Science Comes Alive: The Mind Museum

Last year, the Philippines had been vastly overwrought by the destruction brought by Typhoon Haiyan. Several provinces had been gravely affected by this super typhoon, one of the strongest recorded in world history. A lot of people were left baffled as to how this natural phenomenon caught everyone unaware and unprepared. Being a lucky blogger, I was invited to attend a scientific talk on what actually happened during Haiyan.


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This is a monthly forum held at The Mind Museum where certain relevant topics are discussed to the interested public. Everyone is encouraged to sign up, attend, and participate in a lively discussion. For last November, the talk was about typhoon Haiyan and what actually went wrong and how we could’ve prevented it.


Why should Filipinos bother with Science? This has been the title of the forum, with a very informative open discussion from Project NOAH, PhiVOLCS, PAGASA, and Manila Observatory. The way I understood it, there were a lot of studies and experiments done to have predicted the result of the typhoon. However, poor communication and information dissemination from the government became one of the main problems, especially when there was a confusion about what a “storm surge” is and what it can do.

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The talk ended with a hopeful note by reiterating that intensifying disaster preparedness would eventually help us avoid such damage from a catastrophic force of nature.


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Shortly after the talk, we used our complimentary pass to roam inside The Mind Museum for the first time. As initiates to this newest museum in the metro, we slowly took everything inside the 12, 000 square meters science building. With over 250 interactive exhibits, the establishment’s tagline “Science comes Alive!” is very appropriate.


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It was the last day of the Da Vinci Exhibit when we were there so we did not let the opportunity pass to know more about this genius artist, scientist, mathematician, and inventor.

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da vinci, exhibit, the mind museum, bgc



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With my blogger friends and Stan the T-rex!

I admit that I was not a fan of Earth Science during my freshman year, but it was a bit interesting now to check out how the Earth was formed million years ago, especially when there’ll be no quiz after. I knew most of what’s in the exhibits, which goes to show how a geek I am.

Tip: Don’t bring me in a science museum unless you want me to talk your ear off with did-you-knows.


Automatically, the science nerd in me became so ecstatic upon entering this gallery. From the elements to gravity, I got fascinated in educating (and showing-off?) my friends in what I know from each exhibits available.

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Kimchi Man and I love this innovative Periodic Table. Both Chemistry lovers, we tested each other’s knowledge on the elements. I lost.


My favourite subject is Chemisty, but Biology comes close. I felt like high school again as I re-learn the basic component of life – cells. Of course, the interactive game on DNA brought out the competitive streak in me as my boyfriend and I fought for a higher score in the quiz.


Once fascinated in Astronomy, I am also knowledgeable about stars, planets, and galaxies. It was amazing to see how far humankind was able to quench its curiosity about the outer space.


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The largest gallery in the Mind Museum, this exhibition is the only one that could be found on the second level. From industrial tools to various gadgets and vehicles, technology was shown on how it is continuously improving the life of everyone.

the mind museum, museum, science, bgc, taguig

with Kimchi Man

The Mind Museum turns 2! Visit this scientific facility and surprise yourself how much you learned from school. They have a lot of events and programs now, so feel free to check out their website.

The Mind Museum
JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
909 –MIND (6463) |

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  1. looks fun! I admit im not geeky as you are but still it is worth my time visiting mind museum. Actually my boyfriend and i plan to go there, too! I didnt know that is how mind museum looks like inside 🙂

  2. I was there that day too (November 30) and attended the Cafe Scientifique! 🙂 Based on the angle of your shots, I’m guessing we were seated pretty near each other too.

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