Thailand Travel Diary: Day 2

I woke up quite early for my second day in Thailand. Originally, we were bound to Koh Larn Island, a picture-postcard paradise west of Pattaya. However, we had limited time to explore during the day because we booked an after lunch travel package. Kimchi Man suggested that it is better to have a separate trip for beaches and sunbathing, and since I wanted to be exposed to Thailand’s culture first, he did not include swimming in our itinerary. He added that we could go to beautiful beaches in my home country, the Philippines, or go back to Thailand next time for a Phuket trip.

Green Park Hotel and Resort, Pattaya

Thus, we spent our morning enjoying Green Park Hotel and Resort’s amenities. Their free-form pool was very inviting and most guests chose to take a dip here than going out. When my stomach gave me a signal, we went to a restaurant near our resort to have some lunch.

Soon, we were picked up at our resort’s lobby by a Korean travel agency van. Funny that aside from the driver, I was the only non-Korean in the group. More interestingly, other guests thought I share the same nationality with them.


Our first stop is to watch Thailand cultural show. As a future diplomat, I wanted to know more about other countries for intercultural understanding with the Philippines. Various presentations were shown depicting the colorful and royal culture of Thailand, as well as its rich history.

Nongnooch cultural show

Nongnooch cultural show

However, I didn’t expect to see dancers stepping over fast opening and closing bamboo sticks. I was surprised they also have my country’s “Tinikling” as their traditional dance.


Right after the cultural show, guests were ushered to walk a few meters to watch smart elephants performing various tricks.

nongnooch elephant show

nongnooch elephant show

From dancing, biking, painting, and even playing soccer, these lovable elephants showed that they could quickly learn to provide entertainment to people.


We were given around two hours to explore this 500-acre Nongnooch Tropical Garden, considered as the biggest and most beautiful botanical garden in Southeast Asia. It has perfectly manicured European and French gardens, and pretty Butterfly Hill, Orchid Display Garden, and Flower Valley. It also showcases a Stonehenge garden and vintage cars!

nongnooch tropical garden

nongnooch tropical garden

nongnooch tropical garden

Butterfly Hill

According to my research, spending a half-day tour in this world-renowned adventure park is not enough to take in all the beautiful attractions it has to offer.

nongnooch tropical garden

nongnooch tropical garden7

nongnooch tropical garden

TIPS: Wear comfortable footwear as there will be no other mode of transportation inside the gardens other than your feet. Always re-apply sunscreen and bring hats or umbrellas.


This was my favorite part of that day’s itinerary as I was able to tick off one more item from my bucket list – to ride an elephant!

tai tai elephant garden, elephant ride

We rode a 30-year old female elephant and even got introduced to its mate! The elephant coach spoke broken Korean to us and shared stories about the village and its elephant residents.


The sun was about to set and our tour guide suggested to go to this popular attraction in Pattaya. At this golden hour, everything was more beautiful and bright.

silverlake vineyard

The romantic scenery of beautiful Italian-styled buildings were highlighted by the setting of the sun and colorful flowers surrounding the lagoon.

silverlake vineyard

Silverlake’s vineyard stretches far from the rolling hills, but I wasn’t able to taste some grapes. Kimchi Man offered to go to Italy if I really want to visit a legit vineyard.

silverlake vineyard

silverlake vineyard

Overall, I highly recommend this place if you want to end your day with a romantic, serene and panoramic view.

TIPS: Entrance is free! Better bring pretty clothes if you want to take fashionable photos here for remembrance.


Near Silverlake is another tourist destination only found in Pattaya, the Buddha Mountain.

buddha mountain, khao chee jan

Carved out of the cliff using laser technology, this 130-meter high golden Buddha became one of the noticeable attractions in Pattaya. It was so huge I felt Buddha was looking down at me. LOL. Anyway, we spent less than 20 minutes here just to take obligatory tourist photos. Once done, we started heading back to Pattaya proper.


In my Thailand Travel Diary Day 1, I shared my first experience in Pattaya’s popular Walking Street. For our second day, we decided to dine here for another filling seafood experience. We chose King Seafood Restaurant since it also has the same atmosphere as its neighbor, Tankay Restaurant.

king seafood restroom signage

I used their public restroom before heading out and I found these unique signs!


Feet weak and exhausted, Kimchi Man suggested we took a foot massage before going back to our hotel. Being ticklish and coward, I pleaded to have mani-pedi instead. Nearby Walking Street, we spotted Ya Ya Massage which offers nail polish services as well. Soon, Kimchi Man was happily snoring while a therapist was giving him an hour’s worth of massage, while I was sitting pretty choosing my nail color.


The massage studio used traditional polish technique so it was not surprising when my pedicure did not easily dry up. When we stepped out of Ya Ya, I realized I was wearing closed flats which could definitely murder my bright green nails. Kimchi Man told me to stay while he would search for street vendors selling flip-flops. Of course, I didn’t want to be left alone in a foreign country so as a solution, I held my lace blue flats in my right hand while Kimchi Man carried me on his back. Thais and Western tourists alike looked at us as we crossed the street going to a nearby department store. There, I bought a pair of pink floral slippers. But I would trade it for another piggyback ride anytime! 🙂

walking street

How did you like my Thailand Travel Diary Day 2? Which part of my itinerary did you like best? If you have been to Pattaya, which place did you love the most? If you are planning to go to Thailand, which places would you like to see? Day 3 will be in Bangkok, Thailand so please stay tuned!

**all photos were taken using my Samsung smartphone**


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