Who doesn’t love weekend?

Our normal day typically includes struggling to keep up with the alarm clock, skipping breakfast, braving legendary rush hour traffic, updating social media accounts, working hard in the office, sometimes keeping up with deadlines and tight schedules. At the end of the day, all these things will take a toll on us and we will feel exhausted, worn-out, and sleepy. More often than not, we face the same scenario every day with a little bit of variation. Same old story. It doesn’t take a genius why a lot of us feel like zombies during work week.

Wonder why we have the “Thank God it’s Friday!” expression? Students and employees alike love to escape the burning sensation of a busy school or strenuous work week. Everyone looks forward to a short respite from their hectic schedules.


Who doesn’t love weekend? These two days are preciously treated by almost everyone. For some, weekends are sacred days for the family. Others are for shopping, gimmicks, and swift escapades while many prefer to sleep and rest until it is over. A lot of us plan special activities to be made on these days as well. No matter what you do on your short break, you have to admit that it is worth the five-day wait.

A weekend ago, I had a chance to hangout with this lovely couple, Ghiann and Chris. They work as freelance photographer and make-up artist. What a perfect tandem, don’t you think? I commissioned them to do some of my sponsored outfit posts and you may see more of their work in my upcoming shop features and reviews. Anyhow, we went to Parks and Wildlife Center in the heart of the city, and I did enjoy hanging out with Mother Nature while smiling in front of the camera!

For today’s outfit post, I am going to introduce you to a new treasure that I found online. Cichic is an online fashion clothes retailer, offering a complete line of the latest fashion clothes for all fashionistas. They focus on women’s fashion which includes the latest styles in dresses, various kinds of sweaters and coats, exquisite jewelry and more. If you are looking for a distinctive style, you can get a lot of inspiration from this shop!

cichic green top  multicolor dress

cichic plaid top cichic pink shorts

As a girl who loves everything with pleats, ribbon, and lace, I chose this dress to be part of my rapid-growing wardrobe. Do you think I made the right choice?

cichic milky-white-embroidery-cascading-ruffle-belt-lace-dress

I love the upper lace part of this dress. It is very feminine which suits my personality.



cichic outfit post

cichic outfit post3

cichic outfit post4

The dress comes with a free gold belt/cord. In some photos I have used it the way it is supposed to be worn, but Ghiann put in on top of my head in some pictures!

cichic outfit post1

It is a one-piece dress with a pleated chiffon skirt. I love the effect of the skirt whenever I turn!

It was a very memorable weekend for me. Not only did I meet a power couple, but I also got a chance to show my modeling prowess (or the lack of it, actually). It was fun goofing around while the camera captured everything. The day made me feel good and filled me with a sudden burst of joy and energy which I need when work resumes. Overall, I had a wonderful weekend!

cichic outfit post

What do you typically do during weekends? Do you also look forward to it like most of my friends do? Are you also a model wannabe like me? LOL. Whatever your thoughts are, feel free to comment down below.

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45 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love weekend?

  1. Hi,
    I love the week-end. I can spend more time with my lovly family. In Romania (where I leave) today it’s Black friday!

  2. Like you, I look forward to the weekend. (Well, like most people I think!). My Friday and Saturday varies my my Sunday is a typical family day. 🙂 Yeah, i think what you picked is a right choice, suits you well! 🙂

  3. I LOVE that dress on you! I’ll have to check out Cichic! Yes, I totally look forward to my weekends. I like to hike with my dogs and hang out with friends, maybe catch a movie and do some relaxing too 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Well this particular weekend is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary so I’m going to see the Doctor Who movie with a friend. Very excited! Your looking fabulous! xx

  5. Weekends are great but… they are also cleaning time, weekly shop time and look after kids 24/7 time… so on one hand love it but on the other… most weeks I need a break after the weekend

  6. Aww, you look lovely Monica. Love this type of dress, definitely feminine with that girly touch hehe. I love weekends too, in fact Sunday since that’s when all the family’s together. Hubby still works on Saturday. And depending on the weather, Sunday is also my great day for taking pics with my hubby’s help hehe. He’s my biggest fan on my blog after all.

    Happy weekend sweetie. x Donah GiG

  7. Hmmmmmmm … I looooooooooooove long walks, on foot … Not only in the week-ends. Sometimes I sleep, I work, I don’t go out, because my program from school doesn’t allow me. Most of the time I work. And, after I finish the project, I prefer to stay in bed to rest, to recover my sleep. Lazy! 😀

  8. The weekend is the best!!! Just waking up later than usual makes me happy ;0). Your pictures are great, you look so cute in that dress. And I’m loving the maxi dress pictured! GIGLOVE

  9. Weekends are the best! You can do whatever you want without feeling guilty about it, for me that’s mostly just watching a lot of TV :p The dress you chose is very cute, love the lace top 🙂

  10. I love the lace dress 🙂
    I also love the weekend its one of the best days ever but sometimes in my case I got to study more and do homework

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