Which Downton Abbey Character Are You?

There’s something about the show Downton Abbey that resonates with viewers around the world. Even celebrities like Sean’s Diddy Combs are fans of the show. A lot of fans also identify with the characters on a personal level, especially the Ladies of Downton.

Incredibly, if you were ever wondering if you are a Mary, or an Edith, or any of the other women, your favorite gemstone could give you some insight. Ready to know which character are you?

downton abbey

Types of stones: white diamonds

Your signature jewelry: diamond necklaces from Blue Nile.

Your Downton Abbey counterpart: Cora, The Countess of Grantham

You are classic and traditional with a deep inner strength and a touch a glamor. You have excellent taste, and are drawn to the finer things in life. Although you shine brightly, you do so with an understated elegance. You don’t actively draw attention to yourself, but in the right surroundings your brilliance naturally draws people toward you. Unfortunately, the wrong surroundings can dull your natural glow and make you appear garish and cheap.

Colored Gemstones

Types of stones: pink sapphires, emeralds, colored diamonds, rubies

Your signature jewelry: pink sapphire rings from Front Jewelers

Your Downton Abbey counterpart: Lady Mary Crawley

Like the diamond woman, you are traditional and strong, but you also have a subtle rebellious streak. You don’t openly challenge the status
quo, instead you find clever and understated ways to achieve the same ends. While you are drawn to the finer things and thrive in elegant settings, you have
been known to let your hair down on occasion.


Types of stones: white, pink, black, gold

Your signature jewelry: a strand of vintage pearls from Ross Simons.

Your Downton Abbey counterpart: Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham

You have a natural luster but, you don’t shine as brightly as the diamond or colored gem girls. This doesn’t mean that you are dull, not at all. In fact, you are quick, clever, and good at reading people while remaining quite opaque yourself. Most people have trouble figuring out what’s going on beneath your surface, and that keeps them on their toes. You can come across as abrasive at times, but anyone who gets past your gruff exterior can see that you’re really a big softy at heart. You prefer elegant settings, or the company of other pearls.


Types of stones: Jade

Your signature jewelry: jade earrings from Oriental Jade Jewelry.

Your Downton Abbey counterpart: Lady Edith Crawley

You don’t shine as brightly as the other colored gem stones, and that sometimes means you don’t get the same amount of attention. You may
get frustrated and envious that you get overlooked in favor of the more brilliant colors, but, you have a strength and a subtle glow all your own.
Also, like the pearl, you’re not as easy to read and have hidden depths. You work well in elegant settings, but can also function in more “commonâ€


Types of stones: Turquoise

Your signature
: turquoise bracelets from Novica.

Your Downton Abbey
: Lady Sybil Crawley

You are a rebel, and a wild child. You don’t shine with the brilliance of the diamond or colored gems, nor do you have the subtle luster of the pearl or jade, but you don’t care. Even without the fireworks, your natural beauty shines through. You are down-to-earth and thrive in common settings. In fact, common surroundings set off your natural beauty, while more elegant settings can seem too rigid and restrictive.

So, which Downton Abbey character are you? Feel free to let me know. 🙂

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