Review | Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream

After the popularity of BB creams, the next big thing for skin care is the launch of CC creams. A lot of Korean cosmetic brands have released their own versions and I was lucky to try Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream from W2Beauty, an online Korean cosmetic shop.

Innisfree Real Skin CC cream


Name: Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream SPF 30 PA++

Brand: Innisfree

Net Weight: 40 mL

Purchased from: W2Beauty


This was my first Innisfree product and I loved how the box is made from recyclable materials and printed in soy ink. Not only it is resourceful, but environment-friendly as well.

Innisfree Real Skin CC cream, CC cream, skin care

Innisfree Real Skin CC cream, CC cream, skin care

Made in Korea, but you don’t have to guess what those Hangul characters are. Innisfree ensures that there is an English translation right after.

Innisfree CC cream_2

Innisfree Real Skin CC cream, CC cream, skin care

The bottle is made from sturdy plastic in neutral color. It comes with a pump which is very hygienic and easy to use.


Innisfree Real Skin CC cream comes in a very light pink color with micro beads. It has a creamy texture, but lightweight when applied. It exudes a slight floral scent.

Innisfree CC cream_04


I tried applying the CC cream to my face after my skin care routine. Here are the before and after photos.

Innisfree CC cream before and after

I felt my face became more moisturized upon application. The cream glided easily to my skin, thanks to my SK II morning regimen. The micro beads tried to adjust the formula to my skin tone, but I observed that it gave me a whitish pallor. Even though it comes in a light pink color, it made my face appeared somewhat pasty in a satin finish. I have a medium fair skin with neutral undertones, so this is most likely the reason, but I believe this will suit better in pale skin tone with pink undertones. Also, I tried wearing this the entire day and I didn’t notice any fading.


  • Comes in a hygienic packaging
  • Moisturizing
  • Has sun protection (SPF30 PA++)
  • Suits well for pale skin
  • Can be worn for six hours without any signs of fading
  • Affordable
  • Can be easily bought through online shops (if you are not from Korea)


  • Only comes in one shade


Innisfree Real Skin CC cream, CC cream, skin care

Innisfree Real Skin CC cream is another skin care product revolution that everyone must try. If you have a pale skin tone and would love to have a cream that could correct and control your facial skin color, I would recommend this. If you have a medium fair skin tone and/or would like to have more coverage, I suggest you try mixing this CC cream with your BB cream. I swear you would love it!


I know how it feels to be unable to try your favorite Korean brands because there are no franchised stores in your area or the price of products are impossibly high due to taxes. If you are interested to purchase Innisfree Real Skin CC cream or any other products from Korean cosmetic brands, you can try going to W2Beauty website here. As featured in my post, W2Beauty offers a huge collection of skin care and cosmetic products from various Korean brands…with free international shipping plus samples! Now, because all readers of Impressions of a Princess are so special to me, you can exclusively have a $5 voucher when you signed up for a W2Beauty account. Just register in this link and you will be able to use your free credits whenever you buy an item from the site.


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19 thoughts on “Review | Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream

  1. There are really a lot of korean brands that are a must try, There are BB creams and now a CC cream I’m getting confused already hahaha that’s why reviews like this are very useful for peeps like me that are not an expert when it comes to beauty products. Thanks for this very informative, looking forward to your next product review sis.

  2. BB cream, CC cream, then DD cream, next EE cream. just kidding! haven’t tried CC cream pa. thanks for your review i would definitely give this a try. ganda ng coverage sa face sis, you look flawless! 🙂

  3. I know that the BB and CC creams are already fad but I have not tried it yet. I want to try local BB creams or even the Korean brands. Unfortunately, some of them are not affordable. Maybe CC creams are worth to try. Perhaps I will check out the W2Beauty website later.

  4. I bought this since a friend went to Korea. I have warm undertone and fair-skinned. (French vanilla latte shade in Ellana minerals) it gave me a white cast and it’s too gray. Cc cream are made for wearing under bb creams right? Well if i do it, it makes me look like espasol. It doesnt fit my skin shade. It was a waste of money!

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