Rainy season must have: Sammy Dress cute hoodie, woolen cap, and star necklace

On the other side of the world, summer makes people of all ages go out and have fun in the beach and other bodies of water. Many want to bask in the sun’s rays and produce tanned skin, while others sport the latest trend of swimwear and showcase their hard-earned figure. However, on the side I’m in, strong winds and torrential rains beat the countries and test the resilience of Asians. Flood is not an uncommon occurrence and traffic is always one of the results. Students pray for classes to be suspended and when schools formally announced the good news, lack of available public transportation is already a problem, making students walk with their umbrellas and raincoats as they brave the knee-deep flood and hail for taxis and buses. A very far picture from the sunny mood people from the west have at this time of the year.

The atmospheric and astronomical agency may broadcast the approach of a signal number four typhoon, but who says we must be stranded with boring raincoats and jackets? I remember when I was in university – my schoolmates made the corridors their own runways as they put the season in their advantage. Colorful cardigans, anime-inspired jackets and hoodies, and cute caps were easy to be spot in the hallways. Like any other outfit, the creative and original the design, the more head-turner it will be.

A month or so ago, I stumbled upon Sammy Dress, an international retail shop which offers one of the cheapest prices in the market that I have experienced in online shopping. It boasts to cater various international customer needs – from wedding dresses and accessories, casual women’s dresses, cosplay costumes, men and women shoes, bags and jewelry, wigs, and other lifestyle products.

sammy dress color block dress sammy dress curly wig

sammy dress lace bag sammy dress lace boots

With the store’s extensive and strong relationship with manufacturers both local and abroad, it gives low factory prices to all its products. Not only that, it has fast and professional delivery and a 24/7 live chat service for any inquiry and concern.

With all the superb points Sammy Dress has, I couldn’t wait to choose lovely items to fit my budget. Happy to see that I had five products in my cart, I was giggling as I placed my order. I was that excited to receive the clothes! J Anyway, the experience of shopping is so pleasant. Everything was quickly done and the staff was very accommodating. Few minutes after I received a confirmation of my purchase, a representative contacted me to inform that the color I chose for one item is no longer available and she had the patience to wait for me as I took a long time to consider which among the remaining colors would suit my exotic complexion (haha!). After I settled with a new color, my order was updated. I really appreciated her concern over my choices that the image of Sammy Dress soared higher for me.

I have five items purchased from Sammy Dress, but I think they warrant separate blogs. In this post, I am only featuring my cute gray hoodie, pink woolen cap, and cute star necklace.

My thoughts:

The three  arrived with excellent quality and good color. There wasn’t a room for disappointment. They look better physically than their photos online. The woolen cap has a rich pink color which made me feel like those cute Korean girls in winter. Too bad there’s no winter in the tropical haven I live in. The hoodie is in perfect fit for me, not a sagging, oversize sack. I especially chose it among other hoodies available because 1. The ends of the sleeves go slimmer and tighter, accentuating my skinny wrists; and 2. The hood has ears! The bronze star necklace is perfect for my hoodie, too. The length is okay and I should have bought two to layer.

Sammy dress hoodie

   Sammy dress hoodie

sammy dress hoodie

sammy dress hoodie

In the office, one of the air conditioner vents is directly on top of my head which causes me to normally have colds. One day, here is what I wore at work!



sammydress woolen cap

Love the shoes? I will feature them in my next post!

On cold and rainy days, what do you usually wear? Do you use your plain jacket as a uniform (on a Monday-Friday repeat) or choose comfortable pieces while following trends? What’s your favorite rain gear? On the other hand, how’s summer for you guys in the west? I would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Rainy season must have: Sammy Dress cute hoodie, woolen cap, and star necklace

  1. Summer in Florida reminds me of rainy season in Manila. Temperatures in the 90s and the humidity is also in the 90s. You’ll be soaked in sweat in less than 5 minutes if you’re outside.

    Rains every day, usually late in the afternoon. Many times it is a violent thunderstorm – very dark and lots of lightning / thunder. Sometimes the power goes out for an hour or two, just like in Manila.

    But it is only for about 3 months, not as long as in Manila.

    I can’t imagine you’d need long sleeves in Manila. Maybe in Baguio….

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