T’was March 9, 2012

Thank God it’s Friday!

I was running late that Friday morning. I just woke up when my phone let out a wail (blame its owner for the choice of alarm tone) around 7 AM. Groaning, I reached for my noisy phone. With eyes still half-closed, I turned the snooze off, then browsed on the list of unread messages and missed calls left while I was in dreamland (though I hardly dream these days kkkk). I read one in particular, a message from a colleague informing that she’ll be wearing our client’s shirt. I sat bolt upright in bed, wondering where mine was. “Shit,” I cursed, couldn’t even remember if it was put into laundry. Luckily, I spotted the tee in the clothesline, not even ironed. “Well, this will do,” I murmured to myself.

When I arrived, two of my closest colleagues were already there waiting for me. The three of us usually have our brunch together on Fridays. Just like last week’s (of which my colleague Ms Jae wrote on her blog, too), this Friday was really hilarious. We had a nice kick-off at brunch where we were joined by Mayor, Ms She and Ish (Sorry dude, it’s a bit weird for me to call you “Baby” LOL). We chatted about almost anything, and it felt nice to know that I can be comfortable with these people.

I wasn’t disappointed that the “Freaky Fun Friday” would end at the cafeteria. About mid-afternoon, the craziness broke out. I couldn’t remember who started it first, but I caught myself listening to sir Ron, Ms Lanie, Micah, and Jae throwing questions and answers at each other about movies, dramas, actors and actresses in the 80s and 90s. Talk about an entertainment quiz bee! Being the youngest in our SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) family, I couldn’t relate much to what they were eagerly discussing. But it was funny nonetheless, especially when I asked “What’s that?” or “Who’s that?” then remarked “Ah, I think that wasn’t in my generation” haha!

The day couldn’t have been any better. After work, I hurried to meet a friend. We were due to spend some time together over a cup of tea (my suggestion, by the way). She wanted it to be over Serenitea, but since we spent most of our time trying to find some goods to buy for ourselves, the tea house was already closed when we reached it. Smiling, we cheered ourselves on the fact that we shopped well that night – purchasing summer outfits and a bag. She suggested trying the Big Better Burgers as their quarter pounder tastes like heaven. I was skeptical about it, and adding the fact that it was late at night and eating heavy meals would only cause me to gain more weight, I sidetracked her and subtly asked for another recommendation. We ended up at Pancake House, where there were only few customers in sight, all of them Koreans. LOL.

Here are our photos there:


my friend 홍한선

so loving my new hair accessory

and of course, the pretty me LOL

and another me. Yeah, I'm so full of it LMAO

Then we had our light snack since it was past 10 PM at that time…

한선 on her taco

and my tuna sandwich

and we downed them with…

I'm a green tea addict now while 한선 on Sprite

Feeling so bloated after a “light” snack, we called it a day and promised to see each other again next week,

I then arrived home past 11 PM, bit early than usual. I washed up and prepared to go to bed. “Thank God it’s Friday” indeed, though I’m sure the following days will be better.

Trying to zone out now…

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