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Before anything else, I wish each and every reader of Impressions of a Princess a happy and prosperous new year. New Year’s Eve was loudly and brightly celebrated here in the capital of the Philippines and now, several hours later, the festivities continue. There are some leftover firecrackers wanting to be lit and people noisily playing music, along with the media noche being shared by each family to its neighbors and visitors.

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This year, we will have another chance for a clean slate, a new life. A new 365-page book for us to outline our dreams, draft our plans, write experiences, delete bad memories, and dog-ear memorable days. On the start of 2014, we are given a new beginning to become a better person with better purpose, goal, and heart.

I am so loving this Cichic black swan printed cotton dress!

I am so loving this Cichic black swan printed cotton dress!

On the first day of the New Year, a lot of resolutions will be made (and eventually broken some time later), bucket lists created, and organizations joined. There will be a lot of plans for the next 364 days, but are we all going to achieve them? How?

** side story **

I am a pure green tea lover and it disappoints me many times to see a lot of coffee shops not offering tea for its non-coffeeholic clients. Milk tea stores sprout like mushrooms, but I dislike the way they serve their drinks. I always settle for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf since they offer freshly made, bitter but good tasting green tea!

During holiday season, CBTL offers its patrons a reward program whenever they buy drinks from the coffee and tea franchise. For 12 drinks bought and stamps collected, one can go home with an exclusive Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf planner and coupons.

My blogger friends tolerated my caffeine and tea addiction by joining me in my CBTL store hop. Enjoy Philippines always makes our visits happier and VIP-like with its free size upgrade for every card holder. I feel so fab every time I present the cashier with my privilege card; it sure makes going to CBTL Philippines enjoyable!

With all those trips to my favorite coffee shop, I was able to collect 39 stamps as of the moment. And that means…




CBTL planner giveaway

In my own little way, I hope to help you plan your 2014 right with my CBTL planner giveaway. To show my appreciation to everyone who supported my site, I am giving away TWO Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2014 planners along with TWO ZAP Tags [ZAP will be featured in the next post]. This giveaway is open to all Philippine residents only and will end on the 20th of January. Two winners will receive a planner and ZAP tag each and will be announced before the month ends. To join, simply do tasks found in the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My 2014 resolutions will be saved for another post since I have quite a lengthy and difficult list. For now, why don’t you share with me yours?

Here's a canon for welcoming 2014 with a bang!

Here’s a canon for welcoming 2014 with a bang!



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89 thoughts on “Plan Your 2014 Right | Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Planner Giveaway

  1. “New Years Resolution” I’m one of those who makes one but didn’t really accomplish it all haha!! so for a change this year I’m not gonna make any list but just enjoy my life to the fullest and think positive always.

  2. Happy New Year and thank you for such a lovely start!
    My resolutions for this year are:
    1. Work harder and be more disciplined in order to achieve my main goal. (which is personal)
    2. Get my master degree
    3. Get a new job
    4. Travel as much as I can, at least once abroad.
    5. Do more things I like.
    6. Loose some weight. (this is supposed to be some positions higher)
    7. Win more giveaways :))
    8. Be happier. 🙂

  3. My new year’s resolution is to let go of my fears and worries I’ve had in the past and face this year and coming years with the courage to live and reach my dreams:)

  4. 1. Eat healthier
    2. Work harder and strive more in my career
    3. Explore more ( food venture, travel , new sports / activities)

  5. My New Year’s Resolution is to do work out regularly and eat healthy food to get fit & healthy. My bucket list for this year is to get a new job, learn how to play piano and/or violin, and learn how to drive a car. 🙂

  6. i’ll make 2014 my year! i’ll plan my days properly, have a regular workout schedule, finish college with honors, get a job, and to stay pretty always (huehue) 😀

  7. Here are some of my bucketlist!

    Go on a camp
    Stargazing while lying down on grass
    Beach party
    Get drunk (this is really hard for me to do lol)
    Go to gym!
    Kiss someone in public


    C hallenge myself
    B e God fearing and cool
    T hink first before making a move
    L ive fully

  8. Every year I focus on building my young family having three kids, now all on their schooling age. This 2014 I would love to focus on what I want to do that is creating new possibilities on blogging, meeting new friends and staying lively joyfully!

  9. Top New Year’s Resolution

    1. More water, less softdrinks
    2. More exercise, less rice
    3. Don’t be lazy
    4. Be positive
    5. Get fit
    6. Gratitude Jar
    7. Less Gadgets, More investments
    8. Travel at least 3 times this year

  10. My 2014 Bucket List

    1. Graduate from medical school
    2. Send my little kid to school
    3. Caramoan for summer
    4. Less binge eating

  11. This year… i plan to…
    1. Save for my family’s emergency fund. Goal 125K.
    2. Family Trip to Baguio
    3. Family Trip to Boracay
    4. Open 1 Mutual fund account
    5. Healthy living for the family

    marami pa.. unfortunately, i dont have a planner to write it on yet. so im hoping to win one.

    Nice blog! More power!!!

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