REVEALED: Things You Must (or not) Know About Me

Thank you for continuously reading Impressions of a Princess. After celebrating my second blog anniversary, I think it is only fitting that I share more about myself. To my loyal readers who have yet to meet me in person, I hope I can create an image (hopefully beautiful) with these confessions I am going to make. I trust that you won’t judge me with my eccentricities.


  • Periodic Table of Elements always amazes me.  My friend and I usually test each other by guessing the chemical names, symbols, atomic numbers, and physical samples. I sometimes dislike that being a chemical engineer, he has some advantage over our games.
  • When my driver suddenly steps on the brake, I always smile and internally say, “inertia.” My friend and I also like to discuss Newton’s Universal Law of Motion sometimes.

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  • When brought in a science museum, I talked non-stop about Earth Science and Biology that I could pass as the curator or at least a guide.
  • Until high school, I finished reading my textbooks a month after the semester began. I was a bored child.
  • I graduated with honors in university. I blame my best friend (also a cum laude) and two other friends (with distinction) for competing with me in school.


  • Learning foreign languages is something I really like doing.

jamy, fashion, style, outfit, world balance, forever 21, OOTD, OOTD Philippines

  • I know and/or studied four Asian languages (Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin).
  • Instead of doodling, I write nonsense words in Hangul (Korean characters).


  • I write poems whenever I feel utterly sad.
  • I drink water first before taking medicine.
  • After locking the door, I turn the knob at least twice to check that it is indeed locked.

jamy, fashion, style, outfit, world balance, forever 21, OOTD, OOTD Philippines

  • I like re-reading books.
  • I like creating folders within folders in my computer.
  • I like cracking my knuckles.


  • I have natural wavy hair, but had it permed a year ago.
  • I can read 100 books in a year.
  • Being a diplomat is my dream job.
  • I am scared of dogs other than my own.1969189_830650606952423_1866561478_n
  • I just have my orthodontic braces five months ago.
  • I don’t go to clubs.
  • I strongly dislike people who are late and don’t value others’ time.
  • I sometimes talk when I sleep.
  • Spaghetti is the only thing I can cook.
  • Blue is my favourite color, not pink.


  • I am myopic, but refuse to wear my eyeglasses all the time.
  • I don’t know how to swim. Or bike.
  • I self-diagnosed myself with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
  • My colleagues look at me like I’m crazy whenever I sing along with Korean or Japanese songs
  • The first concert I attended in my whole 23 years of existence was last month.


Think you know me?

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16 thoughts on “REVEALED: Things You Must (or not) Know About Me

  1. Well, I glad you got all that out of your system. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, feel and empathetic clensing…escept for the knuckle cracking…that drives me nuts.

  2. Nica! What an amazing post!. Loved getting to know you more. It seems like I barely know you. I share some of those habits like writing poem when utterly sad.. Those turned out to be good poems :P. You drink water before medicine?. That is so weird and funny!!. Its nice Kimchi man is an engineer. Also he plays intellectual games, which shows what a wonderful couple you guys are. Such a nice, funny, amazing post, Nica. Just loved it!.

  3. Just have re-read this since last night 😀

    All honestly, I want a part 2! 😀 Or maybe you should ask some of your friends how will they describe Monica as someone else 🙂

  4. I’m not a clubber either and my cooking skills are laughable…we should start a club! I check door handles as well, it’s weird the things we do!

  5. nice post sis 🙂 love OCD part. oc-oc din ako :))) it’s frustrating sometimes when you know you already locked the door but will come back to check three or four times just to confirm that it’s locked (while you know it IS locked). hahaha! lucky you, you can cook spaghetti, that’s the only recipe i can’t cook, the pasta always turns out soggy 🙁

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