Help me choose!

Happy holidays, everyone! How’s your Christmas? I am out of office for two weeks and currently enjoying a blissful holiday. While surfing the internet yesterday, I stumbled upon a shop in Etsy (Rakunshop) which offers unique and cute stuff. Sure, items found in her shop are too dainty and feminine, but hey, that’s what I want! Tell me, aren’t these shoes lovely? Now guys, I need your help. Can you help me decide which items below should I choose? I know all of them are beautiful, but I just need a single item. I cannot have all of them, can Read More …

Who wore it best? Korean style no lens eyeglasses

Last weekend, I bought my first pair of Korean style, no lens eyeglasses. The frame is black, arms red, with a polka dotted, red ribbon on the left side near the hinge. I decided to wear it one day in the office and asked some of my colleagues to try it on. Just for fun, let’s try to pick who wore my new eyeglasses the best. Choose wisely! (Ahem, who’s the owner of this blog?) 🙂   Final results will be shown a week after this entry was posted.