Thank you and See You Soon!

On the last Friday of April, my brunch buddies and I went out for dinner. Most of them haven’t eaten a Korean dish that was why I suggested a nearby authentic Korean restaurant for us to dine in. This get together was not thought out of nowhere; there was an important reason for us to gather and share a delicious meal. It was my farewell dinner treat.

A month after graduation, I was accepted by a knowledge outsourcing company for an international publishing client. Stepping out of the comfort of school and home, I was nervous how to face the real world. It did not help much to know that I was the youngest in the team I would belong – a fresh graduate.

But my worries ebbed away right after my first day. I was first introduced to my immediate superior, a man in his early thirties named Ron. He possesses such approachable and intellectual personality that I easily liked him. I received a good vibe from him that I knew from the start that we would get along well. And I was correct. As someone fresh out of schoolroom, I never felt incompetent and stupid grasping numerous systems and confusing rules associated with my job as a production editor. Ron was there every time to teach and guide me. He’s knowledgeable in explaining stuff in an easy manner. He’s also very patient answering my questions and if you know me personally, you’ll agree that I am a girl with questions. I am very thankful to him because he gave me such good experiences for my first job. More importantly, he let me realize that co-workers can be like family too, with him as our adoptive father.

Next, I met Jae. Honestly, I was scared to talk to her after receiving a heads-up that she could be moody at times. I didn’t want to have bad relationships at work so I told myself to be more careful when I would be around her. Then for a sudden twist of fate, we wound up together after she saved me from the evil clutches of another co-worker. We were inseparable ever since. She’s there when I had my moments, and I was also there to listen when she had hers. I never imagined we could be that close, but I feel grateful that we did. She’s my older sister from different parents and I am lucky to meet her.

Our team expanded and along with the new journals came Micah. She’s a transfer from a different project. Jae and I had a first impression that we might not get along with this chic, fashionable, i-care-for-nothing kind of girl, but we were wrong. Not only did she prove to be a sweet and caring person, she also became a part of the then Monica-Jae duo. She loves reading and from there, we started to get along. She has a thing for music too, but what impressed me the most is her ability to quote characters from movies! Talents and passions aside, she became one of my few colleagues-turned-friends. A confidante who never fails to make me think of the other side of a situation, she gives both heart and life advices. And oh, fashion, too!

Months came and we grew bigger. Three more people from the project went with us during breaks. Ete is a sunny person who possesses a super creative mind. She can transform thrift finds and old-fashioned garments to those suitable for runways. She’s very kind and cheerful, but no one should dare cross her. We sometimes tease her in expense of her namesake – the child star in the movie The Orphan. Though she never showed us a violent streak, we were careful not to be the next John! Kidding J

My colleagues know that wherever you find Ete, he is always somewhere nearby. When I was new, I didn’t know why he’s called Mayor by others and wondered if he’s bothered with the moniker. Turned out that his fashion sense was the reason why he gained the name of the then floral-inspired city mayor of the Capital. The name stuck and everyone calls him as such. Despite the political address, Mayor is one of the jolliest people I met. He always makes us laugh with his unfailing humor and wit. He was never embarrassed to share his dreams and experiences even though we laughed about them 98% of the time. He’s very loyal and sweet. No wonder girls from the office are comfortable to be his friend. I can’t forget those two Christmas parties I spent with him, but most of all, I will always remember that until now, he has my tumbler. Give it back to me, Mayor! Haha.

Mayor’s immediate superior is She, a tall and skinny lady from their team. I observed that she has a quiet persona but later, I found out that she only reserves her fun and crazy side to friends. Both Ete and Mayor are her friends, so it was inevitable that she would also join our group. She loves to read and has an eclectic taste when it comes to books. Like the rest of us, she likes to eat a lot too, but what annoys us is the fact that she seems not to gain any fat from all those frequent trips to pleasure our stomachs. She’s so sexy!

One Friday morning, all six of us gathered in the second floor of our cafeteria for break, and that’s where the Friday Brunch Buddies were formed. We ate, talked, and joked a lot. There was no room for dead air; we always engaged in interesting conversations. Topics vary from hairstyles, floral prints, causes of UTI, evolution of mobile phones, 90s boybands, etc. All of us loved to keep lively discussions about while eating away our stress from work.

Then a month before I celebrate my second year as being employed, I received a big opportunity for my career. This offer would make me put to use what I have studied in theory in university. Without thinking twice, I tried it out. Much too soon, I was accepted. I won’t disclose here the melodrama I burdened myself and my friends, but I’d like you to know that deciding to stay or go was not an easy task.

On my last day at my company, I invited my Friday Brunch buddies and Ron’s family (his wife Lanie and son KC) for my farewell dinner treat. Since I love Korean food and most of them have yet to try that cuisine, I decided to introduce them to an authentic restaurant near my village. I have featured the restaurant here in my blog once or twice already, but for the benefit of others, the place is called Sam Won Restaurant.

Here are some of our photos taken during dinner.

funny Mayor and Ete in their bright colored shirts

funny Mayor and Ete in their bright colored shirts

She, Nica, and Micah on cooking samgyupsal

She, Nica, and Micah on cooking samgyupsal


dolsot bibimbap!

dolsot bibimbap!






SAM_1827    SAM_1830 - Copy  SAM_1832    SAM_1842

SAM_1851    SAM_1855

They say all good things come to an end, but I beg to differ. All good things don’t end, people do. Now, as I am already a month old in my new company, my former colleagues are still there for me. Nothing has changed. In fact, Ete just sent me a message asking me about our plans for Jae’s wedding later this year. I know we won’t wait for that month to come before we meet again, but I am too excited to see my friend walking down the aisle, plus our hotel/BnB experience as guests!

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26 thoughts on “Thank you and See You Soon!

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve had a lot going on. Congrats on your newest adventure. Sorry I disappeared. For some reason your posts haven’t been posting for me. (Hopefully I find a way to fix that soon.)

  2. Love it, what a feel good message and it was great having an insight into your life, for the nosy of us. You’re a proper happy bunch and long may it continue.

    In this world of almost instant communication sometimes it seems harder to keep in touch, which is just silly. Nothing could be simpler or more fun.

    1. I missed you, Steve! I am unbelievably busy for this month that I have no time to talk to you guys. I’m sorry if you only hear/read updates of me through scheduled posts. I promise to find more time to reply.

      I may have transferred to another company, but I still maintain communication to my friends in my former work. I am very grateful for that.

      1. Missed you too, what with being away and having a body clock that is rubbish, I haven’t been around as much as i like either but that is changing at the moment as I start to put in some hours on the blogging and soon I will start reviewing books again.

        I look forward to a good catch up when you become free and always great news to see yo having a good time with friends.

        1. I haven’t traveled that far which could affect my body clock, but I have read that it is uncomfortable to some. Well, if you’ll go to the Philippines I’ll fit a lot of things in your itinerary that you won’t notice that your body clock is a mess!

          I am going to your site now and catch up with your writing. I love the way you write and if I could summarize it in four words it would be – witty, honest, entertaining, and sarcastic. Don’t ask me about the last word.

          Hopefully, I will be free in the weeks to come so I can blog more and talk with you guys.

          1. Yay for talking and blogging, you do have posts that always bring a smile to my face.

            I appreciate your words, I like to entertain you guys and in case you think i have forgotten I shall be back to writing some book posts soon as otherwise I’ll have to change the name of my blog.

            It doesn’t seem like to much difference from Portland as it would be to get to Manilla, Having said that going into the future always seems tougher. Makes me feel like I’m in a time travel film though.

              1. Ah sorry, I will remember the correct spelling next time. i like it when you teach me things.

                Glad I could help in my small way. Apologies for having to leave. Everything went well and I am fine and dandy. It is sunny today so I will assume that that is a gift from you!

  3. Congratulations!

    It’s important to be in a job you like…the time goes by much faster and there’s less stress. I’ve only had 4 jobs in my life and enjoyed them all. The last two jobs the most, which is why I was in my third job for 10 years and the job I have now for 20 years.

    I’m retiring at the end of July and looking to retire outside the US, where my dollar buys me more. The PI is on the list as I qualify for a passport as a natural born Filipino and I still have many high school friends who live there, but based on my ’95 trip Metro Manila is way too crazy.

    (I did not realize until today that you were posting below the “giveaway” post.)

    1. Sorry for seeing this just now. I am enjoying my job now and I hope it will continue to be like that. I still want to take the FSO exam in the future, but for now I love my job.

      Living here in the Philippines has its perks though. Wherever you decided to retire, I hope you will enjoy staying there.

      The giveaway is a sticky post meaning that it will stay to be on top of my site even if I publish posts after it.

      1. You’re still young, so you do have time for FSO. One nice thing about FSO is that you will travel – maybe you could get posted to Korea!

        Also, FSO hopefully has a retirement plan if you stay long enough. Don’t know if the PI has anything like US Social Security, where the government pays you a pension each month when you retire, funded by contribution by you and your employer when you worked.

        But even in the US, that is not very much. So it is good that my wife and I have also have a pension from the State of Florida, where we both worked 20 years. Without that, it would be impossible to maintain the same lifestyle when we worked and which is why many Americans retire outside the US. They cannot afford to stay in the US on Social Security alone.

  4. Congrats on your new job, Nica!.. Well you sure had fun with your ex colleagues :).. They all look so nice having awesome dinner treat and all. Ex colleagues don’t really disappear from your life. Mine from 2.5 years ago still keep in touch with me!

    1. Aw, Naz. I missed you! Why do I keep on saying these? Yes, I love my former colleagues. I am happy to know yours are still in touch with you. Speaking of which, may be you can get a job soon, too! But for now, I enjoy your blog and DIYs!

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