Summer in green!

On the other side of the world, spring is ending and summer is already in the air. It’s finally time to get some tan and show off your fab body!

Living in an archipelago few degrees above the equator seems to be a tropical paradise to some. If you discount the times people curse due to the infernal heat and instead wish for the temperature to be at least 25 degrees C, then yes, I can agree that my country can be compared to a heavenly piece of earth. With 7100+ islands, the Philippines is gifted with white sand beaches, emerald seas, rich marine life, diverse flora and fauna, and delicious food. Add hospitable, friendly, skinny, well-tanned people smiling as you enjoy your vacation will really give that summery atmosphere.

Ah, summer! The time to wear those bright colored clothes paired with sunnies and flip-flops  This year, I have acquired mostly orange and green stuff for the season. They are so cool and refreshing to see that I feel so bright and sunny every time I wear them. Paste a radiant smile and you’re good to go!

Now, look at these items I found in one of my current favorite online shop, Udobuy. Last week, I purchased some top in their shop and I can’t wait to place my next order. The good news? The shop is offering 15% discount on all items under their Candy Green in Season tab with code “candygreen”!

sundress  chiffon vest  chiffon halter dress  harem trousers  flounced skirt   roman sandals

Before, I was scared to wear something of the same color because of my complexion. However, after I tried some items, I realized that the green is flattering whether you’re fair or tanned. I think this is my next favorite color!
Love those sample items I featured above? Head over to Udobuy and look for more items to your liking. They are having this Group Buy promo where you can get discount up to 50% when you buy in bulk. So talk to your girl friends and have those cute friend/matching outfits!

No enough savings to purchase online? No worries! Udobuy is very generous as to offer everyone a chance to earn clothes they want to have. The shop is offering bonus points for tasks you complete in your account. For example, each product review can give you 5 points. Share some items in your social media sites or post a look in Udobuy Lookbook can gain you higher points. 100 points = $5 and it is very easy to earn! To know more about their Bonus Point program, you may click here.

Have a nice week ahead!

7 thoughts on “Summer in green!

  1. Yes summer is always a blessing from God and it is the best time to wear colourful!………I have a dozen of Filipino friends at my university, they all love wearing colourful and short dresses…

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