Thailand Travel Diary: Day 3

On our third day in Thailand, we spent the morning enjoying Green Park View Hotel and Resort amenities. I swam and floated together with the Western guests in the hotel’s free form pool until my skin felt warm and burned. Kidding. Before lunch, we checked out and waited for the tour van which would transfer us to our next destination – Bangkok.


I was finally in the big city! I partly saw some areas when I moved from airport to Pattaya, but as the van drove down the main roads in Bangkok, it finally set in – I was where I wanted to be! I had items in my 2014 bucket list that needed to be done here in the City of Smiles, and I was so excited to do all of them.


Originally, Kimchi Man wanted to book at Prince Palace Hotel, but he considered the nearness of Nouvo City Hotel to Khao San Road. He wanted me to stay and feel the Banglamphu area, or the Old Bangkok City, and as a frequent tourist in Thailand, he vouched that the experience would be unique.

Nouvo City Hotel is a modern luxury boutique hotel just a few minutes away from Khao San Road. I didn’t expect much since Kimchi Man mentioned having a cheaper accommodation for our first hotel in Bangkok. Still, I was surprised when we were dropped off by the tour van and the hotel loomed above me. It wasn’t a shabby inn, as I expected.

I didn’t take photos in my stay in the hotel, but these grabbed photos will give you the idea.

nouvo city hotel, khao san road, bangkok, thailand, hotel

nouvo city hotel, khao san road, bangkok, thailand, hotel

[photos from Nouvo City Hotel]

TIP: Try the Diplomat’s Room! If you want to know more about this hotel, click here.


We simply placed our bags inside our room then headed out to take an early dinner meal. I didn’t have to worry which streets to take since I was with the BKK tourist expert, haha! Soon, we found a place filled foreign tourists and we decided to check it out. It was a nice choice! The restaurant was called Greenhouse Café, located right next to Khao San Road, in Soi Rambuttri, if I am not mistaken. Look what we filled out tummies with!

Thailand, Bangkok, food, travel, khao san road, green curry

Thailand, Bangkok, food, travel, khao san road, green curry

Thailand, Bangkok, food, travel, khao san road, green curry

With happy stomachs, we strolled along Khao San Road, the popular walking street in old Bangkok city. Tagged as “The Center of Backpacking Universe” by the novel, “The Beach”, this one-kilometer stretch of road is a haven for backpackers as it is filled with the anything-goes vibe and teemed with countless of guesthouses and inns, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, massage and tattoo parlors, and street vendors.

TIP: If you like to drink, go here in the evening as the place gets livelier at night. Better bring cash, too. Lots of cheap souvenir stuff and Thailand travel shirts can be found here.


I was still full after spending some of my energy walking along Khao San Road and its surrounding streets that I demanded my quick fix for this crazy ailment – hot green tea. We combed local stores for my favorite drink, but they only offered those Lipton tea bags which I hate. Nearing Sunset Street though, a huge Starbucks sign caught my attention and I immediately pulled Kimchi Man towards it. Ah, for the love of green tea!


We went back to the hotel to change our sweaty clothes (blamed the weather for my sweat glands activation lol). Then, we took a cab going to Phra Arthit Pier 13. Kimchi Man included a night trip to Asiatique, and he wanted me to experience riding a taxi boat. Isn’t he thoughtful? However, a boat left few minutes before we arrived and we waited quite a while for the next. Feasted by Bangkok’s mosquitoes, we surrendered for another cab ride instead.


Once a bustling international trade port, Asiatique has been transformed into Bangkok’s first-ever large scale riverfront mall and night bazaar to serve Thailand’s local and foreign tourists.

Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping

Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping

It has more than 1000 boutiques to shop at, numerous upscale restaurants to dine in, and fine sights to explore.

gelate, Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping

I wanted to eat while looking around so we stopped by at Gelate and look at their tasteful selections!

Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping, love locks

They even had a replica of Juliet’s balcony! Look at those love locks!

shopaholic, Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping

Other shopaholics went home with multiple shopping bags, I brought home an entire luggage.

Asiatique, the riverfront, thailand, bangkok, travel, shopping, pink taxi

My ride is here. See you soon!

Do you prefer living in an old city or in a modern one? See you on Thailand Travel Diary Day 4 and read my travels in Ayutthaya!

P.S. All photos were taken using my Samsung smartphone. Some shots might be grainy since they were taken during the evening.

24 thoughts on “Thailand Travel Diary: Day 3

  1. That’s so interesting you ask that question, I am torn between living in an old city over a new one. I love the modern beauty of new cities, but also fall for the charm of old cities too.

  2. Wow! What a great trip…!! 🙂 My godmother is there now…and she loving it 🙂
    Concerning the city question, idk! I think Im really pick on where to live. as I do not like really old ones nor really new ones 🙂 I actually like the suburbs…


  3. planning my bkk trip too and haven’t finalise my accomodation. am planning budacco at pratunam area, but received feedbacks that it’s gonna be noisy as hell. 🙁 nouvo looks pretty too! i’m a huge fan of such boutique hotels!

  4. Those pictures suddenly made me crave Thai food again! I’ll have to look for some tomorrow. Haha. And I love that Juliet’s balcony replica!

  5. Really lovely pix. That hotel looks amazing. I stayed at Baiyoke Sky hotel, the tallest in Bangkok. Was an amazing experience. The daily breakfast was on the 84th floor!. I stayed there for 4 nights and for 2 nights at Sofitel hotel, which was ok. I don’t think I went to the places you did. It’s definitely good to have an ‘expert’ as your companion!.

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