Trochaic Poem

Broken inside you had left me

You collapsed my world entirely

Fragments of me hoping still so freely

You’d consider somehow my plea

Help! I don’t want to be lonely

I just want that for you to see

Measurement: Trochaic Tetrameter

Rhyme pattern: aaaaaa

4 thoughts on “Trochaic Poem

  1. I’m a poetry lover. There’s just something mesmerizing about how a few words could contain so much emotion and meaning that there are different interpretations depending on how the reader understands it.

    I’m happy to have discovered that you write poems too. I do hope you continue writing more poems. It helps to get unspoken words and feelings across.

    1. Thanks for digging my site and coming up with this. I written this particular Trochaic poem when I was in early high school. I don’t know if it makes sense now, but when I found a copy, I posted it here. I also published a short collection of poems which I donated in my school’s library. Wish I had another copy for that. Haha

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