Schengen Tourist Visa for Filipinos: Preparation and Application Process

Visa Application Series: How to Apply for Schengen Tourist Visa in Austrian Embassy for Filipinos Part I   Have you ever dreamed of flying to Europe, breathing the European air while you casually eat Sachertorte in a traditional and world famous kaffeehaus (coffee house) in Albertinaplatz, Vienna with musical notes of Mozart playing sweetly in the background? Have you ever fancied yourself walking along the Tuileries then later climbing up the Arc du Triomphe to have the best view of Paris and Tour Eiffel at night? If yes, I am sure you have more vivid pictures in your head where you want to Read More …

I Miss Blogging

With my social calendar in Europe full up to the brim, I can’t often post on my social media accounts and update my website. Still, I hope that you will continue on reading this blog for references in my past posts and future write-ups, travel guides, and photo diaries. Thank you so much for your support! 🙂