Playing princess with pink formal dresses

For those who wonder about the meaning of my site’s URL, here is the post which can help you understand the blogger behind Impressions of a Princess. Let’s scratch that itch on your curious mind, shall we? To start, my address is and it is a no-brainer that “monica” is a person’s name. Shockingly, that’s me. For “gongju”, no it was not from a toddler’s language nor my dog’s. Actually, it is a Korean word for princess.

I am in my early twenties, but with a mind like a five-year-old – imagining myself a princess taken away from her royal country. My Korean ex who spoiled me to no end gave me a special name: 공주 (gongju). It literally means princess though the word also refers to a spoiled girl who seems too focused on herself. He assured me that it wasn’t the latter. Convinced, I was happy to be treated like a gongju and really felt like one.

Until now, I fancy myself as a modern princess. Just a few days ago, I even had an outfit post of me wearing a feminine, princess-like dress from one of my favorite shops. It seems redundant for a princess to like pink (think of Barbie princesses) and thankfully my favorite color is blue. Still, there’s something dainty and ladylike in pink dresses, don’t you think?

Last night, I was browsing for clothes online at Persunmall when I saw a collection of pink formal dresses. How I wish I can have an opportunity to wear such beauties!

pink formal dress with sequins

I love floor-length gowns. I just do. I especially like the feel of the fabric as it brushed my feet/shoes when I walk [supposedly glide] on ballrooms and what have you.

pink formal dress in v neckline

As a person with a slim and stick-like body, I sometimes love to show off my figure (or the lack thereof) with a long dress with a V neckline. It gives off a confident aura which I rarely have. 🙂

pink formal dress with drapes

I love Greek mythology and I always envy Diane Kruger for playing Helen of Troy. All those drapes make me feel like a goddess.

pink formal dress one shoulder

My favorite style ever is a one-shoulder dress. I think I have featured photos of me wearing one in a post about my cousin’s wedding last year. I received positive feedback with the dress and many commented about my shoulder blades. Oh yeah!

Aren’t you feeling a bit princess-like today? I wish I could attend more diplomatic balls and have men line up for my dance card!

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3 thoughts on “Playing princess with pink formal dresses

  1. Who would not like to be a princess? This gorgeous dress I think that makes you feel, at least for a night, a princess polite and classy. Really nice.

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