Philippines: A Waterworld

flood in Philippines, flood, rescueThe country has been experiencing continuous rain since last week with Typhoon Gener (international name Saola). It has been reported that more than half of the rain expected for the month of August has already fallen in Manila, the country’s capital, for the last 24 hours.

The entire National Capital Region and neighboring provinces are being hit by torrential rains which cause extreme flooding in the areas. Most roads are impassable – from ankle to chest-deep of flood, contributing to lots of people stranded outside.

flood in Philippines, flood, rescue, waist-deep flood

Not only that, rivers like Marikina and Tullahan got swollen and made bordering cities submerged in waist to neck-deep floods. Some areas were even worse – two-storey houses in villages get underwater.

flood in Philippines, flood, rescue, waist-deep flood

However, it was worth noting that all these happened even though there’s no typhoon in the Philippines. Incessant downpour has been caused by a strengthened monsoon. The capital and nine surrounding provinces have been waterlogged due to bad drainage system and the fact that neighboring dams had overflowed and released water to maintain its level capacity. As a result, hundreds of families have been evacuated.

flood in Philippines, flood, rescue, waist-deep flood

The Philippine army, along with the country’s National Disaster Risk Reduction Council (NDRRC), helped rescue the victims of floods and mudslides spawned by the seasonal monsoon. Concern citizens also extended help to their countrymen.

flood in Philippines, flood, rescue, waist-deep flood

flood in Philippines, flood, rescue, waist-deep flood

Despite all this, Filipinos are still able to smile and wipe off the stress brought by Nature. Being an optimistic nation, people still believe that the country will be able to surpass this calamity. Here are some of funny photos found over the Internet showing how people can still laugh in the situation they’re in.

flood in Philippines, flood, rescue, waist-deep floodflood in Philippines, flood, rescue, waist-deep floodflood in Philippines, flood, rescue, waist-deep flood, mermaid flood 

Indeed, Filipinos can still see the bright side of what happened. This proves how strong and faithful to God these people are in desperate times.

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17 thoughts on “Philippines: A Waterworld

    1. Last 2009, the country was hit by typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana). This month, there is no typhoon, but the non-stop rains brought specter of Ondoy. In fact, the amount of rainfall this August already exceeded that of the typhoon years ago. T.T

  1. You put a 🙁 in the beginning and a 😀 on my face by the end of this informative piece of share! 😀 On my child-hood memories, I thought Philippines and Indonesia were the nations with environmental disasters stalking places. It was during the year of 2008, Tsunami tides our coast and the media over here was fully updated with a flash news regarding the origin of these waves from Indonesia. Later this name turns out to my vagary mind as Philippines instead of Indonesia. It’s still unknown that, why such a TWIST came to my mind. LOL. 😀 🙂

    1. Hmm. I wonder why you mixed up Philippines and Indonesia. Was it because we are both archipelagic countries and belong to Southeast Asia? 😀 Typhoons and floods are common occurrences in Philippines. Just two weeks ago, the day after my birthday, we had an undersea quake with a magnitude of 7.6. Tsunami alerts were raised to neighboring countries like Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan.

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