel just a few minutes away from Khao San Road. I didn’t expect much since Kimchi Man mentioned having a cheaper accommodation for our first hotel in Bangkok. Still, I was surprised when we were dropped off by the tour van and the hotel loomed above me. It wasn’t a shabby inn, as I expected.

I didn’t take photos in my stay in the hotel, but these grabbed photos will give you the idea.

nouvo city hotel, khao san road, bangkok, thailand, hotel

nouvo city hotel, khao san road, bangkok, thailand, hotel

[photos from Nouvo City Hotel]

TIP: Try the Diplomat’s Room! If you want to know more about this hotel, click here.


We simply placed our bags inside our room then headed out to take an early dinner meal. I didn’t have to worry which streets to take since I was with the BKK tourist expert, haha! Soon, we found a place filled foreign tourists and we decided to check it out. It was a nice choice! The restaurant was called Greenhouse Café, located right next to Khao San Road, in Soi Rambuttri, if I am not mistaken. Look what we filled out tummies with!

Thailand, Bangkok, food, travel, khao san road, green curry

Thailand, Bangkok, food, travel, khao san road, green curry

Thailand, Bangkok, food, travel, khao san road, green curry

With happy stomachs, we strolled along Khao San Road, the popular walking street in old Bangkok city. Tagged as “The Center of Backpacking Universe” by the novel, “The Beach”, this one-kilometer stretch of road is a haven for backpackers as it is filled with the anything-goes vibe and teemed with countless of guesthouses and inns, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, massage and tattoo parlors, and street vendors.

TIP: If you like to drink, go here in the evening as the place gets livelier at night. Better bring cash, too. Lots of cheap souvenir stuff and Thailand travel shirts can be found here.


I was still full after spending some of my energy walking along Khao San Road and its surrounding streets that I demanded my quick fix for this crazy ailment – hot green tea. We combed local stores for my favorite drink, but they only offered those Lipton tea bags which I hate. Nearing Sunset Street though, a huge Starbucks sign caught my attention and I immediately pulled Kimchi Man towards it. Ah, for the love of green tea!


We went back to the hotel to change our sweaty clothes (blamed the weather for my sweat glands activation lol). Then, we took a cab going to Phra Arthit Pier 13. Kimchi Man included a night trip to Asiatique, and he wanted me to experience riding a taxi boat. Isn’t he thoughtful? However, a boat left few minutes before we arrived and we waited quite a while for the next. Feasted by Bangkok’s mosquitoes, we surrendered for another cab ride instead.


Once a bustling international trade port, Asiatique has been transformed into Bangkok’s first-ever large scale riverfront mall and night bazaar to serve Thailand’s local and foreign tourists.

Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping

Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping

It has more than 1000 boutiques to shop at, numerous upscale restaurants to dine in, and fine sights to explore.

gelate, Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping

I wanted to eat while looking around so we stopped by at Gelate and look at their tasteful selections!

Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping, love locks

They even had a replica of Juliet’s balcony! Look at those love locks!

shopaholic, Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping

Other shopaholics went home with multiple shopping bags, I brought home an entire luggage.

Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping, pink taxi

My ride is here. See you soon!

Do you prefer living in an old city or in a modern one? See you on Thailand Travel Diary Day 4 and read my travels in Ayutthaya!

P.S. All photos were taken using my Samsung smartphone. Some shots might be grainy since they were taken during the evening.

The Girl in a Black Dress

It has been almost two weeks since Valentine’s Day, but we are still in the so-called Love Month. This time seems like an excuse for shopping malls and other commercial entities to decorate their stores with red hearts and play romantic songs over the radio while lovers celebrate their feelings to each other. In a country where this scenario is glaringly apparent every day, it troubles me to think of those who are single or have recently broken up. Won’t they feel bitter to be surrounded with these joyous celebration of love to a partner?

I know someone who was affected by this highly commercialized holiday. She broke up with her ex quite some time now, but still haven’t committed herself in a relationship again. When asked, she would turn bitter and say that she needs no one. She’s happy being single. I could understand the freedom and independence she thought she was having by being unattached, so I didn’t pursue asking her. However, I wasn’t aware that there was a growing issue underneath her jolly façade.

Before, I noticed she was uncomfortable with our guy friends and I attributed it to her recent breakup. Then, she won’t go out even with us, her girlfriends, and instead invent many lame excuses not to see us. I wasn’t bothered until lately, when even her colleagues flood her with comments pleading her to go with them, too. I tried talking to her then, and when she finally granted my request to meet her, I was surprised with what I’ve discovered.

Being Single is Different from Being Alone

My friend did not take well the sour ending of her year-long relationship. It isn’t easy, I give her that. In the beginning, she couldn’t face her friends and family who were witnesses of how their love bloomed and withered. She preferred tiring herself at work and hiding in her room at home. She also stopped accepting invitations to social events for fear of talking about what happened. Friends and colleagues tried to get her out, but their efforts were all in futile. She was slowly turning herself to a recluse.

OASAP, black dress, elegant

Have you ever felt so alone? So sad that you just want to bury yourself in loneliness and never come out?

Those were the questions she gave me in our small chat. She admitted that at first, she felt depressed how the relationship ended, and helpless for being unable to stop it. She felt so lonely. Later, loneliness engulfed her and she was cocooned in it. Solitude made her comfortable, safe, and secure. She didn’t want to get out. How could she embrace loneliness like it’s her lifeline?

OASAP, black dress, maxi, elegant, long, cheap, cutout

My friend, I may not know how difficult it was back then, but your family and friends were and will always be here for you. Don’t turn your back on us!

Every one of us has experienced rejection and abandonment in different degrees and it is okay to stay alone for a while. Keep in solitude until you found yourself perfect and whole again, but never get deluded in the sense of comfort it gives you. We will patiently wait for you to return to us and we will surely welcome you back with open arms!


OASAP, dress, black dress, maxi, elegant, tassel, cutout

This long black dress was from OASAP, one of the leading international online fashion stores out there.I have made multiple transactions from it and I never had a single complaint about its service. The site is user-friendly and filled with a huge range of fashionable products to choose from. Also, the customer service is always there whenever I have queries about a product or my order details.

Oasap, black dress, long gown, elegant, cutout

One thing worth highlighting about OASAP’s products is the quality it has compared to other brands. It never fails to deliver high-quality clothes. If the product description says it is 100% polyester and fully lined, expect the item to arrive the exact way.

Oasap, black dress, long gown, elegant, cutout

This is my first maxi dress and I was afraid it would dwarf me once I wear it. I like its simplicity and elegance with tassels and cutout details as its only design.

What do you think? Does it suit me? I will upload few more photos wearing a belt to add body, so please bear with me and my lack of figure here. Hehe.

OASAP, maxi, long dress, elegant, style, fashion, cheap

Set your self free, my friend!

Thoughts to Ponder:

“Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.” – Jodi Picoult

“Why do people have to be this lonely? What’s the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?” -  Haruki Murakami

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