Signs you are addicted to Fifty Shades of Grey

I know I have recently published a post on my write-up for the Fifty Shades of Grey, but I can’t stop myself. I have this insane urge to persuade everyone to read and be fond of the reality of life in Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s love story. I am aware that I am so hooked into this series, and I just can’t let it go. If I could, I would send PDFs and epubs file formats of the books to my friends, colleagues, and associates just to have them crazed over the trilogy, too. As I type this, the idea seems appealing. Hmm. I might do this.  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t have sales commission if ever I will send the files to my friends. *winks*

Why do I want to have my friends read and be captured by the series, just as what it did to me? I think I know. I want to talk to them about the books – the plot, characters, crises, dialogues, etc. Well, I already have my colleague for that, but it seems I want more. Hmm, there’s that word again. (You can relate if you have read at least the first book.) As I was saying (er, writing? whatever), I want a lot of people to appreciate what a wonderful series E. L. James created. Sometimes I fear that I might soon establish a Fifty Shades Fans Club here in the country. Jeez, what’s wrong with me? (laughs).

Anyhow, if you have read the first installment, I’m sure that you won’t keep your hands from the second one (if you have a copy, for that matter). Jeez, why am I perpetually arguing with and commenting at myself? It’s kinda crazy, I know. As I was saying, once you have read the first book, it’s a sure kill. You will not stop yourself reading the whole series. You will get hooked, addicted, obsessed, and whatever word Mr Thesaurus has to offer. You will. Like me.

Creepy? I don’t think so.

Signs you are addicted to Fifty Shades of Grey by Monica (최다해)

  • You have finished reading the entire series in less than a week.
  • Then after the last installment, you have decided to re-read all the three books AGAIN.
  • You searched for all the songs mentioned in all the books. (Me).
  • Worse, if you have listed them while you were reading. (Not me!).
  • You created a playlist for all the songs.
  • You have downloaded the songs and made one your current general ringtone.
  • You loved a song in a playlist and self-declared that this must be the OST of the series – Try by Nelly Furtado.
  • You have searched the chords of the said song and watched in YouTube on how to play it in your acoustic guitar.
  • Your taste in music is starting to be eclectic – from Thomas Tallis to Kings of Leon. (laughs)
  • You are starting to argue with yourself much often, and the funny thing is you don’t find it strange at all.
  • You are always asking for your inner goddess and subconscious to be agreeable with you.
  • You are starting to call people by their last names, like Mr. Grey, Miss Steele.
  • You tend to cock your head in one side when you are thinking or asking question.
  • You practice in the mirror your perfect smirk.
  • You start quoting dialogues from the book like:

“We aim to please.”

“Don’t bite that lip. You know what that does to me.”

“What is it with elevators?”

“Laters, baby.”

“Are you smirking on me, (name)?”

  • “Oh my” means a lot to you.
  • You have searched the internet on how Escala’s penthouse looks like.
  • You started searching and trying to taste the wines mentioned in the trilogy, especially Bollinger Grande Annee Rose 1999, which, as we know, is an excellent vintage. *winks*
  • You like to see men wearing a tie, especially a silver grey tie.
  • When friends ask if you like or want something, you tend to answer with a yes or no, followed by “that’s a soft/hard limit for me”.
  • You are starting to have your own cast of the first installment, as rumor has it that there will be a film adaptation of the trilogy.
  • What’s worse (or scarier), is that deep within yourself you wanted to star as Anastasia Steele.
  • You want to have more.

The list is endless. I can go on and there will be lots of things to say. One thing is certain: Fifty Shades of Grey really captured my heart and interest, and I doubt there will be more than Christian Grey in the other novels. I am not thrashing out the others. I’m just scared to say that this might be the case.

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