The Stranger and Me

I got out of the jeepney in haste as the sign of heavy rain is evident with those dark, cumulus-nimbus clouds. Flashes of lightning were also visible, like a giant was snapping its camera to take photos of us. Then the rumbling of a distant thunder joined in.

I walked fast to the sidewalk, 7 eleven in view. First, I thought to buy some sweets in the convenience store, but one look in the sky and I decided against it. As I was about to cross the first street, a motorcycle emerged out of nowhere and would have directly hit me! I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep which made my reaction time to be so slow and uncooperative in a time like that. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why many people got hit. However, I wasn’t. As the motorcycle appeared and I got momentarily stunned with the certain idea that I will be hit in any way, I was pulled safely back in the walkway. Whoa, it wasn’t a miracle or a work by my guardian angel. Instead, I found a stranger casually standing beside me, looking a bit bored or annoyed; I couldn’t figure which. Anyhow, he just stood there like nothing happened. So I acted like nothing happened, too. Haha!

I know I should’ve thanked him for that little (?) gesture of saving me, but I caught myself before I was able to do so. First, he looked like an arrogant, spoiled bastard who just came from university or somewhere. Second, he was a Korean! I don’t know exactly why that bothered me. I don’t have anything bad for that race; in fact I have tons of friends who share the same ancestry. Perhaps it was just that he looked smug when I looked up at him (he was tall) so I immediately dismissed the idea of expressing my gratitude. So I tried to make my second attempt to cross the street. Luckily, nothing eventful happened this time except for the fact that Mr. Arrogant was breathing down my neck. Er, that was putting it in literary way. Actually, he was walking so close to me like he couldn’t trust a woman (laughs) of one and twenty to safely cross the street!

When I was halfway through the opposite lane, he suddenly went to my right where the traffic was coming from. Still, I don’t find any comfort with the insane idea that he was behaving like a gentleman. So I just ignored him. When I arrived safely on the other side of the road, I went directly to the tricycle terminal without even glancing at my unwanted savior. I stopped in front of a vacant tricycle and was about to get into it when I happened to see him in my periphery. Again, I ignored him. When I told the driver of my destination, he started the engine and sped away, but not before I chanced to glimpse outside and saw him wearing a strange smile then walked in the opposite way of the terminal.

Funny, I thought. Like he just got into the trouble of seeing me off. Anyhow, I am thankful that he saved me, though I think I could’ve done saving myself without anyone’s help. Still, it’s nice to know that there are good strangers who are willing to extend a helpful hand to those in need.

9 thoughts on “The Stranger and Me

  1. This little mise en scene is straight out of a Korean Drama! I feel tingly all over with kilig! Especially that little smile the “Mr. Arrogant” sported when you sped fast away from him in a trike!

    I must admit, the trike almost took away the romantics of the whole thing but we are in Manila and we make do with spaces. Think of the visual – you giving him a last glimpse and that strange, enigmatic smile.

    Aha! What an idea for a story! Wink!

    1. It sounds a start of a romantic story, yes. He looks not so bad actually. However, it’s awfully disgusting if it will happen to you! Argh, his smile can be enigmatic, but I think bone-chilling will be more apt. I hope I won’t see him again. TT

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