Post-Valentine Gimmick and a Canine Gift

Yesterday, Czar and I decided to meet in SM Southmall, Las Piñas City. Actually, a coffee shop near my home will be fine, but he insisted going to that particular mall only because I haven’t been there for some time. I met him in the entrance and after some talk, we decided to find a good yogurt house. He mentioned a popular parlor and I agreed since I know they serve those mouth-watering frozen yogurts. Together, we walked towards the parking lot as he was sure that it is located near there.

To our disappointment, it wasn’t there. Most shops were relocated and I comforted him with the assumption that perhaps the shop was moved to another place. Moving forward, we combed the entire floor looking for it. Not finding it in the ground floor, we continued our search until we reached the highest floor. Still no sign of the yogurt shop. Bummer.

I don’t know why he specifically wanted to eat froyo aside from the fact that it was frying hot outside. Still, he influenced me and I found myself craving for the cold, sour taste of yogurt. So I didn’t think twice when I answered his question. With my approval, we went to another mall.

I haven’t been to Alabang Town Center for a couple of months and I admit that the structure confused me yesterday as it did before. Good thing Czar lives in the area so I assumed he knows the way. After deciding which yogurt house to go to, we started looking for it. However, after realizing that we seemed to perpetually walk around the mall without a sign of the aloof yogurt shop, I suggested we use the high-tech kiosk to look for direction. We found one and it is user-friendly. Soon, we were on our way.

We reached the Town Plaza and I was surprised to see a lot of people in there. Whoa. He intruded my observation and pointed to the yogurt house which was across the plaza. We took a few steps when a booming voice caught our attention. Apparently, there’s something going on and for a moment, I thought there’ll be a flash mob dancing in the center of the plaza. Fat chance.

It turned out to be a post-Valentine celebration of the mall. The event was called Helicopter Flower Drop, and soon enough, we heard the sound of an approaching chopper. We looked at each other, smiled, and decided to join the others in the center of the plaza.

The chopper approached and tried to drop the rose petals, but was unsuccessful for its first try. They must be testing the wind. After three tries, they have successfully showered us with those red rose petals.

flower drop

rose petals

It was beautiful. ATC is correct; only flowers can rain on my parade. Haha. It was romantic, too. Someone daydreamed of swirling around those slowly falling rose petals while singing for her music video.

I didn’t think of capturing the moment using my crappy smartphone camera and Czar used his only for videos so I couldn’t share something from me. However, I happened to find these beautiful photos taken by another princess, Sol, in her blog.

It was such a fine day, but it seemed that it wasn’t written to end that way. A few hours later, I arrived home with a huge smile on my face.

My siblings squealed with glee when they saw the box I was holding. A tiny head curiously popped up and I swear I could read her face. I answered her question with, “Yes, baby, this will be your new home.”

The emperor gifted me with a puppy. I thought it was a boy so I already had a ready name for him, but when she turned out to be a girl, I found myself in panic. What shall I name her?

Mr. Emperor came up with some funny name suggestions:

Dash, Pinkie, Sparkle, Apple, Rarity, Flutter, Cuddles, Bon Bon, Derpy, Opal, Tank, Winona, Hoot, Lyra… then his sweet tooth came in: Oreo, Cookie, Cupcake, Cinnamon, Fuzzy, Candy, Caramel, Muffin.

I laughed out loud. Surely, my pup will like a beautiful name for her. But I couldn’t think of any. So I decided to choose one from his list. I ended up with Cookie.

Cookie does not look the same as her namesake. She has a brown head with a white/cream body. I would have posted a photo here, but I couldn’t get an opportunity to do so as she constantly sleeps like a baby.

Anyway, so that’s how my day went yesterday – a cute flower drop from a chopper and a new puppy to love. Isn’t it a nice way to start a new week? I wonder what will happen on the next. Ah, right. We’ll watch the International Pyromusical Competition! Yehey!

For more photos of the helicopter flower drop, you may click here.

How about you guys? How did your weekend go?

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67 thoughts on “Post-Valentine Gimmick and a Canine Gift

    1. Thanks, but I do not want to get credit for those. I just grabbed them over the internet. The photos are linked to the owner. If you wish to see more of the photos taken by the blogger, please go to the link I provided.

      Wow. Two puppies! What are their names? Did you also have a hard time naming them?

    1. Wow. Beach-y day on Valentine’s. Haha joking. How are the beaches there in Malaysia? Can u draw parallels between ours?

      I haven’t watched both movies though I’ve heard about You’ve Got Mail. Something to do with publishing, eh?

      I dislike any LDR now. Haha

      1. I’ve heard that the beaches up north (Penang, Terengganu, Langkawi) are lovely. They have white sand and clear water like Palawan. The ones near KL aren’t that nice though. We just went there for a change in scenery. But don’t attempt to swim or sunbathe.

        You’ve Got Mail involves Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, books, bookstores, and AOL. Lol. It’s a nice, feel-good movie. 😀

        “Meh” to LDRs. Lol.

        1. Wow. I didn’t know they have nice beaches in there. You are lucky to get a chance to change your scenery. Being stuck in the metro isn’t nice. I need an out-of-town escapade, too!

          I think I have watched the beginning of that movie shown in a cable channel while I was scanning for something good to watch. The part I got into didn’t interest me so I moved on. Hmm.

          I agree. LDR sucks. T.T

  1. Awesome post!!… Loved reading it!.. The Helicopter thing was simply amazing and would have been very romantic to stand under the petal shower :). It’s nice you got time to bond with Czar. Congrats on your new puppy. He gifted you that right?. It’s an awesome gift really!. Would love to see a pic of Cookie…

    1. Thank you, Naz. I know the idea is romantic, but since I the romantic in me has been dead more than a year ago, I didn’t feel much with the mall’s V-day strategy. Yep, he gave me that puppy. She looks utterly adorable! I will snap some photos of her this week when she’s not sleeping. Boy, she sleeps a lot. 🙂

    1. Haha. Yeah, I seem to be always busy, but I also complain about being bored. I’m weird, I know. I think I still have time to raise a pup, but Mom and house helpers can look after her when I am out.

      Thanks. I think it is cute, too. However, a colleague suggested a better name this morning. Froyo. What do you think?

      1. I don’t know… I think I prefer Cookie, but then, I need to see a photo! 😉
        I think Froyo sounds too much like Frodo and / or Freya. And both aren’t names I’d give a sweet little girl dog. But hey, it’s your dog!! 🙂

        1. Oh. I love lazy dogs that sometimes I wonder if I got a dog or a pig/panda. They just eat and sleep the entire day. My pup, Cookie, is the same. After feeding her, she sleeps near my feet.

          Don’t you get Macy to exercise?

          1. Yes, we take her for walks and let her run around in the woods a lot but she if she is not doing that she just sleeps most of the time 😛 Having a pig or a panda would be pretty awesome (except for the fact that they might eat your whole food supply).

            1. Isn’t it nice? I love giving animals exercise because they are giving me one, too. 😀 You are correct though. Aside from the fact that my parents won’t allow me to shelter a pig and a panda, they might consume our monthly food source. Haha

              1. Well, if you had a panda you could just plant some bamboo and let it grow. The bad thing about bamboo though is that ounce it starts growing IT WON’T STOP! It will cover up your entire yard pretty quickly. I have no idea how to take care of pigs but I have always had a weak spot for Pot-bellied pigs 😛 Been in love with them ever since once escaped from its cage at a petting zoo. Ran through the whole zoo without getting caught. It ran into a little girl’s arms at some point and it was so cute T_T

                1. Oh, I agree with your idea of growing bamboos. My folks will kill me if I plant one inside our house. Haha!

                  Weird. I can’t understand why others like pigs for pets. I have watched the movie Babe in the City years ago and I really didn’t get it. What’s with pigs? Hehe. And I am curious. Do they turn and listen if you call them by their given names?

                  Oh dear. Pot-bellied pigs in a zoo? Whoa? I bet you want to trade places with the girl who caught it?

      1. You are very welcome, sister. Have you heard of Lindsey Sterling, master violinist and hiphop dancer? Or maybe Megan Nicole, a really good singer? It’s a collaboration between them, a cover of Starships by Nicki Minaj. It’s brilliant.

    1. Yes. I’ve never experienced something like that before. Now, if every mall here has that kind of gig, then they can get more customers. Haha.

      I will be watching a fireworks competition in two weeks time. That will be another new experience.

  2. Nice post Monica. I just click over to tell you take a break from your books and make something to eat.

    You don’t have any ideas you say. Well I know this little blog that has a lot of them. 🙂

    You keep reading Princess you will be to smart for us all.:)

    Chef Randall

    1. Thank you, Chef. I am glad to take a break sometimes and got even lucky last weekend to experience something as grand as in this post.

      I will surely continue reading, but I’m afraid I won’t be as smart as I want to be. Haha!

      Continue cooking, too.

    1. Hi there, Jade. Thanks for dropping by. It was a fun day even though I murdered my feet by walking around a lot in search of that elusive froyo shop haha! Oh, go get some. What’s your favorite flavor and topping?

      Well, the same. Sometimes great, so-so, and bored. You know, bipolar me. LOL. You and Edge?

    1. It sounds grand when you put it that way and perhaps it actually is, but not that very romantic. If one proposed with a helicopter flower drop, now that’s what I call romantic! Haha.

      Don’t you have a puppy or any other pet? Cookie celebrated her first week with me yesterday and I wasn’t with her!

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