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In less than 30 days, we will be celebrating the biggest holiday in the country – Christmas season. During this time, we are all busy finishing tasks before 2013 ends, making and editing our Christmas shopping list, fixing our schedules for dinners and parties, as well as booking flights and accommodations for our most anticipated getaway for this year. As the big day comes nearer, we found ourselves excited and anxious at the same time that sometimes we forgot to pay attention to small details i.e., our travel hygiene kit, cosmetics, and fashionable outfits.

To inspire you for your upcoming escapade, I am “shamelessly” sharing you some of my photos taken last weekend.

3d bag6

In travelling, it is important to have a carry-on bag spacious enough to accommodate your necessities. It has to be stylish, too! A fashionable bag will give you a rush of excitement to travel again whenever you see it.


3d bag2

For this shoot, I used this trendy 3D cartoon luggage bag which I got from Neon Factory. I love how it makes me look forward for my next adventure.

3d bag

Isn’t the bag lovely? If you can notice, it is big. Perfect for us girls who tend to overpack!

3d bag1

In addition to a chic travel bag, I do believe that owning a beautiful pair of shoes can take you to wonderful places as well. Do you agree? A friend told me that she hoards gorgeous pairs since these will only demand her to travel to amazing countries.

 2013-11-29 17.36.20

If you are wondering where I got these shoes, this lovely pair was from SOTD_PH. It was my first time to purchase shoes online and was happy with the result! The shop only sells quality products in affordable price and standard shipping fee. The owner is also very kind and attentive – she got through my inquisitive-customer phase!

However, one cannot be completely stylish if she will not pay attention to her makeup. Let’s admit the ugly truth – appearance is important whether we want to look as natural as we can. You don’t have to wear a dictionary-thick makeup and bloody red lipstick to turn heads. Cosmetic products are created to enhance one’s beauty so there is no harm in using them. For a tip, just go with natural hues to add a bit of shimmer and blush to your face if you will go swimming for example.

3d bag 5Fashion and style

Holidays and travelling seem to be treated as a package these days; one cannot exist without the other. As much as we don’t want to be stressed overthinking the things that we need to prepare for upcoming escapes, it will not hurt to look good, happy and youthful by simply being stylish and beautiful.

 gongjumonica travel

If you want to be a complete stunner next time you travel, why don’t you join my newest, fresh-from-the-oven giveaway? This is a collaboration with another blogger friend, Mhisha from The Touch of Yellow. From now until the 20th of December, all Philippine residents can go to our blogs and participate in this special holiday gift for our readers.

giveaway collaboration


This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only and will end on the 20th of December. There are mandatory tasks needed to be done to access all entries. The more task you do, the higher chance of getting selected. There will be three winners to be randomly drawn using Rafflecopter and their names will be announced in both blogs after verification.


Yes, they are plural! There are three prizes to be won which means there are three lucky winners who can receive an early Christmas gift from us!

giveaway set a

giveaway set b

giveaway set c

Excited? Click the link below and join!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


panda bags

Neon Factory: Website | Instagram

orange creepers

Sotd_ph (Shoes of the Day): Instagram



Photographer: Christopher Mortell

Hair and Makeup Artist – Giann Dela Cruz


39 thoughts on “Travel this Holiday in Style | Giveaway Collaboration

  1. name: ana monica ayungao

    favorite make-up:
    when it comes to make-up, I always have a face foundation and lipstick 🙂 that’s the thing I don’t want to lose in my bag. hehe 🙂 since normal school days ahead, I always use both.

    favorite fashion style:
    I’m more one street styles. I SUPER LOVE IT <3 I used to play my styles when it comes to fashion as long as I am comfortable 🙂

  2. hi! i’m elai berame
    well, i don’t use makeup everyday, but on special occassions i like to use bronze colors that complement my look
    i like dressing up everyday! my outfits basically go with the day’s weather. i call my style “weather-dependent” haha

  3. Love that bag!!!! 😀 I wanna see it in real life ^^
    Could agree with ur friend about shows…but with those gorgeous heels I would not be able to go anywhere 😀
    Would be falling all the time!!!


  4. Name: Maria Mika Setoh

    My make up is basically consisted of compact powder, Tony Moly’s cat wink mascara and lip gloss. I add eyeliner and brow liner if the event is leaning to a casual yet special day. As for fashion, comfort is my priority and so is decency. I like semi formal outfits or semi casual ones… I love collared tops and dresses xD

    I love your whole look here. It looks so fresh and youthful 🙂

  5. My fashion style is geek chic. You can head to my blog and see that most of my looks are nerdy. I like it because it’s fun and cute and people love seeing me that way. Hehe ♥

  6. Therese Decena

    I love classic make -up look & one of my fave make-up would be Lipstick , bronzer & mascara!! it can do wonders to your face!! & my fave fashion style is bohemian, it looks carefree & casual 🙂

  7. Hi Monica 🙂
    I love the bag eversince i saw it out online 🙂 Trying my luck on your giveaway and I hope more giveaways to come! This is more fun 🙂

    I hope you’ll have more make-up giveaways 🙂 i love earth colors, blush and lippies.. 😀

    im so happy to be on your blog it is something that i want to start circa 200o but dont have the energy and time. too lazy too bad 😉

    more power, keep on writing 😀

  8. & fashion style? Why?
    Name:Angel L.Menez
    Favorite Makeup:I Love Pink Shades!!I Always use Revlon Powder eventhough I Have white skin already and Pink Lipbalm.I Don’t use much of makeup because my face would look like a coloring book if I Did.
    Fashion Style:I Go for Dress because I’m Girly and I Also love to wear shorts because I’m comfortable with it.

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