Review: Celeteque Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm

A few days before I leave for my first ever major travel for 2014, a package arrived from Unilab Philippines with Celeteque products – Dermoscience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm and Brightening Eye Tuck. For this post, I will be giving my review for the lip balm first since I had the experience of using it already.

Packing my toiletries for my next destination, I threw Celeteque Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm in my cosmetic bag as a friend gave me a heads-up on how hot and dry Thailand would be when I arrived there. Caring for my skin is something that occurs to me almost automatically these days, lips included. That is why few hours before I drove to NAIA Terminal 2, I got the chance to check what Celeteque’s newest balm has to offer.

celeteque sun care soothing lip balm

The packaging is neat and nothing fanciful, though it lists all the information one needs like ingredients, application directions, effectiveness, and manufacture and expiration dates. Surprisingly, it was manufactured in Thailand!

celeteque lip balm ingredients

celeteque lip balm how it works

celeteque lip balm directions

The balm comes in a small, white plastic jar with a twist-cap opening to seal the content and prevent it from dirt and bacteria. It doesn’t come with any spatula or brush though so using one’s fingers for application can be unhygienic.

The lip balm has a clear and neutral color, perfect for me since I don’t like tinted ones. It doesn’t have any of those cherry, strawberry smelling scent either.

celeteque lip balm

With a small scoop, I noticed that it is a bit oily, but not greasy (if you know what I mean). When applied, it exuded a light mint scent – aha, the soothing effect! It provided cool sensation and moisturized feeling to my sometimes neglected lips. How long will one application last? It can last for hours and in my case, I still felt my lips protected even after a meal.

What I especially like with this Celeteque lip balm is how it keeps my puckers moisturized without the greasy feeling. I also feel my lips soft and smooth with continued use.


Comes in a handy, small jar (easy to carry everywhere)

Not tinted

With neutral color

Comes with a minty, smoothing effect

SPF15 sun care protection

Affordable (approx. 4 USD)


Unhygienic without spatula or brush


Celeteque Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm has a surprising effect on me. I rarely use local drugstore brands, but this proved its worth to be included in my daily skin and lip routine. With continued use, I will be able to say goodbye to dry, darkened, and chapped lips. With its SPF15, I also feel protected from harmful rays of the sun, which can burn and age my precious smackers. A room for improvement though – I wish they can do something to make the balm more hygienic for application! Other than that, this lip balm is definitely a keeper.

You wanted it. You requested it. Stay tuned for upcoming beauty product reviews, dearest readers! 🙂


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  1. I don’t really fancy lip balm in a tub.. but everything else sounds great! I have been running out of my lip balms like crazy lately! It’s time to stock up again! 😀

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