Sending my gratitude to you all

Last month, I asked your opinion to help me choose among those items I’ve wanted to buy for myself. I have posted a poll containing four items with their photos and descriptions and you guys actively supported me by giving your thoughts on the products presented. More importantly, you collectively let me know about your preference by voting the necklace which you think was the most desirable.

At this point, I would like to thank everyone who participated in that post. You are good friends, sisters, and brothers to me. This may be stretching it too much, but some might even imagine how I would look like with a certain piece. Be that as it may, I am also aware of what others might have imagined. If you could go back to the mentioned post, you can see a number of comments mistaking the peter pan necklace as a woman’s undergarment. If it will make you feel better, I’d like to assure you that you are not a pervert by thinking that way. I also fell for the same mistake. 🙂 But hey, that proved to be such an interesting way to gather comments, don’t you think so?

Now, the owner of Rakunshop, the store I have mentioned in the earlier post, was glad when she saw the post and the conversation it elicited. Megan, the owner of such wonderful Etsy store, contacted me to give an offer: the readers’ choice of jewelry will be awarded to one of you!


Isn’t she sweet and generous to do that? I happily accepted it and here I am writing this blog entry. I would love to share to you one of the creations of this wonderful person. I have featured some of her products in the previous post, but I know you guys are curious about her other necklace designs. So please let’s go to her Etsy store and find out more exciting and beautiful pieces!

So for this giveaway, kindly go to the link below. Remember that the more tasks you do, the more chances of winning. I love you guys and I know you will be able to send honest entries, but I will still check every one of them for validity. Unfollowing after the giveaway is up to you though it will forfeit your chances of participating in other giveaways. I have a number of promos going on in my Giveaways tab, so if you want to win books, Amazon gift cards, Paypal Cash, and Kindle Fires, kindly check that page and participate. Some are ending soon so you better hurry!

But exclusively for my readers, a matryoshka doll necklace can be yours! The giveaway is open internationally so you are eligible to join as long as you live in this planet. This is a feminine item which can be a perfect accessory to my lovely female readers and their sisters and mothers. However, men can join, too. It can be a sweet gift for this coming Valentine’s Day!



russian dolls


Thank you everyone for staying with me. Your unfailing support encourages me to continue keeping this site. I know this is a small token of appreciation, and even if I cannot give everyone a gift, I am glad that at least one of you will be able to receive this. Then I’ll cut this melodramatic episode of mine before it becomes a habit. So hop along and join this week-long promo. And may the odds be ever in your favor!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***NOTE: This giveaway will run starting today until January 27. I will then post an announcement on the 30th and the winner will be given 72 hours to response/comment. Another will be chosen should the first failed to confirm his/her winnings.***

Rakunshop links: Etsy * Website * Facebook * Twitter

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79 thoughts on “Sending my gratitude to you all

  1. Wow!.. Nica, first of all I am so happy the necklace I voted for has received the highest number of votes. Secondly, am so glad we are being given a chance to win the same!.. So sweet and thoughtful of the Rakun Etsy store owner. I LOVE necklaces and accessories. I am a huge fan of simple yet meaningful pieces.

            1. Haha gotcha online. Actually, there is no job opening yet though I think I badly need one to comb my permed hair, choose my accessories and polish (not steal) my shoes. Any suggestion for the job title? I find man-in-waiting sounds awkward.

              P.S. Did you get my email?

              1. I haven’t checked my emails in ages, so I shall check right now…yes that was me being all ninja, haha. I will reply further later, as it’s 6:30 AM and I have to go get ready for work now. a proper email reply later, or as I term it a Stemail. I think I could be good at those jobs and also be your official book buyer. As for title, how about Official-Awesome-Assistant-of-Stuff-I-Lack-Any-Knowledge-In. And now to work, I shall check in with you later. Enjoy the rest of your day!

                1. You must check mails regularly. If you won’t, you’ll be like me with a thousand emails sitting in my inbox. A Stemail? Do you always name things? You could be a descendant of Carolus Linnaeus! Haha. I find the job title hilarious but too long. Shall I say, “Where is my Official-Awesome-Assistant-of-Stuff-I-Lack-Any-Knowledge-In?”

                  Take care going to work today. My day is going to end soon in this part of the world. I’ll be going home in less than two hours. Yay! Have a nice day, Steve.

                  1. Now that’s a name i haven’t heard of in ages. But yes you are right anything that vaguely sounds like my name I change to my name. If you like you can just call me awesome hehe.

                    1. I can try calling you that, but I feel it is strange to hear someone use my name. 😀 Sorry for the late response for comments in your site. I was using WordPress mobile app and only those made in my site are visible. Weird.

                    2. That’s okay , I haven’t got around to emailing you back yet, so that makes us even.

                      I see what you did there with the name switching hehe, I insist we flip a coin for the name!

                    3. And I am waiting for your email. I also sent you a message in Facebook using my primary account.

                      Using a coin is good, but I’d better check it first. It might have the same face and I’ll be ending up with a horrible name like numbskull or something.

                    4. I never got the Facebook message, then again Facebook is not the best when it comes to communicating, I shall be emailing you today now that I can give you my full attention.

                      Numbskull is a noble name (maybe), all the cool kids around here are called that.

                    5. I got your message in the end, Facebook put it into my other box as opposed to inbox which didn’t help. I think i mentioned that in the email though so you probably already know that,

                      I have been called many names, some not so nice, I particularly like the names, heroic, handsome…well all the ‘H’ ones really.

                    6. Yeah, and I replied in there already. And oh, I remember. I extended my ninja skills to Goodreads. I saw your account and added you as well.

                      Hmm. Are you aware that horrible starts with “H” too?

  2. Aww, it’s so cute! The matryoshka doll necklace won in the end. Good for it, I voted for it in the poll. I personally like wearing necklaces and bracelets that are washable, since I live near a beach and we go to the pool a lot. I used to have a necklace that was just a simble piece of rose quartz, but the charm fell off when I was at the amusement park 🙁

    Great post!

  3. So sweet of the store owner to host this giveaway.. :))) I love her items by the way. and yessss. my biggest fashion addiction are accessories and that include necklaces… Thank you for the chance to win unnie! :))) all the best!

    1. Yes, she is very kind and generous to offer this prize. Thank you for checking her site and I hope you followed her Etsy store as well. Let’s all pray that this piece will be given a new home to someone who really loves necklace.

  4. Oh my God!!!!!!
    First time i read your blog, by chance, and i come along this gorgeous gift.
    So generous.
    Although i’m the “not luckiest” in earth i really hope thi time i win something,
    Its a perfect piece of art.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Martha. I hope you will be able to find something of interest here. You can try your luck and join this giveaway and the others in my Giveaways tab. Keep your fingers crossed because who knows? You might get lucky this time 🙂

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