Thailand Travel Diary: Day 1

On that Sunday morning, I willed my lazy body to wake up early. I arrived at the airport (NAIA Terminal 2) less than two hours before my flight. I met Kimchi Man there and together we headed to Philippine Airlines booth to check-in our luggage. The agent behind the counter had an unpleasing attitude for that fine morning, but we simply brushed it off. No one could ruin the start of my perfect holiday vacation. 🙂

There’s nothing worth mentioning about my flight to Thailand except that both Kimchi Man and I were disappointed with PAL’s complimentary hot meals. After cruising in 37 000 feet for more than three hours, we finally landed to Bangkok.


Welcome to Thailand!

suvarnabhumi airport

Looking like a baggage while waiting for Kimchi Man’s luggage in the carousel


I find it an interesting hobby to read the back of a toilet’s door. This one only proves I was somewhere far from my home. LOL

My first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, it’s huge!” My last international flight was almost four years ago and I was surprised as to how I got used to my country’s very cute airports. Anyway, I also observed that there were too many tourists in the airport, mostly Westerners! Kimchi Man and I looked like kids among the giant whites. 🙂 If the length of the queues in the immigration area is not an indication of the number of tourists in Thailand, I don’t know what is.

After a little over an hour waiting in the ground floor of the airport, we took a private bus then a van to our destination, Pattaya. We used Bell Travel Service for the transfer, just in case you want to know.

Tips: Your booking confirmation is not your final ticket. Better go to Bell Travel Service counter in the ground floor and show your printed voucher. An agent will then give you your tickets and cute “I am a tourist” sticker to be place in your shirt at all times. Somewhat kidding. Not applicable to Kimchi Man though. He’d been to Thailand more than six times already. What a killjoy. ^_^


In an hour and a half, we were dropped off by our friendly, non-English speaking driver at our resort. “Welcome to Green Park Resort,” he exclaimed in his broken, weird and funny Thai accent.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff who assisted us with our luggage. Kimchi Man immediately proceeded to confirm our booking, while I was being served with refreshments. Yes, life is sometimes unfair. 🙂 When I reached the room, I was pleased.

Green Park Hotel and Resort

The view was beautiful! If you wish to know more about Green Park Hotel and Resort, you can go to their website here. I forgot the exact rate we got, but I think it was somewhere around US$150/night. Affordable!

Eager to go sight-seeing, I freshened up quickly. We must beat the sunset!


A few minutes’ walk from the resort, I found myself staring into a beach beholding the beautiful setting of the sun. Kimchi Man told me it was the Pattaya beach where many tourists flock to go sunbathing. I internally flinched with the last word as I didn’t need any sunbathing – I have a perfect, well-cooked tan already! Kidding aside, sunbathing still caught my attention. Only sunbathing? Getting close to the waters confirmed what I have read in my research.

pattaya beach

me at pattaya

According to Wikipedia, the Pattaya Bay area is one of Asia’s largest and second-most visited city in Thailand. It has a long stretch of beaches, but Pattaya beach had become dirty over time. However, tourists still love to go here to “cook” and turn themselves into fried lobsters. Nearby islands e.g., Coral Island, sufficed the need for healthy swimming though.


After a lazy walk along Pattaya beach, Kimchi Man surprised me on how we would go to our next destination. It was my first time to ride Thailand’s short but spacious jeepney – a safer and more comfortable version of what we have back in my country. Interestingly, the jeepney was all occupied by tourists who were very excited to stand in the back of the moving vehicle. Funny.

Alighting one of Thailand’s unique mode of transportation, we walked one block before arriving to Walking Street. If you have read my post on A Vacation You Would Like to Take, you would have seen Walking Street being included there.

walking street

I am not a green girl if that’s what you’re thinking; I am simply curious about what goes on in this so-called “red light district” of Thailand where one can see a lot of go-go bars.


To have my first authentic Thai food, we dined at Tankay Seafood Restaurant, an open-air, close to the sea diner located in Walking Street. Huge, fresh lobsters and other seafood I am too lazy to write here were displayed in the entrance, which, of course, easily enticed Kimchi Man. We were ushered to a table closest to the sea and I could see the black water blinking back at me. Gratefully my stomach brought me to reality and made me order these:

spicy seafood

spicy soup

Pad Thai


Filled with fresh, yummy goodness, we strolled along clubs and go-go bars before a thought came to Kimchi Man: We needed to be connected as always! Finding the nearest Family Mart, he purchased this for me:

happy tourist sim

For as low as 300 THB, I stayed connected to my family, friends, and blogger fans through the entire trip. All thanks to DTAC’s 7-day unlimited 4G mobile Internet, I didn’t miss my slow and problematic unlimited data connection at home.


I just love word play, sorry. No more words here.

street food


Kimchi Man really paid attention when I answered his questions on what I wanted to do in my dream vacation. “I want to see lady boys,” I replied. I didn’t imagine he would remember that and put it in our itinerary.

As mentioned in my Thailand Travel Tips, using one’s smartphone apps like Google Maps and Navigation will surely help you a long way. Kimchi Man’s got us lost though. Alcazar’s indicator in his Google Maps was wrong so we believed that it was near Walking Street. Always checking-in to Foursquare, I found the location of Alcazar near our hotel resort! Quickly hailing down a cab, we arrived in our destination two minutes before the start of the show.

Tips: If you are interested to watch Alcazar Cabaret Show, it is highly recommended to book tickets in advance as seats get easily full. Also, don’t be late. Normal seat rates around 500 THB (US$15)

Seated, there came a booming voice of the anchor telling the audience that the show was about to start (which made everyone excited) and cameras, phones, and video recorders were not allowed to use inside the theater (which everyone ignored). Soon enough, the curtains were raised and I waited for the legendary performance in this side of Thailand.

alcazar show

alcazar show2

Kimchi Man is not a fan of lady boys, but all the performers in the show were all previously male. I was worried at first that he would not enjoy, but the allure of these pretty and sexy female impersonators performing cultural to pop numbers in their glittering costumes made him feel at ease, somehow. They showcased songs and dances from Asian countries and the West, though I observed Korea had four sets in their entire show, with Gangnam Style rocking the entire theater. With great music, performance, backdrops, and costumes, it was a very entertaining way to end my first night in Thailand!

pattaya city

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  1. I think all the airlines have agreed never to serve tasty food on flights…it’s usually terrible…I never had you down as a fan of lady boys….you learn something new each day hehe. Fantastic post, makes me want to go experience now!

  2. This sounds so great! I was planning on visiting Thailand during my next vacation but with the unrest there I kinda put it on the back burner and I’m planning to visit either Philippines or Taiwan next. I hope I can visit Thailand too though, it looks so beautiful and relaxing!

  3. Wow! Your first day was an eventful one! Beaches, lady boys, lovely food! My mouth was watering looking at the pics! And the hotel looks absolutely stunning – I wish I could get someone to take me to Thailand too!

  4. it reminds me of my viisit to pattayaa …. 7-11 (mart) is love 🙂 and i loved that performance of alcazar the most in which guy perform both chararcters of girl n a men … guess it was “i am one man women” song or something like that …. Walking street was fun though …. 🙂

  5. OMG I want to go to Thailand!!!! I miss traveling so much. And you look amazing hon. And all that food on the streets. I miss that about many Asian countries 😛 Can’t wait to hear more about your travels. xx gig

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  7. Jealous! I really wanna visit Thailand. It’s always my dream to go there. I haven’t tried any Thai food though, but they look delicious. Wish to be able to travel outside Phil like you 😛

  8. I haven’t been to Thailand in so long, now I want to go back! The place you stayed at seems great – and you’re right, super affordable!

  9. This is just superb!. Love your detailed post. Whoa!. That view from the resort!. It’s amazing.. I just went to Bangkok and not to Pattaya.. man, you had an amazing time and ur bf is a sweetheart to have carefully listened to ur wishes.. I feel your excitement transferring to me. Gonna read day 2!

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