Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I am two months away from my first blog anniversary and I am very happy to see a lot of improvement since I started. I have gained almost 2000 followers, almost 3000 comments, and more than 1000 likes. I have written more than a hundred posts, too. But most importantly, I have met and talked with different people with varied interests and hobbies. They are from anywhere in the world where communication satellites exist. They inspire me with their words of encouragement and I will be always grateful to them.

But how can I express my gratitude to these wonderful people? Some of them have given me blog awards, but due to my hectic schedule and laziness, they are sitting in my backlogs for ages. I am sorry. I know it is impolite not to answer these recognitions, and I hope you guys can forgive me.

On a lighter note, someone nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. To let you know how lazy I was, this award was given to me even before the Yuletide Season. She was very nice to me and even sent me a private email. Sheri De Grom, you are so sweet and kind! Just to give you a brief background, Sheri is a writer. She writes women’s fiction as well as book reviews.  You may check out her beautiful and well-written site here.


Now for the acceptance of the award, I have to answer her questions.

My favorite color – Powder Blue. But others think it is pink or purple.

My favorite animal – Dogs.

My favorite non-alcoholic drink – Hot green tea.

Facebook or Twitter – Twitter @enchantressnica

Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Both.

Favorite Day of the week – Friday.

My favorite flower – Red tulips.

My passion –  reading, writing, doing volunteer work, advocating youth development, and discussing political and social issues.

Now for my nominees. Since this is a sisterhood award, I’m sorry guys but I have to choose only gals this time. J These people are those who I have communicated a lot. I have enjoyed their sites and writings, too.

Naznin. I am very grateful to meet a blessed soul. Naz is an uber-sweet, thoughtful, and caring person. I can’t imagine blogging without her. She is a very supportive friend, too!

The Meeping Koala. She is a Potterhead like me. When she graduated from HP, she read books I also loved and appreciated.

Steph. She is one lovely soul who writes book reviews, too. She has a lot of energy and I am honored to be her surrogate sister.

Jade Herrera. A fellow Filipina, I see in her someone who has a spirit for a person her age. I love her fashion posts and passion for anything Korean

Oegukeen. She is the other-half of their site, Loving Korean. I am happy to meet someone who was destined to be with a very nice Korean man. I learned a lot about understanding Korean men and their culture from their site.

Wordsurfer. She is a very sweet person who has varied interests in life like me. She likes traveling, reading, writing, learning, talking, sitting in the sun, and watching the clouds.

Jae. She’s also known as that “pestering” colleague who persuaded me to create this blog. She’s like my older sister in the company and this award is very appropriate to her.

Micah. She is another colleague and friend in my company. I love sharing book and reading ideas with her. Like Jae, she’s like my sister. If you are wondering about the ordinal number, she’s the second and well, I’m the youngest. J

Kitt Crescendo. I love chatting with her and talking about her time here in my country. Even if she is in a foreign land now, she doesn’t forget the Philippines.

Shruti. She writes about varied topics and I love reading her refreshing posts. I am honored to be assigned as a godmother of her baby – the blog.

Zunaira. My friends know I am a simple girl. Others were even worried thinking that I am a tomboy. When I saw her blog, I was impressed. She likes giving tips and reviews of different cosmetic products and I am glad to follow her and try.

Grandma Chris. She is a very wonderful person to be in the blogging world. She gives me golden nuggets of wisdom and I cannot forget her opinion in having a boyfriend.

Nanna Prawn. She is one of those people who have supported me since the beginning. She never gets tired of chatting with me about tea. Yes, she is a tea addict, too! How I wish I could taste some from T2…

Luchessa. I love reading her product reviews. She’s another beauty blogger who have inspired me to be confident to try beauty enhancements – make up.

Mari Anjeli. Another fellow Filipino who is now based in Malaysia. I am glad to meet her in WordPress.

This seems to be a lengthy list, but they are all wonderful sisters to me. I am happy to have found them here and I hope that we will continue to have our beautiful relationship with each other. Anyway, enough sentimentality. Beauties, here are my ten questions for you.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

 If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose?

Nightly owl or early bird?

Bare or with make up?

Coffee or tea?

Forest or beach?

Shoes or sandals?

Favorite place to travel.

One food you could never eat.

Favorite smell.

Rules to Follow:

  • Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
  • Include the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions I posted above.
  • Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you.
  • Notify each individual that you have nominated them.

There you go. Thanks again to Sheri for being such a nice sister. I am happy to receive this award and have this as my first blog award post for 2013. I think I have 5 or 6 more awards to receive so please bear with me. I really appreciate your recognition and glad to accept them.

Thank you everyone for continuously reading my posts. I have something special for all of you and it will be out next week so please stay tuned. For the mean time, please try your luck by joining my giveaways listed in the Giveaways tab of my site. You may win 2 Kindle Fires, Amazon GC, Paypal cash, and some books.

73 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Job well done – congratulations. I’ll be checking our your nominations list. I know Kitt and we’ve followed each other for several months but the others are new to me. Thanks for passing this award along.

  2. Congrats Nica!!.. Also am so so happy that you nominated me and put me right on the top of your nominee list.. How sweet!!.. Thank you.. I will do a post on it soon… That sweet and short description you gave me, made my day, Nica!.. You are such a great friend and blogger…

  3. I think there should be a Brotherhood of Old Men Bloggers to even out some of the playing field. The criteria questions would be a lot more meaningful…like, women or wine? beer or booze? date or dump? kiss or ____? boxers or briefs? cars or trucks? electronics or wood toys? bloggers or joggers? ….y’know, stuff like that. I think there should be an annual Brotherhood of the Old Men Bloggers award and the winner gets to go to Mars and ride Curiosity and he wins a gift card to a nice Mars restaurant and maybe even a bag of red dirt to bring home…all good ideas, dontjahthink?

  4. You have a HUGE following, Monica. That is a very successful blog! 🙂
    Congratulations on your many, many awards. I look forward to you blogging about them in the future. No pressure — take your time! 😀

  5. Congratulations Monica on the Award and for all you have accomplished here at your blog and in your life. 🙂

    I always appreciate your comments and readership at my blog as well.
    Always looking forward to your future posts.

    Chef Randall

  6. Thank you, Nic, for yet again another bloggers award! I’d say this one’s more personal than the previous awards you have given me. I am honored to have been the instrument to expose you to the blogosphere. You have come a long way, and I wish you all the best in all other endeavors that you may have. 🙂

  7. Thank you, Nicaaa! 🙂 You have come so far in the world of blogging, good for yeeee! I’ll do this in a while 🙂 And to consider me your sister! *sniff sniff* thanks! 🙂 You and Jae are sisters to me as well! Cheers!

    1. After an intellectual argument in a previous post, I felt like being poured with an iced-cold water with this comment. Haha. Thank you, Opinionated Man.

      P.S. Don’t you have a nickname that won’t show your identity? Please don’t tell me it’s Kim Jung 🙂

  8. Whoa! That’s a big number! Congratulations on your blog success! You have a proud dongsaeng here 🙂
    Thank you for this sweet surprise. I didn’t expect to receive another blog award since I haven’t been blogging much lately.
    On the side note, I love tulips too! It’s my favorite flower in the whole, wide world! 🙂

  9. Oh dear, you made me smile with your post & this award. Thank you.
    This is definitely one that i haven’t seen much around.
    I have collected around 6 different kind of awards (a few of each) between november/december, but i was so bad in doing the posts and passing them along…
    But i guess i will do this one. Maybe i can mention the other ones in the same post, since i don’t want my readers to be overfloated with award posts. (would look like braging lol)
    I want to say congrats on your nomination and keep on being enthusiastic about what you are writing about. That’s the most important. 🙂

  10. Congratulations, blue/purple, Friday and dogs, more things we both like. To show your appreciation to all your followers all you need do is keep doing what you do!

  11. I do enjoy lists and statistics, I must admit. i wear black a lot as it goes with anything especially black, purple is the royal colour of Belgium and that amuses me for some reason. With theses eyes though all colours look mostly the same. I shall keep my list at the ready for more things we both like.

    1. I love writing lists and I don’t know if it is one sign of having OCD. Yes, black agrees with anything but I don’t like wearing the color much. It doesn’t flatter my tan complexion and I look thinner with it. I like purple because it is a royal color, too.

      I am about your eyes. What color are they? When we meet, I can drown you with descriptions on how colorful things are so don’t worry.

      keep up the list!

      1. I have brown eyes, I always used to think they were blue for some reason. I’m sure you would bring the world of clolour to life for me in all its vividness.

        I find lists therapeutic so carry on with them, the world is crazy not us. We love people with tans over here, as we are all so pasty and never get much sun. You’d go down a storm here.

        1. Wishful thinking, eh? I used to believe I have gray eyes, but no, I have a pair of dull black ones. My brother has brown and he always complain about getting red-eyed in photos!

          Yes! I will bring a colorful life to your imagination: Up above is sky blue, and here in the meadow are light blue and dark violet flowers! And oh, mossy green grass! Haha. I am not knowledgeable to color names so your vivid world will be full of “light” and “dark” colors.

          You have a point. Dan Rad was my first crush and I noted that he always looks pale. Cheers for shining, tanned people 😀

  12. Congratulations on the award! And you’ve done really well on your blog in such a short time. 🙂
    Also, hot green tea is incredible. It feels so soothing, and I love it even more when it’s minty.

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