Thanks for the recognition! Beautiful Blogger Award

Last weekend, I was surprised to see a blog award nomination from a fellow blogger Literature and Culture. I am not sure if I am really worthy for this award, but I would gladly accept it nonetheless. Along with my Liebster and Super Sweet Blogging Awards, this Beautiful Blogger Award will surely inspire me to write more. Thank you very much!

Now, in accepting the award there are rules which I must follow. They are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

Thanks a ton to Maarit-Johanna of Literature and Culture for choosing me as one of the nominees! I don’t know that my blog is that noticeable, but I appreciate your time to stop in my site once in a while. I have received your notification of the award in my “art piece” post, and I hope you have loved to see that I have chosen The School of Athens by Raphael. Again, thank you!

2. Post the award image to your page.


3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.

  • I am myopic and wear eyeglasses since I was second year in high school. I don’t like others calling me a geek with those huge spectacles so I don’t wear it always. As a result, one can always find me squinting just to read something from afar. Or worse, others think I am a snob because I don’t smile or wave back when they do. I’m not. I just didn’t see them.
  • I have a natural wavy hair, but think that I look like Medusa with it. So since I was 16, I always wear my salon-straight hair.
  • I love eating. A lot. It’s like my pastime. I have this “jaw exercise” where I want to munch something most of the time. However, I am not heavy. Since I was born, I was always in the underweight category. I am a bit grateful now that I gained weight and is nearing “normal”.
  • A cup of tea really makes me happy. I am a tea person who always goes to coffee shop to order tea. Seriously. In my country, there are only few tea shops which offer “real” tea. Iced milk tea is okay, but I daresay that it is not my cup of tea. Haha. My favorite is pure green tea, hot.
  • International Relations is my major. I graduated with that degree, though I am currently not practicing it. I think just like in any other country, one must take a very competitive exam in order to join Foreign Service. I believe I am not yet ready and will definitely fail the test, so I am still gathering up my courage. I plan to study again for a year or two, then take the test.
  • My favorite color is blue. Light blue and powder blue. Yes, blue. Not pink or purple, though others think that I like the former the best.
  • This is my first blog and sometimes I wonder where I get all these random ideas which get published in this site.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers, and let them know about the nomination.

This is a bit tough. There are a lot of bloggers worthy of this award, so I’m sure listing 15 here won’t be enough. However, I must follow the rules. I’ll select fifteen beautiful bloggers, but please note that for me, everyone is a winner.

Congratulations everyone!

44 thoughts on “Thanks for the recognition! Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on your award! (and thank you for the nomination!) I love that you don’t always wear your glasses as that reminds me of myself. I don’t always wear mine as they are uncomfortable to wear for a long time so I often pass friends in the hallway without smiling too. They now know that if I’m not wearing my glasses that they need to say “Hi!” or something to get my attention 🙂

    1. Thank you! Oh, good to hear that I’m not the only one who unintentionally ignores friends. If I’m not snobbing them, they’ll tease me of always wearing a frown whenever they call me. I’m not frowning, it’s just that squinting helps in focusing my vision. Haha! Don’t you like to wear contact lens?

      1. I can only wear contact lenses for a couple of hours as they dry out my eyes too much so I only wear them when I go out for dinner and I wear my glasses for driving and things like that.

  2. Congratulations to you and thank you for nominating us! You’re very kind. 🙂

    Also, we shipped your book…the post office said it could take up to two weeks to get to you, but I wanted you to know that it’s on its way. 😀

  3. Congratulations and thank you so much for nominating me, Monica! 🙂 It a quiet interesting fact to note that, I’m also highly insane about TEA’s. 😀


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