Part II: Choosing the right web hosting service

In my previous post, I talked about the factors which made me decide to move from a free account to a paid, self-hosted site. If you are in the same situation I was in, kindly click here and compare the pros and cons of the two WordPress types. If you have followed my story and here to know what I did next, then please read below my journey to have a better Impressions of a Princess for everyone.

After weighing all the factors, I chose the path of self-hosting. It was a huge leap, but it is the first among many steps to take. After deciding that I want to self-host my site, I needed to find a good and cheap web host. I did a lot of research on this since apparently, there are a lot of things to consider. After a few days, I had shortlisted three candidates for web hosting.

  1. Blue Host. It was the first host I saw for WordPress. This is very popular among users as the WP itself highly recommends it. The basic plan is about $6.95/month for a year for unlimited storage, unlimited bandwith, domains and email accounts. It has a user-friendly control panel, but with many ads. The support is okay with a 24/7 service, but I read a lot of people complained on waiting for more than 15 minutes in their live chat function. Their ticket system is good though as many assured that they received responses within 24 hours.

  2. Hostgator. I heard a lot about this webhost with that cute alligator as its icon so I researched more about this, too. What caught my attention first were the cheap plans it offers. For only $3.96/month for a year, one can already have unlimited storage and bandwidth, one domain, and email accounts. It has a generic control panel and a 24/7 support center, too. They can operate in various platforms: Unix, Linux, and Windows.

  3. Siteground. I learned about this after I talked with my company’s site developer. After a few clicks, I stumbled upon this web host. With only $3.95/month a year, it offers unlimited storage and bandwith, ftp accounts, one domain, email accounts, and get this – free domain registration for one year. The control panel has more options than the first two, but the challenge is to know most, if not all, of them. It also has a 24/7 support and the live chat is very helpful. The support ticket responses in less than two hours compared to others that are within 24 hours.

A noob that I am, I tried as much to consider the services offered by my top three. Many sound alien to me, and I decided to choose based on what I need now and in the future. Basically, I just want to have my site with its domain name working in a stable web host. I don’t need much a lot of storage space and all those other technical terms make me dizzy. After taking days researching and chatting with three representatives of the web hosts listed above, I finally made my choice: SITEGROUND.

Why Siteground for my WordPress site?

siteground security

1. Security and freedom. In Siteground, the uses are protected in a high security level without sacrificing their freedom. Users are allowed to install various plug-ins and upgrades while the webhost ensures that it will be risk-free.

siteground auto update

2. WordPress Auto-update. Siteground has an auto-update tool which detects if there are new versions of WordPress. Users will receive a notification 24 hours before the scheduled update so they can either skip it or do manually. Before an update takes place, Siteground creates a backup of the site so should something happen, it would be easy to revert to the previous version.

siteground security fixes

3. Server-level fixing. WordPress has been a target of many hackers and most are due to plug-ins installed by users. I have read that in some hosting provider, they either prohibit you from using the unsecured plug-in or let you on your own to deal with the risk. In Siteground, it develops security fixes on the server level so users can still enjoy using the plug-ins they want and be safe.

siteground wordpress fastest

4. Fastest WordPress. A user’s WordPress account can be this fast after a test has been conducted among the 14 traditional hosting companies and 3 managed WordPress hosting companies.

siteground supercacher

5. Supercacher. WordPress is also made faster due to Siteground’s caching system to optimize performance. Caching static content, dynamic, and search/query results make loading of web pages even faster.

siteground customer service

6. Best customer service. What I like about Siteground is its customer service. Representatives are fast, patient, and concerned on each inquiry or ticket I filed. They even suggest steps on how to do something. The sales agent even guided me all throughout the process of transferring from my free account to a self-hosted site!

siteground more services

7. More services for free. Most of the members in Siteground are also WordPress advanced users so they want to resolve known issues by WordPress users. Not only that, but they are also willing to provide free assistance especially to newbies like me for site migration and installation, among others.

Those are my lucky seven reasons why I chose Siteground. It is cheap, fast, and reliable. After I paid a year’s worth of web hosting, the process took place. I was guided in each step of the way and the staff even offered to do tasks for me. I just waited for few hours and bam! My new site was live.

I highly recommend Siteground for those who want to start self-hosting their site or moving from a previous web host. Their basic plan, which I got, is only $3.95/month with a free domain registration for one year. That was the lowest rate I could find in the market and was happy that their service is also very good. If you are really interested or just plain curious, click the photo below so you will see how I love my new host.

Web Hosting

Stay tuned for part three of my journey from a to site. See ya!

5 thoughts on “Part II: Choosing the right web hosting service

  1. Wow…domain hosting sure has become cheap!

    I’ve had a website since 2000. Back then there were many limits and the price was still over $100 a year.

    After a few years, I found Ready Hosting. Just $99 a year, unlimited domains, 1000 gigs space,etc. I’ve been happy with them, so I’ve never looked for another host.

  2. Thanks for this informative post. I would ideally like to set up a website but don’t want to pay but seems this is not an option. You’ve found cheaper offers than ive come across though, even though I work in £

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