The Pink Princess with Coco-Fashion

If you could remember my previous post about Korean wave, you would know that I have talked about my first-hand experience in embracing the east Asian culture years back. From Kpop and dramas, to spicy cuisine and incomparable beauty products, it proved to be a strong force which allowed its country to be known and accepted in all continents. Along with their unique entertainment and culture, there’s something the world (especially women) loves from the southern part of this Asian peninsula – the Korean fashion style.

Before, I only knew Japan to be one of the iconic countries for fashion. With the boom of Korean economy, Koreans built their selves better and we soon witnessed their gradual entrance to the world stage. Slowly, Korean dramas were introduced in our local channels and Filipinos admired Korean skin (thus the number of Korean cosmetic shops here – will warrant another post!) plus their pretty and trendy outfits.

Don’t you remember them?


mischievous kiss

to the beautiful you

As featured in my earlier post, Coco-Fashion is an international online store which provides a variety of unique and good quality women clothing in roughly 300 countries around the globe. They often update their collections with the latest fashion trends to keep their customers always in style. There is no minimum order required to purchase an item in this shop so there’s no worry if you have a limited budget to use for shopping.

black white polka dot  apricot black dress

apricot blue combined dress  blue white elegant sleeveless

Last April, I chose one of the store’s pretty, feminine, and demure dresses since I was feeling a bit like royalty at the time. So I purchased this one:

Coco-fashion Pink cute girlish romantic dress

pink cute girlish romantic dress

My thoughts:

The material is of good quality. It was made carefully without those stray threads or incorrect sewing (pardon my terms, I don’t know how they’re called). 🙂 It was clean though I was disappointed when I unwrapped my parcel at first. It was very much rumpled that at I couldn’t imagine that it’s the same item from the product site’s photo. However, I was relieved after it was washed and ironed, the dress looks like the one on the website! Ha, if this is what online shoppers are worried about, it is the time for me to assure you that most clothes bought online are exactly what your eyes perceived virtually.

Seems like I am beginning to learn how to understand charts and do educational guessing for my clothes size. The dress is a perfect fit – right in the shoulders, not sagging in the armpits, and not too tight in the waist. I felt like a princess receiving my custom-made frocks!
Indulge me, friends! Here are some photos of the self-proclaimed Your Highness in her royal pink dress. I only need a crown!






By the way, I am also wearing here the beaded necklace that my grandmom from Florida sent to me. Thank you so much Gpop and Gmom! I love purple and the necklace is so wonderful!

What are you thinking? Will you suggest that I star the Princess Hours Part 2? How about the dress? Shall I get more pink or will it be redundant to do so me being a princess and all? LOL. Any thoughts, just let me know.

Thanks for Reen of DearMissAyumi for making me look more princesslike!

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8 thoughts on “The Pink Princess with Coco-Fashion

  1. Nica, you look so freaking cute!. This is one of the best dresses you have bought recently. The black bow is simply gorgeous. Definitely princess like!.. With a petite figure like your’s, such dresses look amazing on you. I like the chain too. Such a sweet gift.

    1. Love you, Naz! Do I look cute? Like twelve? Hehe. I also love this dress. It makes me feel so feminine! Ah, that necklace? It was from Marc Kuhn’s wife. She specially handcrafted that. Isn’t she sweet? 🙂

      1. You actually look sweet 16!. Yeah when you said it’s from your Gmom and Gpop, I figured out this must be the package he sent you recently. I didn’t know it was handcrafted. All the more sweet of them to send you that!

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