Rainy Monday morning and Indressme giveaway winner

 “우리 서로 사랑했는데

우리 이제 헤어지네요

같은 하늘 다른 곳에 있어도

부디 나를 잊지 말아요”

(I know I should not have let you go
Realized too late that I love you so
And if you think it is not too much to ask
Please just keep me somewhere in your heart)

Blindly, my fingers reached for my screaming phone. With both eyes closed, I managed to swipe the screen of my archaic galaxy S phone to stop it from wailing its tragic alarm tone. Argh, my head ached. After finishing the third installment of that YA paranormal romance novel I am currently addicted to around 3 AM, I felt the existence of hundreds of woodpeckers poking my head with extreme vigor. They just wouldn’t stop. Escaping for a few blissful minutes, I finally gave up sleeping in. Slowly, I opened my eyes rimmed with panda-looking dark circles. Ah, it’s a new day.

Like a robot on auto-pilot, I did my morning routine without missing a beat. Removing my awkward, skinny-but-fat-in-some-places body from the bed, I went downstairs and plumped myself over one of the couches. I stared at nothing for few minutes while our helper busily prepared breakfast. Breaking from my usual trance, I ushered myself to the bathroom where the icy cold water from the shower ensured the end of my morning stupor. It didn’t take long for me to be truly awake. Soon, I was singing my lungs out while I murdered pop songs and Disney OSTs.

Freshly cleaned from the shower, I went through my long skin care regimen mandated (yes, you read that right) by my Korean female friends. Next challenge was my hair which apparently inherited my attitude – stubborn and moody. After I battled my naturally curly yet salon-permed hair to submission, next came the never-ending task of choosing what to wear. I settled for a stiff, boring look most office ladies wore during a decade ago, and deemed myself presentable. To the rest of the household, at least.

Shortly, I joined my sister in the dining room where I nibbled on my sandwich. Quick as a lightning, she finished her meal and went out to work. I remembered laughing when she re-entered for her forgotten umbrella. Lazily and with time to spare, I ate slowly while reading on my e-reader. Much to my dismay, time ticked so fast that it was time to go. Grabbing my bag, I called out and bid goodbye to whoever was awake and at home. As I was about to open the main door, thunder rolled and torrential rains warned me of what was happening outside. “Great. Now how can I brave this weather?

Coward to expose myself to the harsh elements, I stayed indoors on a rainy Monday morning. I went back to my room and looked for a hoodie I could wear over my OOTD. I then saw my new one after its first compulsory laundry and I didn’t think twice when I took it from its hanger. Running down to the living room as if a herd of elephants were after me, I grinned while I tried it in front of the mirror. “I look five years younger!” The weather did not improve and to avoid my mood to be darkened by the atmospherical condition in my area, I coaxed our helper to take photos while I deluded myself to be a model of some sort.

Here are the products of being stranded in one’s house while it’s raining outside:





If you can remember, I featured this hoodie before in one of my posts. I really wanted to have one and imagine my happiness when I received my order with it. I know I mentioned somewhere that I am not a cat person, but I like photos of cats especially the one printed in here. So geeky and cute! I got this one from Indressme, an online clothing store which sells highly fashionable articles of clothing in affordable price. I recently hosted a giveaway from this shop and I would like to announce the winner here.

The lucky winner for the $40 clothing coupon giveaway from Indressme is…

giveaway winner


Have you experienced being stranded due to the weather e.g., typhoon, snow storm? How did you spend your time indoors?

14 thoughts on “Rainy Monday morning and Indressme giveaway winner

  1. Love the insight into your day and of course your decidedly not ninja like poses.

    When stranded indoors myself I tend to….read, a lot. You guesed that though you are clever like that.

    1. Hehe I was afraid I would bore you with my narrative. I had an uninteresting day. Ninja poses? Haha!

      Hmm I know that and I would do the same, but I hate it when I have to stop reading especially when the story gets interesting. I might end up not going to work at all!

      1. I think any sick day is fair when you have a great book to read…add the hoodie in to the mix and it would be the best sick day ever.

        Your words never bore, I love insights into my fellow bloggers. I am a bit nosy!

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