Show Your Appreciation on Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year again. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gather with family and friends and celebrate how grateful we are this year. Blessings received, relationships strengthened, opportunities grabbed, promotions accepted, and items bought are among those things we are thankful for. Even though there were times that made us feel down and hopeless, we still see the positive things 2013 has brought to us. Hence, the Thanksgiving Day.

In Philippines, we do not follow the American Thanksgiving Day celebration. We don’t even have it on the same day. Instead, I think my country concentrates on Christmas Day, which is most of the time celebrated with family as a way of thanks. Filipinos go to church and pray for all the blessings that they received for the entire year. Later, they will show how grateful they are by sharing their blessings in different ways e.g., foster care, volunteering, benefit concert, free service, and of course, gift giving.

It is very natural to see Filipinos giving gifts to one another in this season. Size and amount do not matter as long as the presents are given with thought and love. These days, there are a lot of gift ideas for those who are to picky for their gifts.  Of course, who wouldn’t want to give a unique and special gift to show their appreciation?

Nowadays, I observe a lot of people, me included, use the web to browse for items on sale. Then, either they will buy these things online or note the price for offline shopping later. I think this is a good strategy especially for those who do not want to walk around an entire mall looking for something to buy. In addition, some sites even offer gift suggestions for various types of people – bookworm, fashionista, sporty, etc. I even saw a lot of trendy topics as well!

While browsing, I came upon Ezra Blog, a site under one of the leading online shops in the Philippines, Zalora. I was looking for some clothing ideas to give to my not-so-fashionable friend and I stumbled upon Ezra blog’s Wardrobe Essentials. What a help it has been! I happily surfed through its site and learn more about their Top 10 as well.

Speaking of Zalora, I found out that there is an ongoing Online Revolution happening as well. Online Revolution Month is a special one-month promotion which runs from November 11 through December 12. During this time, e-commerce heavyweights such as ZALORA, LAZADA and A-DEALS Powered by Ayala Malls come together to bring the Philippines its very own month long version of ‘CyberMonday’ by providing shoppers with special deals and discounts. Yay!

After having some styles on my mind, it is time to do some shopping. Readers of my site know that I love online shopping and you will be glad to know that I will feature here another online store that I stumbled upon. Like my previous store finds, this shop offers high-quality and affordable clothing and accessories with free international shipping!

Aupie is an international high-street fashion store inspired by runway designs all over the globe. The shop believes that fashion lovers should have extraordinary wardrobe by updating Aupie with at least 100 of the latest and best styles every day. Take a look at some of their items below!

aupie graffiti dress

aupie dog shirt

aupie cartoon hoodies

aupie vintage bag

aupie bangle watch

Clothes and other fashion essentials are good gift ideas for everyone. However, there are a lot of other things to be given and shared at this season. How about a party in an orphanage or an adopt-a-child-for-a-day activity? Or better, a donation and volunteer participation in the Haiyan victims here in my country?

help victims of yolanda

In my previous post, I shared how super typhoon Yolanda, with international name Haiyan, wreaked havoc in some of the provinces in my country. Thousands of people died, others missing, and many left homeless. My mother’s hometown, for example, braved five long days without food and clean water before relief operations from government, NGOs, and foreign agencies arrived. Their situation is very much heart-wrenching, but the time for mourning can be done later. My fellow Filipinos need help and it is time to act and contribute to the benefit of the typhoon victims and survivors.

foreign aid to philippines

This Thanksgiving Day, I am calling everyone, Filipino or not, to help my country in any way that you can. Prayers save lives. Donations feed and clothe people. Volunteer actions speed up relief operations. I am always teary-eyed after reading sweet and thoughtful actions by my fellowmen and others of different nationalities who reach out and try to help. No amount of aid is small.

thank you

Let me end this post by saying that on behalf of the Philippines and Filipino people, I am eternally grateful to those countries and their citizens who keep on supporting my country by donating and giving aids, sending C130s for evacuation and medical ships for treatment of the sick, deploying military personnel and relief operations expert to guide the government in a speedy and effective distribution of help. For all of these and more, I thank you.



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22 thoughts on “Show Your Appreciation on Thanksgiving

  1. Hi, I’m new follower from Spain (sorry my poor English)

    Here we do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day, although Young people, increasingly influenced by the cinema, are begin to celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving.

    Most families know Christmas gifts will not be in luxury this year (crisis, you know), but the will always be delivered with love. So… online store offers can help us this year more than ever!

    By the way, there are many people mobilized to help typhoon victims Yolanda in my country. I hope they recieve all the help that people around the world are sending.

  2. Hey there,

    I’m from sydney and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all here. But in recent years Halloween has started becoming something big here. Maybe one day we’d celebrate it too 😀
    xoxo giglove

  3. I find it shocking that some countries aren’t donating more but I am glad that there are those out there willing to put their hands in their pockets. We British are good for that we are or were last time I checked the country that gives the most per person of any country when it comes to charity. Always glad to do our bit to help.

  4. In argentina we don celebrate either…. but now Im in austria, and will be joining some thanksgiving celebrations ^^ Love the first dress….would be perfect for the christmas celebrations!
    xoxo! giglove 🙂

  5. I live in the UK so I like you do not celebrate Thanks Giving but I do enjoy the online sales a lot! We do have pretty good January sales which start Boxing Day.. The first dress is beautiful I am in agreement with Ileana.

  6. We definitely have a lot to be thankful for and because of that, it would only be right to give back to those in need. Thanks for sharing this post! GIGLOVE

  7. Nice fashion finds 🙂 I am a Filipino too and like you I am grateful to everyone who lend a hand to our kababayans in Visayas. To everyone, our deepest and sincerest ‘thank you’ to every held you gave… Truly this world is not bad at all… There are people who are always ready to help those who are in need 🙂

  8. I live here in Pakistan so we don’t celebrate thanksgiving….this is not the only way i am supporting the damages I think we should take some physical steps too…

  9. hey! I am an Indian and we do not celebrate thanksgiving 🙂 But I love the idea to getting everyone together and celebrating 🙂 I can get that feeling as that is in abundance in India 🙂 ….I have already donated for Philippines and I am encouraging others to do the same. We are human beings and the main point of being a human is to possess humanity.

  10. In my country, we do not celebrate thanks giving but it is really nice to share a thank you and appreciate all the good you have. This time all this catastrophe that occurred in Filipinos is very awful but the worst part is that nobody does something about it. I hope that pain goes away soon.

  11. I’m in Canada and we celebrate Thanksgiving in October.
    We are definitely thinking & praying for the people of the Philippines right now, and donating as much as we can.

  12. I’m so happy too to know that there are a lot of countries who are continuously sending their help to our kababayans. i just hope and pray that all of the things they sent will go to those rightful recipients of the goods and money donated.

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