White Day 화이트데이 (3.14.13)

Today, I woke up with several messages waiting in my Kakao Talk. I read three messages from a close friend:


Then I remembered. Aha! Today is White Day! Girls Day!


I learned about White Day in my Nihongo class in university. Our sensei educated us not only with the language, but also with the culture of the country. According to her, during February 14, Valentine’s Day, Japanese girls show their affection to boys by presenting them with candies and chocolate gifts. Exactly a month after, March 14, White Day (ホワイトデ), the opposite happens. Japanese boys are supposed to return the favor by giving girls presents thrice the amount (三倍返し) of the gift received on Valentine’s Day.


White Day is celebrated in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. It started in 1978 by a Japanese confectionary industry as an “answer day” to those girls who showed their feelings during Valentine’s. Now, isn’t that thoughtful? This way, men can reciprocate the gesture.

Here are some photos I grabbed in the Internet for you guys:



heart choco

Now, who wouldn’t want to be like this girl?

 white day girl

How about in your country? Do you also have a counterpart for Valentine’s Day? If you are living in Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan, did your significant other gave you the “required” White Day candy? Please feel free to share to us your experience!

Happy White Day everyone~

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29 thoughts on “White Day 화이트데이 (3.14.13)

  1. Thrice!!! Who came up with that number??? Not that you don’t deserve twenty times that because you are a Princess…but c’mon, there should be a purple (or whatever color you choose) day when the men are showered with lots of money and endless love and devotion. Now that’s a holiday! P.S….Happy White Day, Monica!

  2. Interesting that in Japan the Valentine’s Day tradition is for girls to give gifts to boys. I’m in the Midwestern US, and here I can’t recall ever getting something from a woman I was involved with on Valentine’s Day, and I certainly don’t expect it. The tradition that I grew up with was for men to gift women.

    1. Not only in Japan, but also in South Korea, Taiwan, and some parts of mainland China. Here in my country, the Philippines, Valentine’s Day is a couple’s day. We modern girls are not happy receiving gifts only. We also give gifts in return. Since it is hearts day, both must try to show affection by giving gifts to each other, right? That would only be fair.

  3. Wow!.. Now that’s new. I never heard of White day. The concept is very nice. I loved reading the post, Nica. I can’t think of a similar event in my country though. So are you telling me that on Valentine’s day the guy doesn’t gift anything to the girl, in Japan??

    1. Yes, that is true, Naz! In Japan and South Korea, I know that traditionally, girls give candies and chocolates to men. Then a month after, it’s men’s turn. Lovely, right? We also don’t have the same culture here in the Philippines. For us, V-day is for couples so both can give gifts to each other on the same day.

  4. How cool! I hadn’t heard of White Day before, but as Misha said, in the US, Valentine’s Day is traditionally men gifting women. I think I’ll reverse it (Black Day? Lol!) and make my husband some cookies while he’s at work. 🙂

    Happy White Day!

    1. We Asians are so fair we created a day for men to receive something from women haha 🙂 Oops, don’t create a Black Day. I will post about it after a month, April 14. It is officially called Black Day.

      You may bake some cookies to your husband any day and show him how much you adore him 🙂

      1. Well this a day when a woman/girl suppose to give a special gift to the special man/boy in their life. This can be her boyfriend, husband, best male friend, and son. Of course there are some women who is not trying to hear this and want Valentines and Sweetest be about them!! LOL

  5. I don’t really see different days for men and for women in Canada. I feel like every holidays encourages more spending towards women. It is usual a nice gesture to offer a present to a man. But, the opposite seems mandatory. Of course, I only consider couples.

    There is always Father’s Day but it reduces those how make it a holiday (and they usually receive handmade cards by children).

  6. Delightful tradition. My birthday falls on Feb 13 so I get a bountiful of gifts. Now we have St. Patrick’s day March 17th celebrated with corned beef and cabbage,boiled potatoes and carrots and lots of parades. Thanks for the fun post.

  7. Hmm, as a female in the U.S., I would never expect a man to get me something for Valentine’s Day if I wasn’t getting him something in return. That’s awful! If we are in a relationship, we get each other something. Now that I’m married, my husband and I usually just go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.

    On the subject of this post, I did not know either of those traditions. That’s really interesting! Thank you for liking my blog post!

  8. That’s awesome and a good thing to remember as a counterpart for Valentines, we just have that day but it’s a mutual thing…or an overrated thing possibly…

    1. I really appreciate the thought East Asians had when they created these days. There’s even Black Day (april 14) for singles!

      In here, Valentine’s day is a mutual celebration for couples. I know it is also overrated and only helps businessmen to get more profit. Being single for 2 Vdays already, I think I am a bit bitter in the celebration. LOL

  9. I know what you mean I think I have gone through the last five or six. It always helps to focus the mind lol.

    A singles day is a clever idea and probably a money spinner too.

    1. Five or six? That long, eh? Or just a bad case of timing? I have a friend who always got his break-ups near Christmas and Valentine’s.

      Singles day may be good to balance everything, but I am not sure if I will celebrate along with the others. It is nice to be single sometimes, but well…

  10. That’s true it has its good points. It wasn’t timing it was being perpetually single, but I hold hopes for next year being the one where I have myself a nice lady.

  11. No, don’t do it, it’s amazing where you come across fascinating people. How could a date with a reader be boring, maybe I am biased but readers are the most fascinating people, inmy hunble opinion.

    1. No matter how humble and agreeable your opinion may be, the fact is that most men don’t fancy reading. I am mostly disappointed to date people like that, but well, beggars cant be choosers. ‘sides, some men don’t like a very knowledgeable woman so blabbing about my passion in books and reading is kinda off-limits. *sighs*

  12. Some men are idiots. Intelligent women are more fascinating by far. I suppose men do tend to be less readerish, I wuld rather be reading than playing Xbox any day of the week.

    1. Thanks for supporting the intelligence of my gender. It is funny to hear that from the opposite side lol. My brother, for one, can stay in front of the computer the whole day playing capture the flag or something but rarely reads.

      1. I find that sort of thing intensely boring, I am happy to play a game that works my brain out, chess is good, the old point and click games with their logic puzzles but I rarely bother when I have you fantastic people on here to share my thoughts with and to bring to new ideas and intriguing questions.

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